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  1. whyhurt

    whyhurt New Member

    wanting to talk to anyone with the same.
  2. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Ihave fibro and otherthings.

    Are you new here? How long have you had fibro? What syptoms are you having?

    How can I help?

  3. akandmk

    akandmk New Member

    what would you like to talk about?
  4. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    We're all here with Fibro or CFS or both.
    This is a great resource for information, support and conversation on the whole subject.

    If there's something in particular you want to discuss or ask, please do so! Also, please answer other people's posts. We all learn from each other's experiences.

  5. chrysty

    chrysty New Member

    Were you just diagnosed? How long have you been dealing with this? I guess I have been in denial about a year. And now I have to start dealing with it. i am new to this site. Dr. recommended talking to others. Just reading the responses today to others questions has helped. A lot of medications are listed on various conversations. It is very confusing. If you would like to talk, I'm here. Best wishes.
  6. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    welcome to the board, sorry that you to have this DD Fibro.
    I have known for the last alomost a year. also trying to have my Doc look into CFS as this seems to be a major issue ..

    I have been comming to this board for a couple of months now.

    I tried the live chat , but too many people at one time I can't keep up

    you can use this place to vent, to ask questions , or just plain get some support , as the people here do understand what a day in our life is like .
    I am so glad I found this place,

    Best wishes for you