FibroSleep effective sleep aid?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bay33, May 24, 2008.

  1. bay33

    bay33 New Member

    I'm interested in hearing any experiences regarding use of this product. My daughter has POTS and does not get restorative sleep. We have tried many things and are still looking for something that will help. She did find that magnesium provided a few nights of blissful, restful sleep, but it also weakened her leg muscules, so she unfortunately had to discontinue it. Thus far that is the only thing that has given her the restful sleep she so needs.

    Any feedback, positive or negative, is much appreciated.
  2. erica741

    erica741 New Member

    I haven't used FibroSleep, but recall reading some people on here rave about it. If you don't get more responses (or even if you do), you should do a search on here.
  3. schaken

    schaken New Member

    Have not used but bumping till we find someone that does

  4. anchor

    anchor Member

    i like it and use it nightly. i do get good, restorative sleep with it. the first time i tried it, i was too eager and took 2 capsules (and overdose for me, apparently) and i did not sleep and felt awful. so it took awhile for me to get up the courage to try it again.

    as a transition to getting off the OTC sleep med (benadryl), i have been adding 1 capsule of fibro-sleep and taking less and less of the benadryl each night.

    works very well. sometimes i dream a lot and maybe don't feel as rested, but my muscles do get the rest they need and that in itself keeps my pain levels down.

    good luck. try it.

    i have not had my daughter (13) try fibro-sleep, but her dr put her on rozerem, for insomnia and migraines, but it's very expensive - so we tried 1 mg of melatonin and she does absolutely great on that! a 6-month supply is about $8 - wow!

    let us know what you decide and how she does!

  5. bay33

    bay33 New Member

    Thanks for the feedback, Lisa. She does take Melatonin, and that does help with the problem of getting to sleep, but it doesn't impact the quality of sleep.

    She has also been diagnosed with probable periodic leg movements of sleep so we have tried Mirapex and Neurontin in an effort to treat that, assuming if that is treated then she will get better quality sleep. The Mirpaex made her feel really bad and the Neurontin is possibly of a bit of benefit but marginally at best.

    I have to believe that at least some of her fatigue could be helped with regular restorative sleep. She gets up as tired as she was when she went to bed on a daily basis. The frustrating thing is that magnesium did give her some blissful, restful sleep. The benefits were obvious. She asked me one day if I had any idea how wonderful it was to actually feel rested after sleeping! However, the magnesium caused significant weakness in her legs so she wasn't able to continue it. I've read that magnesium has some dilation effects, so with the POTS I guess it makes some sense as to why it caused the leg issues. At any rate, we are still searching for something to help. I've lately also considered trying another form of magnesium to see if one type would have less of the leg effect for her than another. It is something to consider as we continue to search for something that will be effective.

    Any other feedback is welcome!
  6. anchor

    anchor Member

    well, i have had differing results with different magnesiums - maybe a health food store could lead to a different kind.

    also, have you tried a Rx muscle relaxant?

    i had great results with Flexeril and others like Soma.

    the flexeril was a god-send when i first got Dx. i slept incredibly well and that resulted in immediate pain relief.

    curious if you've tried that.

  7. swampscrapper

    swampscrapper New Member

    I haven't tried fibrosleep, but I take 75 mg of Elavil every night, and it is an unexpensive med. I have taken it for about 9 yrs. I realy love it. I have tried several other sleep aids, and they did not work for me.
  8. bay33

    bay33 New Member

    A trial of a muscle relaxant might be something worth some consideration. Thanks for the thought.

  9. bay33

    bay33 New Member


    Does that help you with restorative sleep?

  10. frosty77

    frosty77 New Member

    I took FibroSleep (I did not get restorative sleep, but did generally only awaken once during the night) until I discovered it contained melatonin - which contraindication are:

    Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid melatonin supplements as should people with autoimmune diseases, allergies, cardiovascular disease, depression, epilepsy or other seizure disorder, liver disease, immunosuppression, and drug or alcohol abuse.

    High doses of melatonin have been associated with altered ovarian function and anovulation. Therefore, women trying to conceive should avoid it.

    While taking melatonin, driving and operating other machinery should be avoided.

    Other drugs that may interact with melatonin include: amphetamines, blood pressure medications such as nifedipine, other dietary supplements, hormonal medications, psychiatric medications, seizure medications, sedatives, and tamoxifen.

    Check with your doctor before taking any supplements!

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