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  1. poodle girl

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    is there any other medication for fibro besides Lyrica?
  2. msbsgblue

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    Pain meds and neurotin help some. I take neurotin, and percocet for pain.
  3. ytneluk

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    Lyrica big NO NO(side like bad vision or weight gain!!!!!!
    Try Topamax(for pain and loss weight)
    for muscle relaxant: Soma(generic:Carisoprodol 350mg)
    for sleep if you need, Ambien 5mg or 10mg(generic:Zolpidem)
    for pain if I need need I takeke Ultraset
    I'm working 11-13h a day (I have Lyme disease and Fibro)
    I did try othet medications Ultram,Oxy,.....
    For know less is better
  4. dragon06

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    Right now Lyrica is the only FDA approved medication for Fibromyalgia.

    There are lots of other meds that you can use to treat symptoms though.

    I have been on Lyrica for over 2 years and I am happy with has not been a miracle drug and I do use other medications in conjunction with it. The side effects from Lyrica went away after my body got used to the med and I have not gained any weight from taking it. Although it doesn't work for some people and some people gain weight and sometimes the side effects don't go away.

    I also use Oxycontin, Vicodin, Skelaxin and Diazepam for Fibro.
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  5. PVLady

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    Soma is a excellent muscle relaxant and stops aching. I feel it is a standard to have on hand for fibro. Even now, I take 1/2 Soma at bedtime.

    Sometimes if you are in extreme pain 1/2 or a whole Vicoden helps alot.

    I never use Vidocen on a regular basis, only if I have a severe flare and cannot control the pain.

    If sleep is a problem, I use Ambien. Have literally tried most of the sleep meds and came back to Ambien.

    Lyrica did not work for me. It actually caused more pain and I am not looking for that...

    You can also watch your diet for things that cause more inflammation in your system. This could be sugar, alcohol, refined carbs, etc. I do better on a high protein diet and less sugar.

    I love sweets but I try to choose less sugary things. You can also prepare your own sweets using Splenda.

    Get as much sleep as you can or your body demands. That goes a long way to help pain.

    In the past month I started drinking one protein shake a day and adding the supplement called "Miracle Reds". (I use unsweetened Soy milk) My muscles have improved alot. Meaning when I really overdo, they now seem to recover quickly, before I would be in a flare.

    In health food stores they have many good quality protein mixes. The one I use provides 22 amino acids and vitamins, probiotics and is low glycemic. When I add the "Miracle Reds" I really do feel great.

    There are some excellent books that outline the recommended drugs. One is by Dr. Teitelbaum called "From Fatigued to Fantastic" It is newly revised this year. You can get it at the library.

    A great book for newly diagnosed fibro patients.

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