Fibromyalgia vs MS need help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by YvonneM, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. YvonneM

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    I am just wondering if MS is a possibility, but as I am reading, there is no cure for that either.
    Aches more intense than ever. Knees are sooo painful, just continuously ache, along with achy feet. fatigue is always there also. man, this is just an awesome disorder to try and cope with at times.... ' just being a 53 yr old winey woman tonight thanks for listening Yvonne
  2. TXFMmom

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    MS can be diagnosed by cat scan and MRI. It results in findings which can be seen.

    It also usually presents with certain proteins in the cerebrospinal fluid.

    MS, like FM, and CFS comes in all kinds of forms and all kinds of degrees. Some individuals take medication and their disease is more or less controlled. Others do advance and become quite severe.

    I had my human growth hormone levels checked twice, and they graphed it on a graph, which corelates with the levels one should have at a certain age. MINE CAME OUT WHERE I SHOULD BE 104 TO HAVE THAT LEVEL, AND I TOLD THEM I FELT EVERY BIT OF IT.
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    if you have fibro or MS I would suggest you see a neurologist to check for MS. I have both, and although there is no cure for MS, it can be controlled in most cases with one of the approved drugs.

    I have been on Rebif (for MS) since I was diagnosed and I have not had an MS flare since then.
  4. mahx

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    ... just for the is possible to have ms without an mri showing any lesions is possible to have ms for many years without an official dx

    There are several posts and threads about ms and fm..connections...type ms in above..check them out.
  5. winsomme

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    if you want to check out MS, i would suggest seeing an MS specialist - especially if your insurance will cover. they might also want to do a Lumbar Puncture to see if there is Inflammation in your spinal fluid. i'm not necessarily recommending this, but if you are at an impass it is something to consider asking about.

    check out the "Good Doc's List" for a possible referral to an MS Doc in your area. i can't vouch for these Doc's, but they might be good place to start.

    scroll down to a link called "The Good Docs List"
  6. YvonneM

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    thanks for all the advice and support. I am going to a physical therapist next week, for an assessment also...
    Doc does not think MS is in the cards... But the fms is going strong... thank god something is strong...
    a little glass of wine in the evening helps more than anything, and if it becomes an issue I can meet a whole new group of friends. Just kidding! I think! Yvonne