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  1. kgnbehr

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    About 2 weeks ago I woke up with tingling and aches all over my body. Stopped cholesterol medication and symptoms got better for 4 days. Muscle enzmymes (for chol. med.) checked out okay. On fifth day symptoms came back and now aches have turned into pains. They alternate everywhere in my body. I was told the next step is a rheumalogist but it is not easy to get an appointment in a timely fashion. I do not know if I have fibromyalgia because I do not have chronic fatigue nor do I have problems sleeping. I feel these pains are greatly diminishing my quality of life and it is depressing as well. I am 52 years old. If I don't have those other major symptoms, is it still what I have? I have looked all over the net but my symptoms don't seem to fit anywhere else. Any commments or input would be appreciated.

  2. kgnbehr

    kgnbehr New Member

    Thanks for your reply even though it is not reassuring that we share symptoms and you do have fibromyalgia. I did make a rheumatologist appt. for June 5 but will try some other doctors because I don't want to wait so long. I am feeling very self-absorbed because even though there are so many people with worse problems, the thought of living with pain every day is so daunting. Are there many people where the pains disappears for long periods of time? I sure hope so.
  3. kgnbehr

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    Thanks for the reply. I'm embarrassed to say my general doctor did not make a diagnosis. It just sounds like it to me from what I'm reading on websites. I'm glad I at least have the June 5 appointmentwith the rheumatologist because I may not get anything sooner. Today was a much better day. I think it is worse later in the day. Also, I am a kindergarten teacher and the kids keep me so busy and absorbed that it distracts me.
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    I don't know how many rheumatic problems there are. I don't seem to have the symptoms for rheumatoid arthritis or osetoarthritis. The aches and pains are more than enough. How all of you deal with this and major sleep problems is something I'm not ready to deal with. Thanks for all the input.
  5. Shirl

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    Hi Carol, sure hope that you do not have FM. Your symptoms could be a lot of other things, lets hope its something simple!

    I have had FM for over 20 years, and I do know when it started. I am never completely pain free. But have been doing quite well for the last year.

    Sleep problems is one of the major symptoms of FM, then the pain which can be severe in some of us, and mild in others.

    Let us know what the doctors have to say, will be keeping good thoughts for you.

    Shalom, Shirl
  6. kgnbehr

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    Some of you have mentioned that my symptoms can be other things. Any ideas? I won't hold you to them. Just reaching out. I really appreciate the support.
  7. bre_ann

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    I don't think you gave us very many sypmtoms. If you could tell us most of your symptoms, we might be able to give you some ideas. One thing to check for for fibro (which isn't necessarily a definite) is tender points located in specific areas of the body, that when pressed, cause pain. Supposedly, to diagnose fibro you must have 11 out of the 18 tender spots. However, I do think some people have been diagnosed with fibro but do not have the tender spots. I have some but not all and some are more painful than others.
  8. kgnbehr

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    I started out tingling all over my body followed by aches and pains all over. That was about 2 weeks ago. I have very little tingling now and the aches as of Friday became more like pains. They travel all over. It doesn't seem like pressing on points would make it hurt. It can be anywhere from fingers to joints to forearms, shin, across the back and chest. I don't have sleep problems or major fatigue. Friday, Saturday and Sunday I had a lot of pain. So far today (it's early evening), it's been very manageable. That's about it for the symptoms. Any ideas other than fms??? It's so nice to talk to others in similar situations.
  9. bre_ann

    bre_ann New Member

    some of us have some that are not similar.
    The tender points are located inside of the knees, on the outer hip area, on the elbow area, some up around back of neck, shoulder area, two on upper chest area. You might do some research and find a diagram of where these tender spots are located.
    I feel like I have more joint pain, my feet, knees, wrists, fingers, back, neck all feel like I have arthritis but I don't. I have muscle spasms, fatigue, tmj, but I don't have headaches like many do. Many suffer from migraines.
    I have sensitivity to smells and loud sounds but light doesn't bother me that much.
    hope this helps.

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