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    If you are lucky enough to get diagnosed early and don't have severe fatigue you can function pretty well. I thought the pain, the fog and fatigue were bad, but I wasn't prepaired a year and a half later to have an ischemic stroke. Possibily caused by hormone replacement theraphy. I had a hysterectomy in my early fourties and had been on it for ten years, It can do a number on your heart and now I read so can the fibro. You need a POSITIVE ATTITUDE more than anything. I overcame my adversities with a smile and I am still smiling. Laughter really is good medicine, not a cure though. I found that if you walk as often as you can, you don't need to speed walk, just walk to keep your muscles moving it is great, besides helps to lose weight. If you have less weight you have less stress on your muscles. I am diabetic as well so I lost 41lbs. What a difference. I take Cymbalta because it has a trifecto affect for me. I take Tramadol,Klonopin,and Trazadone at night. I take Zonegran during the day and find I can function quite well. You do need a team of doctors though. Primary,Rheumatologist,Neurologist and Pyschiatrist with counselor. You need to keep all of them informed of everything so there is no mistakes. I also take coenzyme Q-10 for my heart and a very potent multi vitamin/mineral as fibro patients have many defiencies.

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