fibromyalgia vs cfids

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    Hey how many people here have an opinion on whether cfs and fms are related, if one is a sub-branch of the other. Any theories/facts? I am also curious which one gets more respect and credibility these days?
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    I have read that some doctors believe they are the same condition. I disagree. My mother has FM and I have CFS-- unless one of us has been misdiagnosed, there is *no way* that we have the same condition. My mom has had FM for over 20 years, and while she experienced some fatigue early on, her main issue has always been pain. As far as energy goes, she is 70 years old and can run circles around me since I got CFS a year ago. My main symptom is profound exhaustion, and while I do have some pain that is similar to what my mom describes, it is a minor symptom for me amd has never prevented me from doing anything.
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    If you look at, you will see two different protocols, one for fibro and one for cfs. If you look at both of them, you will get an idea of how these are related. These are the steps to heal these diseases, but it's not something most doctors know and people rarely make the effort without one. Mostly because they've never heard these things before and the steps are very difficult to implement without an expert.
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    FM vs CFS vs ME vs CIDFS vs etc vs etc vs etc

    "Lumping and splitting refers to a well known problem in any discipline which has to place individual examples into rigorously defined categories. The lumper/splitter problem occurs when there is the need to create classifications and assign examples to them, for example schools of literature, biological taxa and so on. A "lumper" is an individual who takes a gestalt view of a definition, and assigns examples broadly, assuming that differences are not as important as signature similarities. A "splitter" is an individual who takes precise definitions, and creates new categories to classify samples that differ in key ways."
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    Handbook of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Leonard A. Jason, Patricia A. Fennell, Renée R. Taylor
    John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

    To read the HTML version or you can download the PDF version:

    Page 3
    The Complexities of Diagnosis
    Page 6

    Though the symptoms of CFS resemble those of ME, the differences are so significant that they would exclude ME patients from the 1988 and 1994 CDC diagnoses of CFS. The following features of ME separate it from CFS:

    Page 10

    The definitions of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and fibromyalgia have colored all investigations of this illness group. The definitions of myalgic encephalomyelitis and chronic fatigue syndrome describe what may originally have been the same disease, but the differing definitions have caused confusion.


    Both ME and CFS patients may have associated pain that includes fibromyalgia (Taylor, Friedberg, & Jason, 2001). Some have no associated pain dysfunction.

    ME? I HAVE "NO ASSOCIATED PAIN DYSFUNCTION." So I don't have FM. Nor do I have Lyme.

    But I have had classical CIDFS since February 8, 1991. Swollen and sore lympth nodes. Which was preceded by a head cold which lasted from February 1, 1991 to February 7, 1991. My Runner's Diary, which ended with 1996, documents the whole sorry story.
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    for people's thoughts

    don't get me wrong, I am aware of some of the differing definitions and of Hyde, and m.e. etc and I really like pat fennell's work

    but it dawns on that its interesting, that since the pandemic of cfids in 80s that now fibro has gotten huge and i wonder what that is about, if they could all be virally related or what!

    I may have both, or I could have cfids with a spinal injury that causes my pain. I cannot figure it out anymore.
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