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    Can this also cause tooth pain ? I wonder if I grit teeth when taking pain meds
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    ABSOLUTELY!! I can not tell you how many times I went to the DDS in horrible pain only to be told there was nothing they could find wrong, once those neurotransmitters flip their switch, nothing is out of bounds. Right now I am in a flare that has kept me up and in pain the past three nights, the pain begins in my teeth and travels through every bit of tissue all the way down to my heels. I joined this board to see if anyone has any creative coping ideas. Just had to jump in here on this one. I started using a mouth guard at night and it is very helpful except during such a flare when not much of anything short of morphine helps.
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    Besides ME/CFS/FMS some people with mild trigeminal neuralgia have it amplified by the FM. You may be just causing it by teeth grinding but neuralgia is a possibility too. If that is the case then gabapentin or pregabalin may help. such neuralgia has a tendency to feel like it has spread and can be very painful.
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    yes it can cause tooth pain, my teeth often feel like all the nerves are exposed, although that often refers to the pain i can suffer in the rest of my body too.
    Have you felt round your jaw joint, many people with fibro suffer tms, clenching of the jaw, its not necessarily down to stress, the dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system causes the massetter muscles (chewing muscles) to clench involuntarily. if this is the cause use heat and massage. Some people use bite guards made by their dentist to prevent the grinding down of the teeth, it didn't work for me, i chewed my first to pieces, and it just made my jaw ache but horses for courses and all that. Also people with fibro can be prone to acid reflux so its important to keep up your dental checks as excess acid from the stomach causes acid erosion on the teeth, theirs a toothpaste that can be rubbed on the teeth an night to safeguard against this, that the dentist can prescribe. Theres also a gel that can help with salvia is lack of that is a problem from medication.

    kind regards

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