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    In addition to the numerous aches and pains associated with FMS, does anyone have a dry/burning tongue/mouth?? I do take other medications and know that they cause a dry mouth but this seems a different?? Thanks
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    In addition to the numerous aches and pains associated with FMS, does anyone have a dry/burning tongue/mouth?? I do take other medications and know that they cause a dry mouth but this seems a different?? Thanks
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    I have experienced a dry mouth but no burning sensation. Could this also be a side-effect of one of your medications? It might be worth finding out from your doctor.

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    Hello !
    I also have a dry burning mouth and have absolutely no spit at all.I take Nilstat every day for thrush.I get that from my inhalers that I use for asthma.Anything with acid in it is a no no.
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    ...but definitely the seriously dry mouth. Both my dentist & doctor comment on it. My latest bloodwork does not suggest sjogren's syndrome, but my rheumy believes I may have it. Have you discussed that with your doctor? Just a thought... like Fibro, there's no cure, but things you can do for symptoms such as dry mouth. Anyway, good luck & hope it gets better.

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    I get dry mouth, too. No burning though. A lot of docs suggest chewing sugarless gum for that, but I also have TMJ problems; so that's not too good for my jaw pain. But my dentist recommended sucking on sugaress hard candy to keep the mouth moist (in addition to drinking water, which everybody seems to recommend).

    --Laura R.M.

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    I get dry mouth off and on. Also get burning mouth and tongue on occasion. More of a "tingly" feeling, also in my tonsils. Have gone to Drs. and they don't see anything wrong. I don't take any meds except OTC Axid and Gaviscon for my stomach. I recall Prevention mag. had a piece in there on it, don't recall all the details. You might try going to and doing a search

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    I also have the dry mouth tongue, burning sensation. The burning in my case is caused by food allergies, if I eat something I shouldn't,or a combination of foods that cause a reaction cause it to turn a red color and will burn like crazy and swell also. Don't know if this helps at all. Like the others, drink water and or suck on sugarless candy.
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    You're the second person who recommended sugarless candy. I'll give it a try. Thanks
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    Hi - never heard of that syndrome, but good idea to check with my doc as well. Take Good Care
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    Great info - especially the acid part. I drink a lot of juice so your advice is very helpful - Thanks to all who have responded! Take Good Care.....Pat
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    I had dry mouth very bad, it would wake me up at night. I started drinking half my body weight in ounces of water per day, well it seem to have helped with this problem. I don't have this anymore.

    Like others said, it could be some medication you are on that is causing it too. But give the water a try.

    Heres a website to read about water drinking;

    You will be surprised what drinking water can do for you!

    Hope you fine the cause, and the cure too.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    thanks so much for your reply. I do drink water, but will definitely increase consumption. Take Good Care....Pat
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    I have the dry mouth problem. Even if I drink 6 glasses of water it just never seams to go away.
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    thank god my tongue is the only part of my body that does not hurt, icon hehe, but since i have the tmj i can't open my mouth very wide thus a whole nother set of problems. i am really acting up today!

    my doctor told me today my hair coming out in clumps was probably due to the meds i was taking, guess we trade tic for tac in this dd.

    warm regards, fibolady
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    About five years ago mine started burning. It got so bad I would cry..I ended up going to the doc..the dentist and an oral surgeon..nothing..they all looked at me like I was crazy..and by then I pretty much was!

    Anyhoo..I started looking around on the internet on burning tongue. I also had a book here that was on peri menopause/menopause. Lo and behold..I actually read where this might just be a symptom and since I am getting up there in years..I thought wow.

    Long story to short...I started taking 800 units of vitamin E a day. With in a week it was gone. I usually only take 400 and then my tongue starts acting up and I jump back up to 800 and it goes away.

    Now..I do not know if it is fibro or menopausal..I just know it is dog gone painful and I am glad the E makes it go away.!

    Hope this helps..and I hope this pain goes away soon..
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    I also have dry mouth but I also get extreme white stuff in my mouth in the morning but my doctor says its from the rheumatoid too!!!
    God Bless You!!!