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  1. sisteroffour

    sisteroffour New Member

    My mom has just been diagnosed with fibromyalsia-does anyone know how stress effects people with this disease? She currently watches my three children and I know she would never admit that they were causing her even more pain, so I thought I would look into it myself.

    Thanks for an information you can give me.
  2. natrlvr2

    natrlvr2 New Member

    second, do you mean fibromyalgia?Once a person has fibromyalgia,their whole lives will change.
  3. suz45

    suz45 New Member

    Hi Sisteroffour:

    Welcome to our site. Its nice to see someone on that is concerned for a family memeber, you must be quite the daughter.

    STRESS: Major impact on all disorders including FM, intesifies both the physical symptoms, decreases sleep which we all know is never good for us. Also adds to the pain and emotional (anxiety and for those with depression).

    Your mom sounds like a caring person, She probably will need some down time, however keeping busy so that one does not dwell all the time of this disorder is healthy too.

    Does she enjoy watching your childrem? If so let her do what she can or wants to.

    I would talk to her about the FM and explain what you are learning. You might even suggest she look at this site, it is a great source of comfort and info for all of us, but especially when this disorder is recently dx and one is feeling confused.

    Research the library at the top , lots of good topics and come back when you need help or just to chat with others.

    We are here for each other.

    In wellness,

  4. Kayleen

    Kayleen New Member

    Hi Sisteroffour and welcome to our site. As a grandma I will tell you that we love our grandkids. They are the light of our lives. How old are your kids? When you say watches my children do you mean full time while you work or just occassionally?

    I babysit my grandkids quite a bit but I have to tell you lately it is getting more difficult to do. It depends on how bad your mom is. We get tired easy and some days the pain is bad.
    Bad days I have trouble keeping up, but mine are 7months, 2 1/2yrs and 6 years. The 2 year old is WILD and keeps me on the run. I wouldn't give my time up with them for anything.

    Just be sure to tell your mom to let you know if she is having a bad week or if it is getting too much for her.
    Watching for an hour or two is a joy...all day sometimes can be too much depending on how she's feeling.
  5. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    Sisteroffour, I don't think you are going to like my response, but this is my experience. Aside from pushing myself when I am exhausted, stress is the next worst thing for FMS. I have 4 grandchildren who live too far for me to see them more than about 4 times a year (and that is pushing it). Whether we visit and stay with them or have them come and stay with us, by the second day of the visit my symptoms are off the charts. It takes me a long time to recover. I also have Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction.

    If your mom is like me, you are right, she won't complain. I'm sure that having the children is precious time for her. Prickles (as always) has given good advice. It is so good of you to be concerned about your Mom.

  6. Line

    Line New Member

    I have four grandchildren and love them so much but I feel like I am not a good Grandma at all. When they were babies I could not hold them long, my upper chest and arm would hurt so bad. I cannot play with them other than board games etc.

    The oldest is 7 and my grand daughter is 5. We were visiting and she said I did not like her because I never play what she wants too. She wanted to play hopscotch, so I figured I could walk instead of hop, well that would not work so I hopped, for over a week I was in a full body flare from that.

    When the four of them visit the confusion, nose etc seem to make me flare also. I seem to get stressed that they are going to fall and get hurt. I wish your mother good luck, but I know I could not babysit everyday.

    This dd takes the joy out of our lives.

    Hugs, Linda
  7. fieldmouse

    fieldmouse New Member

    I just have to say, I am 38 and I have fibro. I just had my first grandbaby 2 months ago. I will admit that I am in pain ALOT, but he is the light of my life and every day that I get to spend with him, I feel better just because I got that time with him. I don't know how old your kids are but you really should talk to her about it. Let her make the decissiion. She knows what is best for her. The pain is there no matter what. If the kids make her happy. Let it be...Good luck~~hugs~~Mick!!
  8. sisteroffour

    sisteroffour New Member

    Thanks for the kids are 5, 7, & 8. The boys can be a handful and right now she watches them for an hour before school and for about 4 hours after school while I work. I'll keep talking to her and she already knows to tell me immediately if she's not feeling up to watching them. So, hopefully she can hang in there for awhile-the kids love being with her.

  9. sisteroffour

    sisteroffour New Member

    all your advise sounds wonderful and I will share it with my mother. I don't know which chemical her body is lacking but a diet of red wine and dark chocolate, she may be in heaven-LOL. Thanks again for the welcome and advise.

  10. sisteroffour

    sisteroffour New Member

    I kindof new the answer when I asked the question, but was hoping to hear otherwise I guess. So, thanks and my mom comes first-I will keep my eye on her.


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