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    About 8 years ago a doctor told me I had fm. I dismissed it because I got the impression she was making up something to humor me. Since then, I have 2 aunts who have been diagnosed with fm (one is an RN on disability now). My mother lives in constant pain and they are assuming she has MS but because her health insurance premiums have gone to $1200. per month just for her, she will not go get checked for fm even though my aunts and I have tried to get her to go. Do you have any advise or suggestions? As far as me, I'm still not sure I believe I have it but my internist is starting to look into it.
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    Hi rhondam~~I haven't had a chance to "Welcome" you to the Board since you joined. Since you are not sure you have had FM over the past 8 years since you've been diagnosed, you might consider going to a rheumatologist for a second opinion. Do you ache, feel sore, stiff, tire easily, have a series of days or weeks wherein the pain makes it hard to function, and/or find it difficult to do the things you used to do nine years ago? If you do have FM, how have you coped with it for the past eight years besides "dismissing" it? What were your initial complaints & symptoms when you went to the doctor eight years ago? Have they gone away?

    Regarding your might want to ask her what she thinks she's paying the $1200 a month for? That is a great deal of money to pay out every month and not use it for what it was intended for. She's going to pay the money each month anyway, so she might as well get the best use out of it she can. This is her "health" she's dealing with plus the misery of living in constant pain. If she's worried that her health insurance rate would go up--she can call and find out, and if so--how much more would the increase be? She's paying alot of dollars for health insurance every month anyway--she might as well use it.

    It sounds as though FM runs in your family. It might help both of you to get a solid diagnosis and know what you're dealing with.

    Best Wishes, Carol....
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    I don't live in the USA and don't understand your insurance system. From what I read it must make it very hard for all of you. Have no other comment. Am still learning about this DD myself. Just wanted to say welcome. Love Ozgran.
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    Hi Rhonda, welcome to the board. I don't know what to tell you about your Mom, I am really like that myself.

    I hate going to doctors. I have Fibro, and did not really get a whole lot of help from the medical profession.

    I mostly treat myself with supplements, herbs, etc.

    You might want to try some magnesium, most people who have FM/CFS are deficient in this mineral.

    Since I have been taking it my pain is way down.

    You can read the research on the 'Home', 'Library', and even the Store links on the top of this page.

    Again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Well, all I can say about my mom is since the premiums just now went up to 1200 she isn't about to go unless she just absolutely has to. My aunts and I aren't having a lot of luck getting her to go.

    I just got back from my doctor and he says he doesn't doubt the initial diagnosis 8 years ago of fm. I went 8 years ago because of extreme exhaustion and pain in my knees, elbows and shoulders. Also I couldn't even brush or fix my hair at the time because of pain, weakness, exhaustion. Since that point I've never had that extreme of an episode. I have been diagnosed with IBS, anemia (which is getting better). I tire extremely easily, my legs ache quite a bit, I bruise easily (I have one very large one right now that runs half the length of my arm and I have no idea where it came from). He said I tested negative for lupus but believes everything else we discussed is significant of fm. He did tell me that I wasn't nuts and this wasn't something I was doing to myself (that I wasn't a hypondriac).
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    You need to tell your mother that paying $1200 per month for NOT going to the doctor doesn't make any sense. She might as well be getting something for her money. It sounds like FM runs in your family and I've heard about people that have both MS and FM. I know that moms can sometimes be hard headed (I am the caregiver for my 85 yr. old mother) but she really needs to go.