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  1. ymassini

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    I was reading about this condition. I was surprised because I have almost all the symptoms. What I need to do to get treatment or a diagnostic? I'm in to much pain. I also have herniated disks.
  2. clerty

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    As there are many things that could be wrong
    many illnesses mimic these symptoms
    you shoud go to yur Gp who will go through your medical history and take bloods,It is not easy to be diagnosed as you will hve to see many consultants before a diagnosis has been made I have been unwell for 3 year I knew I had CFS, 3 weeks ago I was told I also had fibromyalgia
    this is a list of the doctors saw
    Cardiac surgeon
    and plenty others
    good luck!!!

  3. Greenbean7

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    Some of actually get lucky and have a GP who recognizes what is happening to us.

    My GP noticed over a course of a couple of years that I was coming to him with complaints that just couldn't be explained. I apologized to him for coming in all the time when there didn't seem to be anything wrong. He told me that he didn't feel I had ever come in without a legitimate complaint.

    Then he told me about FM and that he believed that FM was the problem. He sent me to a rhuemy who did nothing except irritate me, ok, she did the pain point thing, and then to a neuro who I think is wonderful.

    Between rhuemy and neuro reports to my GP I was diagnosed with FM. I didn't really have a "battery" of tests like so many have gone through, but did have a EEG which idicated seizures and then an MRI to rule out MS.

    So, the end of this story is that I have FM, migraines, a mild form of epilepsy and two "bulging" disks in my lower back. I take Lamictal for the seizures, blood pressure med, hydrocodone for pain and Maxalt when I need them for migraines. I recently stopped the anti-depressent Effexor because I didn't feel it was doing anything for me.

    So don't be discouraged, you might be one of the "lucky" ones who is blessed with good doctors. If not, you can find a lot of help on this board from people who have been through the wringer to get help. They can guide you and encourage you.


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