Fibronol: New Supplement Improves Sleep and Delivers Energy

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    Fibronol: New Supplement Improves Sleep and Delivers Energy

    Has anyone tried this supplement?

    For millions of fibromyalgia patients, there are very few effective therapies available to treat the multitude of symptoms they are enduring. The quality of life for many patients is severely compromised by the primary symptoms of FMS (chronic sleep disorders, fatigue, and pain) and further complicated by a variety of secondary symptoms (including IBS, headaches, “fibro-fog,” and depression).

    The specific origins of FMS are not fully understood, however knowledge of this disease’s symptoms and mechanisms is increasing. Many FMS patients have suppressed levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is a critical enzyme supporting the body’s ability to grow or rebuild tissue and achieve deep, sound sleep. FMS patients also often have low levels of serotonin, an important neurotransmitter that promotes longer and sounder sleep, higher energy levels, and can moderate or decrease pain sensations. Both of these conditions arise from sleep disorders that interrupt or prevent deep, restorative sleep.

    The perception of pain experienced by FMS patients is significantly compounded by the presence of “nociception,” where sensitivity to pain is amplified substantially compared to those not suffering from fibromyalgia. Nociception is likely a result of elevated levels of Substance P—a neurotransmitter of pain impulses—that is often present in FMS patients. Higher levels of Substance P can arise from the suppression of HGH production.

    The efficacy of current treatments for FMS is limited in part by there not being any FDA-approved medications for fibromyalgia. Frequently, a variety of off-label prescribed medications are combined with other therapies (naturopathic, exercise, massage) to achieve improvement in FMS symptoms and provide the patient with some ability to lead a more normal life. However, each therapy often delivers only limited relief, so that small incremental gains rather than significant improvements in symptom relief have too often become the expectation of new treatments.

    The limited efficacy of existing treatments in managing FMS symptoms is a testament to the continuing large, unmet medical needs of the FMS patient population. However, recent clinical trials have shown that there is a new safe, effective, and natural supplement available that addresses many of these needs of FMS patients. Fibronol® is a nutraceutical product that delivered significant relief from many primary FMS symptoms in a recently completed clinical trial. Some of the key benefits experienced by clinical trial participants included:

    * 1.6 hours of additional sleep per night, with sleep overall being deeper and less interrupted (i.e. an 80 percent increase in sleep soundness);

    * A 71 percent increase in energy accompanied by a 30 percent reduction in fatigue;

    * 2.4 more “good” days per week;

    * A 31 percent decrease in pain.

    The clinical study was a double blind, placebo-controlled trial in 36 FMS patients (29 completions) over an 8-week period. The only adverse event noted in the clinical trial was Fibronol’s tendency to exacerbate some patient’s pre-existing IBS condition of diarrhea. No adverse drug-nutraceutical interactions were noted with Fibronol use. The statistical significance of all primary outcome measures was uniformly strong (p<.001, i.e. less than one chance in one thousand that similar results could occur by random chance alone). The statistical veracity of these results is generally higher than similar measures recently reported in advanced clinical studies on pharmaceutical developmental products.

    Fibronol is classified as a natural food supplement. The primary ingredient (SEANOL-F) is a powerful polyphenol/ phlorotannin extract from brown algae that has uniquely strong anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that combine to provide potent FMS symptom relief. Other Fibronol ingredients include magnesium to promote tissue repair and growth, aloe vera for its anti-inflammatory properties, along with malic acid and Vitamin B-1 to help maintain normal cellular function and increase levels of ATP, the cellular based energy source.

    One of the more notable impacts of Fibronol was the significant improvement in the quality and length of sleep experienced by FMS patients. Benefits arising from improved sleep include increased levels of HGH and serotonin with corresponding reductions in Substance P levels. This is a primary explanation for the increases in energy, decreases in fatigue, increases in comfort, along with improved overall condition experienced by many (80 percent) of the clinical trial participants.

    While Fibronol clearly does not represent a “cure” for FMS, it has been clinically proven to deliver significant improvement in FMS symptoms in its role as a safe and effective adjunct supplement complementing individual standards of care established by FMS patients with their physician. Considering the persuasiveness of the clinical results, Fibronol has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life for many FMS patients.

    To learn more about Fibronol, the clinical trial, or review statements from clinical trial participants, you can do a google search for Fibronol--there is a website with more into on it.


    Article in National Fibromyalgia Association newsletter
  2. Hippo

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    I'll let you know if it helps. Thanks for the article.

  3. kirschbaum26

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    Do not mean to be a naysayer...but a bottle of 150 costs $79.00...which is apparently a month's supply, since you get a 17% discount if you order a year's supply for $790.00.

    What I am really shocked about is that you have to PAY $10.00 to access the results of the clinical trials.

    If you read the advertisement carefully, many of the claims mention "perceived". Not sure that sounds too good.

    I would like to see some more "evidence" and not just claims, and certainly not statments from the company (I went to the website) that this substance is considered an nutraceutical, and not subject to FDA approval...but that this "formula is manufactured in accordance with FDA Good practices". Whatever that might mean.

    I wonder if these supplements are available separately? And at a lower cost? Do you think that there is anything special about the way that they are combined? I have read such horror stories about the active ingrediants are sometimes no where near that strengths that the label indicates (usually much weaker, and therefore cheaper to manufacture).

    Do not mean to be so untrusting, but I feel that as a group, we are willing to try just about anything to feel better.

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    Just the fact that this is manufactured according to Food Grade Standards bothers me. Unfortunately, because supplements are not regulated by the govt, they are not required to meet label claim. Yikes!

    Therefore, I will only go for pharmaceutical grade supplements...
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    If anyone is brave and rich enough to try this, let us know your results.
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    Dear USANAgirl:

    I certainly agree with you. I would not take a supplement that was not made by a well known company. I do not believe that they are regulated enough...if everything else we put into our bodies is regulated, I do not understand why "supplements" are not.

    I am also familiar with USANA products. Had a friend who used to be a distributor...he even met his wife at a USANA conference in Canada.

    I just do not understand why people have to take advantage of us...get our hopes up...the Fibronol site even had a logo that said "proud sponsor of the National Fibromyalgia Association"...geez, give us a break.

    The list of ingredients did seem to mirror much of what we are already taking...the clever (not really) wording on how the 36 Fibro patients responded was also very suspect in my opinion. Too bad I do not feel like wasting $10 to find out what the actual clinical trials entailed.

    There is also a very big "placebo" affect with just about any medication, supplement, treatment, etc. We WANT it to work so bad that we can sometimes make it seem as if it was working for us. Optimism cannot be bottled and sold, but that is what these companies seem to be us false hopes, etc. I am wondering why the big name drug companies have not investigated a real "medicine" to treat the symptoms of FMS and CFS...Awareness cannot be the only reason...must be financial as well.

    I have become very jaded about medicines recently, as I have been in my own private side affect cycle. The medicines I have been taking have ruined much of my body...yet the alternatives are not possible, as they are known to further damage my already damaged organs. So, when I gave up on the medical field 8 years ago...I just tried to keep myself moving and as unstiff as possible. I took advil, knowing that I was risking asthma attacks (I am sensitive to aspirin), but the alternative was that I would not be able to get out of bed. Just wish someone would take us seriously...and find out what causes FMS and what can be done to really TREAT it.

    Sorry to vent. Just a bad day.

    Regarding the Fibronol...I do not think I would take it even if it were given to me for free.


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    "Benefits arising from improved sleep include increased levels of HGH and serotonin with corresponding reductions in Substance P levels. This is a primary explanation for the increases in energy, decreases in fatigue, increases in comfort, along with improved overall condition experienced by many (80 percent) of the clinical trial participants."

    This paragraph proves nothing about their product, it's a general statement about what deep sleep may do for anyone.

    I wonder what their definition of a clinical trial is.
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  8. JLH

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    Back in February, when I posted this, I had read about this in the National Fibromyalgia Association newsletter, so I thought it may be something good.

    But after reading everyone's comments, I think not!!

    Well, at least one person knew one person who thought it was a life saver!!! LOL

  9. usanagirl

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    There are many, many companies out there that are only marketing smooth-talkers, but Dr. Wentz, USANA founder, is a TRUE scientist, and the research they have to back up their science based products is astounding. I am wondering why you have chosen not to take their supplements??

    First of all, poor manufacturing can destroy great science. Secondly, it's about the ingredients, the proper balance, and correct form. When a product is complete and balanced, the ingredients work synergistically together. And lastly, I agree with you, medications are not solutions. I was sick of being handed anti-depressants and pain killers, I did my research and found USANA to be the best for me at a reasonable expense.

  10. deliarose

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    feel better today....a wellbeing kind of thing.
    made me sleepy...but I still took my usual sleep medication ..but we'll see.

    I plan to keep taking it...

    Will keep u posted..

  11. Sandyz

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    I ordered some and have been trying it just a few days. I`m not noticing anything yet. I will keep you updated as to how it goes.
  12. deliarose

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    how is it going on Fibronol?

    I took it for a week or so.. maybe less..and got some refreshing sleep... but it made my head feel congested adn wooly during the day.

    At least I think it was the Fibronol.

    What's your experience?

  13. pam_d

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    ...but the unaffordability alone would make me NOT use it. I don't think a huge amount of us here COULD afford it...


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