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    My sister has gone through gall bladder removal, bile duct cleaning which caused her a severe pancrea attack,, now 10 months later all checked out and she is eating normal however the pain she is having that comes and goes is still there,from way before the gall bladder was removed, it starts under the right shoulder blade on around the side to the breast bone, she claims she has on and off days, and the pressure makes her feel like her ribs are being pushed out.Her blood test have all been normal, she has had a lot of them. I have been doing reading on all things and fibromyalgia seems to be the only thing I have found so far...Has anyone"? or do you know of anyone with these symptoms... she just had another endoscopic which I felt she didn't need and the results didn't show any cause for her discomfort.
    I appreciate anyone who can help
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    I have CFS and Fibro. I had my gallbladder out a year past August, kept having problems, had an endoscopy and they found I had a bacterial infection which antibiotics took care of.

    However, I still get 'attacks', wind trapped under my ribs, pains across my heart then belching etc. I watch what I eat, no kinds of beans, cheese, butter etc. Many people have gallbladder out and still have to be very careful of what they eat.

    I'm not saying it's NOT fibro, it might be, but I do still have problems a year after my op.

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    Thank you, Nothing really relating to the problem withthe endoscopic though je did give her a pi;; that is for pain and you put it under your tongue and it's suppose to dissolve quickly, though she said it didn't help. They also gave her a (can't think of the name) Like an acid reducer, she said that didn't seem to help ethier.
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    I am so glad even though it is uncomfortable to hear you have had the same symptom. Trying to get the doctor to go beyond tunnel vision and look at what the symptom is. Because as I answeed the last message all they have tried so far has not given her good results. She has good days and bad, The next day after the endoscopic was a bad day, she was hurting and even feeling nausea, she went to work any way. Thank you again.
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    You have gotten some good responses from people who have had gall bladder surgery. I don't have any experience with that so I can't help you there.

    I do have a question/observation though. Do you support your sister or believe she is ill?

    I ask because you used the phrase "claims to have pain ...". I think I'd might have to have a heart to heart with my sister if she used such terms in regards to my pain levels.

    I also wonder about your disapproval of the second endoscope proceedure that you "didn't think she needed" to have done. You are here researching yet don't sound at all like you believe her and with your counselor background I can't help but wonder if you are looking to prove your position vs looking for answers to her very real health concerns.

    I hope things go well for her. Speaking from someone who has fobro,... One of the defining trigger point locations is in the back around shoulder blade area. At it's very worse for me, that pain easily radiate around to my rib cage.

    There is also an arthritic type condition that causes great pain in the chest area, around ribs to the back. Many people have it here on this site.

    Lastly, has she had a good cardio work up? I'm sure she is fine, but women who experience heart related chest pain will often feel it in their back ... shoulder blade area with pain radiating out as opposed to the more commonly known chest pain or pressure.

    I wish your sister well in her search. Please ask her to join us if she has any questions. Many here have had similar experiences and might be able to offer her help/support.

    Take care,
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    Hi Elsa
    No I don't doubt her one bit another doctor when she was in New Yok state put her through all the paces with the blood test cat scans x-rays colonoscopy,endoscopic. etc. etc. Less than a year ago..I do believe her we just want to find out what this is, it's been so frustrating. Her enzmes and blood platlettes, and all other tests, were normal. She has had a rough 3 years. I am so glad to hear about the shoulder blade around and under the arm pit to the rib under the breast. I surely will tell her so she can have somone to identify with. Like she says she has good days and bad days. And if the doctors can't seem to figure it out then where do we go from here? Last year she had so many cat scans MRI's, x-rays they got to the point they didn't want to do any more for awhile because of exposure.
    Thank You Again