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    I have been searching for answers for years. Was finally diagnosed with FM last year by a neurologist. I feel like the symptoms are getting worse and lasting longer. Was wondering if anyone else gets very sick to stomach and extremely dizzy, or just feel a floating feeling like being on some kind of drug with this disorder? Yesterday and today, I feel so much pain in upper back and chest, along with dizzy, sick to stomach and taste of metal in mouth! Feel like my entire body is just "messed up". Feel like I'm in a fog and it is scary! Feel like throwing in the towel! Please respond if this sounds like you! Thanks.
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    I get like you very often azshell, i know what you going though and many others here will know also, i have good days and bad weeks, i just ride the storms really. It is very scary at times the "Fog" can be very distrubing feels like you going mad and cannot work out simple tasks. Don't throw in the towel come and write here or try the chat rooms there are loads of lovely people here with just the same problems and are only too willing to help give this a go first, i promise you after talking here you will feel so much betterand have new ways of dealing with it and you will feel not so alone with fibro.

    Kindest regards to you azshell
    Sally x
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    Hey i have had all the symptons that you have described at some point,But some meds can increase those dizzy spells
    and fog effect that you are describeing.Hope you
    feel better soon .unfortunatly we usually trade
    the devil for the witch.
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    After just reading your response, I am sitting here crying! I can't believe I have finally found someone who truly understands what I am feeling. I am getting more and more depressed as my symptoms hang on longer and longer! Thank you for inviting me to share on these message boards! I have been talking to my family and co-workers about it, but I feel like they just think I am complaining again or exaggerating on how awful this is. They think they understand, but they really don't! Thanks!
  5. azshell

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    Yesterday I took a Tylenol #3 and it was after that when I began feeling sick to stomach, dizzy and "not right" with metal taste. Today, I took (2) regular tylenol and have the same feeling. I think this disorder makes us sensitive to meds and even caffeine! I have been asleep all night though, to wake up, lift my head off the pillow and have the entire room spinning like I'm on a merry-go-round and can't get off. I don't know which is worse, the pain or the sick feeling!
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    the only thing anyone would prescribe for me was Tylenol 3 then 4. I do NOT like the way the Codeine made me feel. Now it probably wouldn't effect me one way or the other, but then it used to make me feel like I was floating a foot off the floor. I KNOW I was allergic to it but the doctor didn't think so. I hated it. But it did help the pain so I'd use it. So it "might" be a reaction to the Codeine? Also be VERY careful with the tylenol in any form It is SO hard on our livers and the metalic taste makes me wonder about that. And NEVER ever take even a drop of alcohol with it, as just once can do liver damage. I hope you feel better soon!
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    Hi Azshell,

    The dizziness was one of my first major complaints about the fibro before being dx in Sep. I have been dizzy over a year and 8 months of it I had extreme daily nausea with it. The minute I opened my eyes in the morning the spinning would start and the nausea would turn on like a light switch. I can remember feeling relief when the nausea finally lessened from 8 hours a day to 4 hours. I had severe motion sensitivity and felt car sick anytime I drove and felt nauseous from the visual motion of just watching TV. It was bad.

    After seeing a neurotologist and a neurologist last May I still didn't have any answers and scheduled an appt at a really good balance clinic. I was dx with Migraine Associated Vertigo and started on Topamax and worked up to 100mg over about 6 weeks last July. It resolved the majority of my symptoms except the dizziness I got from cardio exercise. That has gotten better now since finally getting treatment for low thyroid, low iron and starting a lot of supplements my new rheumatologist started me on along with Vit. B12 injections. I can now exercise without horrible spinning attacks and I have minimal dizziness after.

    I had dizziness when I was 14 yrs, 35 yrs and now again at 45yrs old. The other times it was never as severe as this time but they all lasted around a year.

    If you want to learn more info on dizziness there are 2 good web sites you can do a google search for the vestibular disorders association (VEDA)and the other one is by Timothy Hain MD so google his name and dizziness or vertigo and it should come up. VEDA also has a resource list of doctors that claim to specialize in treating and diagnosing those with dizziness. The first doc I went to had a great web site, but knew nothing about migraines and dizziness plus he was ready to retire. Other docs in his office might have been more knowledgeable, but I didn't want to get burned twice so I went elsewhere that knew about all the different causes. The other balance clinic I went to was excellent.

    Hope you find out what is causing the dizziness and get some answers. I know how disrupting it can be along with all the other FMS symptoms.

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    Glad you found this place, it can help you greatly...

    I am currently having similar symptoms to yours...The floating feeling (not drug induced) and the wierd taste in my throat, I call it a chemical burning sensation but when it started I said it was a 'metal taste'...Doc dismissed it tho, what else is new?

    You have come to this place because of your illness...I'm sorry for that...But your life has changed for the better today with all these wonderful people to learn from and share with...The peace and comfort you will find that comes from reading all the posts will help you on your journey...

    If you'd like to, post your bio, it's how we get to know eachother a bit more personally...

    Peaceful days ahead~Alicia
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    Thanks for the info....I posted my bio! Where can I read everyone's bio's? I am new to all of this. Thanks!
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    checkout the library for books on fibro. the best one that explains what we might expect to be plagued with is by devin starlanyl. she has fibro and co-wrote some with another fibro member that has now passed on. the book helped my husband, family and friends understand some of the limitations that have happened to me. i no longer feel useless without understanding. it is important to get rest and less stress in our lives. do you know about the yo-yo syndrome? that is where you do work, get almost rested from the over exersion, but then go right back into over doing again. you never get the physical as well as emotional rest needed. there is also tender points as well as trigger points that refer pain and such on other parts of the body.
    the book i like is fibromyalgia and chronic myfascial pain, a survival manuel.
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    Bambi, I just read alot of bio's, including yours and want to tell you how much I envy you because you live in Mesa, Arizona. I lived in Scottsdale from 1985 to 1989 and sure miss it! It was while I lived in Arizona that I didn't have pain in my legs that I had experienced since I was young (9-10 years old). As soon as I moved back to Illinois, the pain returned and is much worse than ever! I thought it might have something to do with the lack of humidity in Arizona, but I guess that is not accurate, since you have the disorder also. That is a beautiful place to live, day I hope to live there again. My husband, son and I visited for (2) weeks in 2002 and stayed at the La Posada Resort in Paradise Valley. We are going out there again this summer, but have found that they closed that Resort!! Any idea why? Enjoy the beautiful scenery for me.