Fibromyalgia & Vitamin D Deficiency: Very important video!

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    Yesterday I came across this video on Vitamin D Deficiencies and found it too important not to post to others. I also need to post it here. My tests came back once again with a Vitamin D deficiency after a handful of years, I believe 5. The test results came back a few days ago. I'm at a level 14. Normal is between 30 - 100.

    Dr. Stasha Gominak Discusses Sleep and Vitamin D (All Parts Combined.) via YouTube, ETMC Cardiovascular institute.

    Here's the videos: (Same speech, but important to watch both!)


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    Plus I found so many more articles on the resent studies of Fibromyalgia and other illnesses that are directly related to Vitamin D deficiencies and sleep problems.

    Vitamin D and Prevention of Chronic Diseases
    University of California TV
    Michael Holick, MD

    Dr. Oz on
    Vitamin D3 Benefits, on Good Morning America:

    Disclaimer: As always, refer to your doctor and have them checked before experimenting on supplements. I'm currently on 5,000 IU/day of Vitamin D3 for three months. Then I'll be tested again.

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    Here's more!
    Vitamin D is better than ANY vaccine and increases the immune system by 3-5 times
    via YouTube by Dr. Joe Prendergast, MD.
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    I want to thank you for posted up these videos as vitamin D is a very important topic that needs more awareness on this forum.

    The main problem I have is: Should we supplement in mega doses or low dose therapy?

    The other issue is testing and the risk factors related to elevated levels of the storage from of Vitamin D and inflammation...

    Then there is the genetic component that has to do with VDR polymorphism impact on Vitamin D metabolism?

    When you consider the ramifications related to the cancer. A vitamin d deficiency can dramatically affect your health and immune system.

    Again, this is a very important topic that needs more awareness on this forum.

    I have been supplementing with low dose vitamin D therapy as I do not fully understand the risk factors associated with high dose vitamin D therapy.

    K2 may be needed when supplementing with Vitamin D therapy...

    (Better interpretation of these complexities is needed)
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    Testing Note: "Be specific and ask for a 25(OH)D test. There is another type of blood test for vitamin D, called a 1,25(OH)₂D test, but the 25(OH)D test is the only one that will tell you whether you’re getting enough vitamin D. If your health insurance covers a 25(OH)D test, this is a good way to work with your doctor to get tested"

    is another marker to test for related to vitamin D interpretation...

    See more here:

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