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  1. noquele

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    Long time ago I was treated while living in Spain by having blood taken out of the vein of my arm and injected into my rear. This was done to boost my immune system and it did help me very much against health problem I had at that time. I wonder who in this country has heard of this method and whether it has been tried to help Fibromyalgia sufferers?

  2. Milo83

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    Never heard of this..Did you post this on the FM board..I'm sure you would get a lot more responses there........
    Take Care.........
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    i would like to know what medication i can take with this condistion that i have to live with and trying to cope with it .thank you miss tracey furnival
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    You should visit the fibromyalgia board. You will find a lot of information there. Mellow
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    i had mylogram once that caused real bad headaches .and they drawed blood from my arm and injected it into my spine. they called it a blood. patch mable
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    The reason for the hint is because there is much debate on this issue but I heard Ritalin, although very easy to be missused or abused and another Aderall which is twelve hr. releif from CFS which I have found so many of us FMS people also suffer from. Anyway I am trying to get this from A Dr. -whomever will listen - because it does in fact work with the Fatigue. If it wasn/t for the fatigue I could do sooooooo much more with my life, instead I feel as though I'm fading away[burnt out many years ago :] ] The problem is asking Dr,'s or telling them that " I know what I need" {past expeirence] I AM NOT SAYING ASK FOR THIS but stating a fact that has helped thousands of pain and fatiguse sufferer's.
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    I have fibromylgia and never heard of that treatment. I have physical therapy and medecines.