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    hello my name jill i have sarcoidosis and fms cfs they are sending me to execise class for the pain i was wandering if any one as try this and found it helped thanks jill
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    Dear Board:

    I have FM and CFS and tried excercising but found it too strenuous. Try it slowly and see how you feel, only go as far as your body can take and don't overdue it or you could end up hurting instead of feeling better.

    I find that walking is all I can do, so I do it when the fatigue is not to bad.

    Good luck and let me know how you feel after excercising a few times, I hope it helps you.


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    Hi, streching exersise, done very slowly and the strech held for several secounds does help with upper back pain, as it helps to "loosen" the muscles.

    I am sure they will show you these moves if it is a class or physical thereopy.

    Good luck,
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    I prefer to do the warm water aerobics. They have them for arthritis classes and I have joined them.

    Exercising in the water helps keep the pressure off your joints.

    This is the only exercise that I like, but then I have hated exercising since I was about 5 years old!!!!!

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    Hi: I've been to Physical Therapy twice now once for my hands, Raynaud's & Dupratryn's Contracture and a couple of trigger fingers, it didn't help at all, they ended up sending me to a Hand Therapist which is where I should of gone in the first place.

    My muscles in my legs were starting to atrophy that is where all my pain is and still is since day 1 almost 3yrs now. They sent me one on one in a pool that was about 88 degrees ideally it should be a few degrees warmer but there is no Arthritis Pool near me, with a Physical Therapist. It was the best thing ever for me to get moving again.

    It was hard going all last winter with snow on the ground and I was always cold in the house and the thoughts of getting into a bathing suit just chilled me to the bone, but like I said it was the best thing for my whole body to get moving again.

    I'm going to go on my own in a couple of wks as it is a Hotel Pool and you can either join or pay as you go that way your not locked to having to go on certain days you can go whenever you want to :)) which suits me better.

    Sorry I wrote a book but I just can't say enough about warm water exercises and I really didn't even exercise I more or less just walked around & floated on a noodle and it's amazing what just that does for you.

    Good Luck,