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    I saw a rheumatologist several years ago after having a positive ANA at my regular doctor's office.
    He pressed on several spots on my body while he was talking to me so even though they all hurt, I didn't respond because I was trying to carry on a conversation with him.
    Of course, he then said that it wasn't fibromyalgia. He called it "soft tissue arthritis." Well, I've looked and looked online and there is no such disease.
    Also, anywhere there is a muscle, ligament or tendon, it hurts when pressed. I also have several "ropes" in my muscles especially in forearms and thighs. It's like the muscle has contracted and never let go. I've had these for years.
    My pain is better now that I don't work on my feet but I still have times, especially after exertion, when I can hardly move.
    Does this sound like fibromyalgia to anyone?
    Thanks so much.
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    I hurt about anywhere I'm touched, and after excertion~~ oh gosh, it's gonna' be a few weeks before I'm better. Everyone is different, and I'm sure you'll have a lot m ore expreienced FM'ers reply here!
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    on this site? I don't remember exactly where I found it but when I was first diagnosed a couple months ago I found this wonderful site and started looking at the information and there is a chart that made me go OMG!! This is me!!! It shows where the trigger points are - if you have atleast 11 it is probably FM.

    I know exactly what you are talking about when you say you were trying to have a conversation. How were you to know that he wanted you to tell him if it hurt or not?

    I hope you find your answer! I'll go search for that chart & let you know.

    Go to the Library tab @ the top of the page - then click on Tenderpoints on the very left hand side of the page. Hope this helps![This Message was Edited on 11/08/2005]
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    That is indeed odd, since arthritis breaks down into arthro (joints) and -itis (inflammation)! It sounds like you may have tender points but, maybe similar to me, they don't hurt SO much that you could avoid yelping when he pressed on them. Do you plan to see a rheumatologist to be re-evaluated for FMS? If you do, I would suggest telling him when things hurt and not being TOO distracted by conversation. Rheumies do sometimes try for the distraction method in case you know where all the tender points are supposed to be and where it should hurt! I know what you mean, though, about trying to carry on the conversation and not react, especially if it was something you could control your response to :)
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    a lot of rheumies (esp. older ones) may not be into labeling "fibromyalgia" especially because it is so hard to treat.