Ficiculations and shaking

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    About 2 weeks ago I noticed facicultions in my legs. Since than I have had them upper and lower body but no pattern. I have also had rt hand tremors and when I exercise my whole body shakes. I seen a neurologist who made the dx of BFS. He drew blood which must have been ok because he never called to say it was abnormal. I have a emg next Tuesday. He put me on Tregretol which I feel has not helped. Anyone else with these symptoms. I know it could be any of multilpe diseases and am trying not to jump to any conclusion. Thanks .
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    Sorry to hear about your symptoms.

    Look at the symptom list in this booklet and see if you happen to have other symptoms of Borrelia infection (Lyme Disease).

    Here is some more info about this common, often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed infection: