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    WHAT ARE THEY? i mean i hurt all time ,tired all time but i have diabetes too. just no go go power to do housework cook
    travel have no thrill to go anywhere ...
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    Devin's diagnostics lists about 100 possible symptoms. You can do a search on the web. I have about 60 of them so shouldn't try to list them here. I only was diagnosed after many different tests over many years failed to find anything specific. I don't have diabetes though so nothing I can compare to.
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    Too many to list! But I'll give it a go...Muscle pain and rigidity, pain upon repetitive motion, fatigue, insomnia....and the brain fog I am apparrently suffering today, because I am at loss to name anymore symptoms...and there are hundreds! I feel the same way you do with pain all the time, tired all the time, and forget housework because I do good just to do the basic neccesities! My fibromyalgia came first 11 yrs ago, then diabetes 4 yrs ago. Found out I had diabetes one morning when I got out of bed and fell because my left foot was paralyzed. The diabetic meds make me drowsy, so it's like we've got a double whammy. Oh, the docs say I got the diabetes as an offshoot from the Graves disease (thyroid) that started the whole thing 11 yrs ago.

    Nice to meet you suemaxwell, Brenda :eek:)
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    click on the very frist post and have them send you info,last time i requested a copie it was here in less then 3 days,
    this is a list someone sent me awhile back,

    50 Fibromyalgia Signs

    1. pain
    2. fatigue
    3. sleep disorder
    4. morning stiffness
    5. cognitive or memory impairment
    6. irritable bowel
    7. chronic headaches
    8. TMJ syndrome
    9. numbness and tingling sensation
    l0. muscle twitching
    11. skin sensitivities
    12. dry eyes and mouth
    13. dizziness
    14. allergic symptoms
    15. mitral valve prolapse
    16. heel or arch pain
    17. brain fatigue
    18. painful periods
    19. chest pains, noncardiac
    20. depression
    21. panic attacks
    22. irritable bladder
    23. multiple chemical sensitivities
    24. joint hypermobility
    25. suicidal
    26. personality changes
    27. lightheadedness
    28. disequilibrium
    29. severe muscle weakness
    30. intolerance of bright lights
    31. alteration of taste, smell, hearing
    32. low frequency, sensorineural hearing loss
    33. decreased painful sound threshold
    34. ringing in the ears
    35. exaggerated involuntary rapid eye movement
    36. changes in visual acuity
    37. intolerance of alcohol
    38. enhancement of medication side effects
    39. intolerance of previously tolerated medications
    40. severe nasal and other allergies possible sinus infections
    41. weight change (gain)
    42. muscle and joint aches
    43. night sweats
    44. heart palpitations 45. muscle spasms
    46. Raynaud's-like symptoms
    47. carpal tunnel syndrome
    48. heartburn
    49. difficulty swallowing
    50. interstitial cystitis


    hormonal changes
    changes in weather
    cold or drafty environment
    just remember these symtoms can be caused by alot of things,[This Message was Edited on 05/05/2003]