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    Does anyone suffer from severe rib and breast bone pain with this illness if so what are you doing to get some relief I would be grateful for any suggestions thanks
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    Hi Nellie,
    I experience pain in the chest and brest area. It sometime feels like your having a heart attack (very scary). I also get sharp pain in my left breast, but I think it's all the same area as the pain in my left chest. Unfortunatly this is part of FM. I use tiger balm to help with the pain. I have also used Emu Oil, that helps too. I have a book that shows all the trigger point areas, but I haven't try the one for the chest because I have been working on my neck and shoulders (chest is next on the list). I really suggest the book " Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome A survival Maual" by Devin Starlanyl, MD and Mary Ellen Copeland.
    I shows all the trigger point areas plus so much more. This is my Fibro bible!

    Hope this helps,
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    Type in costo-chondritis in message search.You will learn much about it.A lot of us with fibro suffer from it.
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    Thanks for replying to me. It sounds as if I have got the exact symptons as you e.g. the rib cage pain breast pain and in general pain all over. I have been with this condition for 12 years now and nothing doctor gives me seems to help much at all. I use a lot of deep heat cream which stinks to high heaven but sometimes it takes the edge of pain a little bit for a short time . Hope you feel a bit bettet love nell