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  1. jerry1961

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    Hello all,could someone please explain to me what portal fibrosis is?doc said that I have that and not cirrhosis...thanks..Jerry
  2. rockgor

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    I searched for non cirrhotic portal fibrosis and found lots of sites with info.
    Unfortunately they are written for medical professionals.

    "Portal" seems to refer to a vein, and the word hypertension appears often.
    I think that means high blood pressure.

    There are treatments which one site said are effective in 90 -95% of patients.
    Etiology (cause) was said to be obscure on one site.

    Sounds to me like your dr. should spend some time explaining the
    situation to you.

    Good luck

  3. FMsaddenedspirit

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    I tried searching this for you also today .. but had no luck... all I could find was reports for doctors. way to complex for me today.... just to foggy.. sorry .

    I agree , have your Doc explian this to you in tearms you can understand.

    Best of luck.... Spirit ~