Fickle nature of flares and where it comes from?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelby319, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. shelby319

    shelby319 New Member

    Just out of the blue these flares seem to come on, and I did absolutely nothing to deserve them!
    What interests me is... where or what was the beginning of this terminology.."flares"... and in simple terms... what describes it best when we do everything right and yet they still seem to come out of nowhere, and we all seem to get them? I'm baffled folks!!

    I thought I had been doing everything right lately, and taking all the right meds and vitamins, the least stress I could have, eating properly, exercising and doing yoga, and yet I still end up going through a flare that is getting worse and worse everyday.

    These "flares" just come out of the blue and disrupt our daily lives and there isn't a dang thing we can do about them, but suffer in silence!! Then I feel guilty for having them and not being able to take care of my family, or they wonder what it is or why this happens. How do you even explain them to your family if you don't understand how they happen or what causes them in the first place?

    Does anyone have any idea where this term came from and what really causes the flare ups? I would be forever grateful along with my family, if you could answer this for me. As I feel my body now has betrayed me once again and I'm mad as heck!!!

    I do hope everyone is having a semi pain free day, or your pain is well controlled to where you can enjoy your daily lives!!!

    Gentle hugs to all,
  2. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    Shelby .. We will suffer with flares at times for no obvious reasons .. it is a given .. and it STINKS !
    BUT ... one thing that I have come to realize and be prepared for (if that is possible) is a change of weather .. it is unreal how much that can make the fibro so much worse .. pain levels can go through the roof ..
    Also stress .. and it can be relatively simple stress in combination with a few other things (such as a bad night with little sleep) ... it impacts a great deal.

    I too am proactive in my health care .. supplements .. yoga .. careful living ( resting .. lots of water etc .. ) trying to do my best to live my life as normally as possible.
    BUT .. this type of thing is going to happen and the only point I can make is try to cope as best possible .. you can't always find the cause to flares .. "blank" happens, we just have to deal !

    Good Luck !
  3. ikumdo

    ikumdo New Member

    Fudge your so dead on thanks for your words they were needed tonight by me. The weather, fall started here in Korea and man my body just lost it, one long flare up and down.

  4. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    I just wanted to add .. I hope you guys are lucky enough to have a decent, HUMANE, doctor that will script drugs to cover what you take already when it comes to the extra pain in a flare.
    I am so lucky to have a wonderful GP who "gets it" when it comes to pain .. I so wish all other people had help like that !
    Best of luck for everyone !
  5. MsE

    MsE New Member

    Stress does me in. What's more, it can be "good" stress as well as "bad" stress, though the "bad" stuff is worse. It seems like anything that comes along that is a bit out of the ordinary can sweep me into a CFS flare when I least expect it. Right now I am recuperating from a very lovely Thanksgiving. No overload of guests; no problems; everything was smooth. But I'm down.

    Then, to make matters worse, it began to snow like crazy this morning and I live just out of town at the bottom of a very steep hill. There is no way I'm going to drive until this eases. So I started stressing about stuff that needs doing within the next couple of days.

    But I stopped. If the snow doesn't go away within a couple of days I'll just call on my son, who has a truck, to run some errands and stay holed up until this is over.

    Back to my main point: stress is the culprit. Everything aches and my skin burns today, and I know it is from stress.

  6. shelby319

    shelby319 New Member

    I want to thank you for your responses to this annoying question. To Joy...I've got a great Dr. who is very helpful with my meds and all, in fact too many meds I believe. He has me on the patch right now, and I think that seems to be my biggest stress level as I don't care for them, not that I'm not grateful for them, but they seem to bother my tummy too and I felt better also on the oxycontin I was on before.

    I feel if I'm going to be on these strong pain meds for perhaps the rest of my life, I would prefer I stay on a lower dosage of what I was on before and it worked just fine as long as I had breakthrough meds to go with the oxycontin. During this flare up, I don't have any breakthrough meds because the Dr. doesn't believe you should need them while using the patch. So maybe thats my problem and why I feel more pain than normal, because I feel the patch doesn't work for the whole time you are wearing it. Does that make sense at all? LOL!!!

    This whole thing just seems to be a real catch 22 doesn't it? I might ask if I can go back to the oxycontin, but I think that is where the stress is coming from and I am afraid he won't think I'm grateful for all he's doing to help me. But I should be intitled to the best care possible right? And if my body is telling me these patches are not right for me, then I should beable to tell him so and be given what I am used to. So, I guess thats my flare isn't it, all rolled up into one theory!!

    Thank you again for all your support and understanding!! I really appreciate it so much!
    I hope everyone is having a sparkling pain free day!
    Gentle hugs,
  7. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    Shelby .. I just read this today .. sorry for the late response.
    YES ! .. if you find the patch is not doing you as much good as the oxycontin you have to speak up ( I understand how you feel about your doctor and how he might think .. but you have to go beyond that for your own good)
    I use 10 mgs of time released oxycontin twice a day/evening and it helps so much .. I used to have actual randome attacks of severe pain before I was on consistant pain relief .. I feared going out because these attacks were so frightening .. let alone trying to follow some kind of dose program per day/night for the regular pain.

    I'm so grateful for a wonderful GP that knows me well enough now to know I'm not an idiot or a drug abuser .. she knows I also am trying to stay on as low a dose as I can manage with because we all know our bodies adapt to our meds and they become inaffective.
    You are not alone in this whole mess .. so many of us are at where you are at .. so take heart !

    Do talk to your doctor though .. I take a motion sickness med to ward off my stomach feeling nauseous with pain meds .. it is generic "Gravol" in Canada .. it may be dramamine ? in the States .. sorry I'm not familar with some of even the simple differences in drugs between Canada and the States .. but I think you may know what I mean ?
    Let me know how you do ?
    Good Luck !
  8. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

  9. shelby319

    shelby319 New Member

    And not getting in touch with our bodies and what is causes them. I'm so new to this disease that I'm learning as I go along. But I will get there, that I know from being a survivor!! With your help and everyone else's we might all someday overcome this or learn how to live a more productive life, and be pain free!! At least I pray so!!!

    Thank you Joy for helping me justify my thoughts on how to discuss this with my Dr.. Which I have an apt. with today, and will tell him exactly what you said about staying on what works for me best and not wanting that extra pain relief right now, seeing I might need it later on in my life. I just felt so bad for him and all his help and not being able to withstand the effects of what he gave me for pain relief.

    I'm one of the lucky ones where he does help me so much and he was only trying to help get me out of pain. And with that, I think helped to contribute to this flare because of the stress I feel.

    I let him down and all I want is to have what I feel works best for me. We don't like to mess with our Dr's I'm sure, so thats why this is so difficult to tell him I don't like the patches and they also don't like me!! But I do have to do whats best for me.

    Thank you Prickles and Mustluvdogs for all your help too! I couldn't do what I have to do with talking to my Dr. today without you!! I just have to learn to pace myself better and not take things so seriously!!

    Have a sparkling pain free day and God Bless,
  10. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    Hi again Shelby .. I thought I had read your bio but now I don't think I did .. we have a lot of common ground with husbands in the military .. and the PTSD factor .. my husband suffers from this with his last tour of duty serving with the combat engineers in the Canadian army, that were deployed to clear mines after cease fire in Gulf '91 .. he witnessed some horrific occurrences, he succumbed to it finally in 2001 and went through the process of taking a medical retirement ..
    Not meaning to go off topic .. it was just an insight I had reading your info ..

    I know the stress from military life added to my illnesses.
    You have had some terrible injuries though .. I had a herniated disc in my lower back .. went through that painful experience for over a year and then submitted to the surgery ( I was too scared to have it until they told me my sciatic nerve might be severed .. then pronto I got on with it ! haha ). You have had so much more to deal with though ..

    In any case .. I understand your hesitancy about changing meds .. I had a long adventure this past summer with Lyrica .. my GP was so wonderful .. first I hated it .. made me too dopey .. then I thought it might be working .. then I thought I might increase the level because I started from the basic amount once more..
    Needless to say it has been a rollercoaster and now I'm making progress with it.
    It makes the world of difference when you have a doctor you can trust and feel safe with though .. so YES .. we try not to screw them up with our changing attitudes and perceptions of our meds .. but I have learned that I have to speak up for what works best for me now .. and I am lucky enough to have a doctor that gets "that".

    I hope your visit goes well and you are on the right track for YOU !
    Good Luck !
    Joy : )
  11. shelby319

    shelby319 New Member

    I now know what caused this flare up and how to avoid it again in the future! Its being aware of my body and what I take too serious and out of fear this time anyway, about how to talk with your Dr. about your pain meds!!

    What works best for one, might not be the best med for another, and how to tell your Dr. this without any fears or hesitations, but of course you have to have a great Dr. who understands you and you can communicate with.

    To Joy..I appreciate all your help and then some, you were wonderful by returning and checking back with me on all your suggestions and support. I thank you for that!!! And yes, we do have alot in common, by the military of course, but our gardening as well as other aspects of our daily lives. We have learned how to talk with our Dr's, which is the most important thing to do, or we would be nowhere without their help I'm sure!!

    I did want to give you my update though on my medication, which was my biggest fear about him changing it to something more suitable to me. I am now on MsContin time release twice a day, and off of the patch, which was making me so sick I couldn't do a thing and it also sent me into this flare up.

    We have to be so careful with our medication and relying on our Dr's for their help, it makes you feel helpless and hopeless. So, please always tell your Dr. about your fears and concerns to get the proper dosage and what works best for you.

    I realize there are many who can't get any help for their pain, and for that I'm extemely sorry, and I wish I could help as I would!! I did want to thank all of you though, for all your support and help through this difficult time. You did help me cope better and to understand what does cause a flare up and also how to handle them better.

    I pray that everyone can get the relief they so need and the support of their Dr's to help them through this terrible disease!!

    Gentle hugs to all,

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