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  1. leubie

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    Hey--------------how are you????? I just added to the thread about your first neuor visit----------------------After typing raelized I should have started fresh--------------------Im a very slow typer----------------so thats why i didnot start over----------sorry if this is confusing-------Im very tired-----------worked all day today sick--------------but I could not call off--as I feel that i have missed too many days lately-------------my manager and co-workers are not very forgiving---nor do thet understand a thing adout fibro and all the probelms that go w/ it!!!!!!TAKE CARE AND LOVE TO ALL LAURA
  2. leubie

    leubie New Member

    Hey Melissa, Please do not worry about writing me back-----I ONLY HOPE THAT YOU FEEL 100% BETTER --------REALLY QUICK!!!!!!---------I know that you do not live near----------but if I can be of any help--------post me------if you need my #------email and/ or home----just ask------TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF-------ASK FOR HELP-------AND KNOW WE ALL CARE------------LOVE TO ALL-------LAURA

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