Field Control Therapy (FCT) 6-01-06 Update

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    Has anyone heard of Quantum Field Control Therapy? I was just advised of it several days ago. It is something relatively new. There are only approximately 20 practioners in the U.S.

    My PCP has talked to 1 of the doctors who uses FCT and he feels he can help me.

    So, here I am, wondering if anybody on this board has heard of FCT, currently being treated or has been treated successfully with FCT.

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    Field Control Therapy offers medical knowledge with clearly defined essential priorities in both diagnosis and therapy.

    FCT presents an unbiased analysis of all the major alternative and conventional medical modalities, and underscores their benefits and limitations. Also, the scientific rules of integration aimed at extraction of maximum benefits from the given modalities and based, in addition, on the stages of pathological involvement and the remaining energy reserve.

    Most importantly, Field Control Therapy empowers health practitioners with the deep, unique testing algorithm aimed at identification of the key toxins that block key energetic cellular domains and at different layers.

    This unique Bio-resonance testing algorithm focuses the health practitioner exclusively on the key pernicious factors that disrupt normal homeostatic networks and pinpoints the most effective therapeutic means for their removal and physiologic restoration.

    To address these field disruptions, FCT teaches the safe use of carefully administered corresponding homeopathic isodes (nosodes) which correlate in their frequencies with underlying structures involved. These remedies are accompanied with the necessary supportive organ measures in order to attain maximum health benefits with minimal to no healing aggravations.
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    paste that into your browser, and click on the first link.
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    this past Monday for field control therapy (FCT). The doctor explained that he would be trying to rid my body of toxins using homeopathic remedies (HR). It was quite interesting.

    I laid on the exam table with my shoes and socks off and my feet hanging over the end of the exam table. I then held a metal rod that was connected to a bio-resonance machine. I have no idea what he was doing. Afterwards I saw several cases that had glass cylinders in them which explains the clanking I kept hearing.

    It took about an hour. He pinpointed some of the same things the FFC did but he did it without any blood work. He then told me how our bodies are full of toxins from the time of birth until now. We get them from food, the air, pollutants, radiation and the list goes on and on.

    He is going to work on the following items (he starts with the major hitters first):
    1. Use a HR to remove toxins from bone marrow
    2. Use a HR to help the kidneys to filter my blood of toxins
    3. Use a HR to help the mammary glands (he said he saw something going on so I told him what had happened at the FFC.
    4. Use a HR to help the lymphatics to remove toxins from my cells & organs.
    5. Use a HR to help the large intestine remove toxins from my colon.
    6. Use a HR for pain in the musculoskeletal system.
    7. Use a HR & a supplement to help boost the adrenal gland.
    8. Use a HR to remove toxins from the pineal gland. Removing toxins from this organ helps with sleep.
    9. Use a HR to remove toxins from the brain. This will help with headaches.
    10. Use a HR for the Thymus gland which will help with the immune system.
    11. Use a HR to help the hypothalamus. This is considered a "master gland" of the body. Often given to help with low energy and motivation.
    12. Use HR's for penicillin, sulfonamide, tetracycline. This helps to remove antibiotics from the body because any leftover antibiotics kills good bacteris.
    13. Use a HR to help remove the crypotosporidium parasite.
    14. Use a HR to remove MMR vaccination residuals.
    15. Use a HR to remove DPT vaccination residuals.

    I only have information on 15 of the 23 bottles he gave me.
    Several of the ones listed above will help to remove the mercury in my body.

    Besides the 23 homeopathic drops, I came home with 3 different supplements and only $60 poorer. He is in network and my co-pay is $10 and $50 for supplements. That beat going to the FFC by a mile (actually 55 miles)! He's 55 miles closer to me than the FFC office.

    He wrote down the regimen and said it had to be followed exactly. Each HR bottle was numbered as I needed to take them in the order he put as my regimen. I started Tuesday am at 11:10am with 1 drop under my tongue. I then continued every 4 to 6 hours with a different homeopath drop. I set a travel alarm clock so I would take the next homoepath drop on time. I was late 1 time and it was only by 5 mintues.

    Once I started his treatment I needed to remain electro magnetic field (EMF) free for 4 days. Well, I made it almost 3.5 days. This meant no tv, no computer, no telephone, no cell phone, no blow dryer, no florescent lighting and no driving a motor vehicle!! In other words....stay away from anything electrical. It was fine to just unplug the items. I didn't have to remove anything out my the rooms I was in. It was so boring but I was able to read magazines that I bought several months ago and never had time to read.

    I also need to follow the candida diet while going through this treatment. It's only been 4 days and I miss my fruit terribly!!! All of this could take up to 4 months.... what's a woman to do (he-he).

    He said it would take several weeks before I will notice a difference. That's fine. I'd been going to the FFC since Oct 4, 2005 and had actually felt worse.

    He could tell I was in a lot of pain. He asked if I had lower back pain. I asked why and he said the test showed I had lower back pain. I told him yes I did and had been bothered by it since May 1984!! I just got to the point that I quit mentioning it to doctors over 15 years ago.

    I go back to be re-tested on 1/23. I'm going to ask him if he'll write down everything he found from my 1st test for me because I didn't take any notes (dopey me!!).

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    The doctor showed me how the testing works today. I lay on the exam table and hold a metal rod that is attached to the Field Control Therapy (FCT) base. The base has approx 6 - 8 holes in it. He places one or more of the glass cylinders in the machines holes.

    He grasped my ankles. He said by holding the metal rod in my dominant (right) hand that my right leg will pull up when there is something wrong.

    Today's testing revealed there currently are no parasites or no antibiotics. The residuals from the MMR & DPT vaccinations are gone. He said the mercury has decreased quite a bit.

    I came home with 5 additional homeopathic remedies and 6 supplements. 2 of the supplements were in my 1st treatment plan.

    This round I was suppose to start at bedtime. However, bedtime is late tonight cause I went out and bought a new Toyota Camry AND it takes me forever to type up these updates : )

    I'm probably forgetting to provide some information but if you're interested my doctor's website is drdaveou dot com. He has made some recent updates to it.

    I won't be back on the board until Friday night. I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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    Hi everyone,

    I had my 3rd appointment today regarding Field Control Therapy. Bad news disability insurance carrier doesn't understand why I can't work if I have a sedentary job. Yea, right. I'd like to see them not get restful sleep and pry themselves out of bed to go to work and then come home and crash. I did it for over 5 years until I was totally exhausted. My doctor is going to try to get them to understand.

    They wanted to know why I hadn't had a sleep study done for my insomnia. I couldn't get one because my oxyscan showed normal.

    They wanted to know why I hadn't had a brain mri for my lack of concentration; PT, pain mgmt or behaviorial therapy for pain and on and on. By the disability doctors comment 'a high percentage of fibromyalgia patient's have an underlying psychiatric disorder such as depression, anxiety, somatization and malingering as the underlying etiology of their somatic complaints' it tells me they don't have a clue what CFS or FM is!! The disability dr went on to say 'the mainstream treatment for FM is low dose antidepressants and exercise'. I was sooo mad!!!!

    If my doc can't convince them that I need to be on disability, then I'm suppose to go back to work on Friday. I can't even function as a whole human being so I don't know what I'm going to do.

    Now about the testing. The doc did his bioresonance testing. This time it showed hookworm and radiation as the major problems. I had a bone density test a couple of weeks ago so that made sense.

    He is still working on my adrenals, mammary gland, thymus, lymph system, kidneys, lg intestine, frontal lobe, brain and pineal gland.

    He said it would probably be several more months before my body is ready to be able to remove my dental fillings.

    What I feel has improved: clearer vision, brain fog has gotten better and my sinusitis has definitely improved. I normally get headaches when it rains but I didn't get one this past week-end. They're only baby steps but I'll take whatever God wants to give me!

    I'll be EMF free until Friday morning so no computer time for me.


    PS: I really feel this doctor is onto something!
  8. auntyemnga

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    as I like to call it. Since I can't be around any electro magnetic fields that pretty much limits me to my room where everything is unplugged.

    PJ, I hope this works also as I feel this is my last hope. I did some reading these last few days and I think my adrenal fatigue is what causes me to wake up after sleeping 3 - 4 hours.

    I'll definitely keep this updated. My next appointment is March 1st.


    PS: I'm going to ask my doctor if he happens to know any of the other doctors who practice bioresonance testing in the U.S. If he does, I'll post them if anybody is interested.
  9. auntyemnga

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    Today was my 4th Field Control Therapy (FCT) visit.

    Todays testing indicates he needs to work on:
    1. Frontal lobe (of brain)
    2. Lymph system
    3. Kidneys
    4. Lg Intestine
    5. Adrenals
    6. Pineal gland
    7. Pituitary gland
    Others are blood flow, liver, mammary gland & acoustic nerve.

    The only tablet this time is for the Thymex. This is the first time I didn't need to take the tablets for adrenal glands.

    The doctor tells me that things are moving around inside me. My fatigue, no motivation, no concentration, poor memory are still issues but I don't expect to get better over night. Since I've probably had CFS/FM for over 20 years it's gonna take awhile.

    I won't be on the computer until Sunday evening. Another 3.5 days of being electro magnetic field free. At least the weather is warmer and the doctor says I can go outside. Yippee!

  10. skierchik

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    I'm so glad you're getting to do this. Hang in there cause it will take time. Natural healing alway does.

    Hope you enjoy your 3 1/2 days of peace and quiet.


  11. auntyemnga

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    The testing results of my 5th visit:
    1. Frontal lobe
    2. Adrenal Cortex
    3. Lymph
    4. Kidney
    5. Pineal gland
    6. Hypothalamus
    7. Connective tissue
    8. Emotional center
    9. Thymus
    10. Supportive apparatus
    11. Capillary
    12. Acoustic nerve
    13. LI Mucosa
    14. Mammary gland

    I also have supplements for adrenal glands & Hypothalamex.

    5 days after the mammary gland HR I will take pineal gland in the mornings. It is suppose to help with my insomnia.

    The dr is hoping I will be ready to have my fillings replaced within the next 4 weeks.

    He went to Ireland this week-end for a FCT conference. I'm hoping he coms back with some new info that will help him help me.

    Also, as of 3 weeks ago my disability ins carrier asked me if I would go for an independant doctor review. I told him yes as I felt their doctor didn't have a clue about CFS/FM. He told me they would call me in a couple of weeks to let me know who I would be going to. Since it's been 3 weeks I have a feeling they are having a hard time finding a doctor close to me who practices FCT.

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  12. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    I bet you're right...they're not going to be able to find one.

    I thought I would answer on this post regarding your treatment vs. my treatment.

    I have to say that I would LOVE to be able to find a doc on my plan that performs FCT. You're are very, very lucky. Homeopathics are a great way to heal, I use them too and I would love for my doc to be trained on how to use them, but he's not. I say, hang in there, because he's treating your whole body and that's really great!! It may be slow, but if it's done right, you'll be doing great. I don't know your doctor, of course, but if you think he knows what he's doing with all of this...well, then you're probably gonna greatly benefit.

    I'd keep on going if I were you. Wait and can always do these other protocols later on.

    Are you still improving????


  13. auntyemnga

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    I've been out of sorts for awhile due to the problems I'm having with MetLife but I finally felt I should do another update.

    6th Visit - 3/29/06: Previous treatments the quarantine had been for 3 1/2 days. After today's testing I have to be in quarantine for 4 days. I wasn't very happy. We're working on the following for this treatment:
    1. Hemalopoietoc Zone
    2. Supportive Apparatus
    3. Kidneys
    4. Lymph system
    5. Emotional Center (I had been upset over disability)
    6. Frontal Lobe
    7. Adrenal Cortex
    8. Ovaries
    9. Pineal Gland
    10. Large Intestine
    11. Mammary Gland
    12. Brain
    13. Tendons
    14. Liver
    15. Adipose Tissue
    16. Thymus
    The only supplement is Thymus PMG.

    7th Visit - April 12: Quarantine time is for 3 days! That's the shortest time yet. My doctor is so wonderful. He's putting a lot of time and effort in helping me with my disability. MetLife was wondering why there wasn't any labs done so they drew 9 tubes. I'm anxious to compare these labs to the ones I had drawn in Oct 05. We're working on the following:
    1. Pineal Gland
    2. Frontal Lobe
    3. Kidneys
    4. Large Intestine
    5. Adrenals
    6. Supportive Apparatus
    7. Mammary Gland
    8. Emotional Center
    9. Lymph System
    10. Brain
    11. Thyroid
    12. Acoustic Nerve
    13. Hypothalamus
    14. Adrenal Gland
    15. Pineal Gland
    16. Frontal Lobe
    The only supplement is Hypothalamax.

    8th Visit - April 25: Things are starting to look up!! I'm in quarantine for only 2 days. That's the shortest time yet! I started water aerobics for FM last week. Classes are on Tues and Thurs. They have arthritis classes on M,W & F. I'm gonna stick to twice a week for awhile and gradually increase the # of days per week.

    My labs show my platelets have dropped 36 points. I don't know if that is good or bad. Alkaline Phosphatase, Serum dropped 8 points. My total cholesterol dropped 28 points down to 208. Immunoglobulin G, QN, Serum dropped 56 points to 829. IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor I increased 62 points to 173. I've heard it needs to be over 200. My SED Rate dropped from 14 to 4!! I was really excited about that one. My dr didn't have time to go over my labs but we will on May 15th.

    We're working on the following for this treatment:
    1. Candida
    2. Kidneys
    3. Hypothalamus Gland
    4. Lymph system
    5. Adrenal Cortex
    6. Large Intestine
    7. Supportive Apparatus
    8. Emotional Center
    9. Pineal Gland
    10. Pituitary Gland
    11. Frontal Lobe
    12. Brain
    13. Acoustic Nerve
    Supplements are Flora-Elite (probiotic), Thymex, Hypothalamus and Turkey Rhubard (laxative).

    The best news of all......... the dr says I'm ready to get my fillings replaced!!

  14. JenniferAnn539

    JenniferAnn539 New Member

    Congrats on what looks like improvement for you!

    Please continue to keep us posted.

  15. auntyemnga

    auntyemnga New Member

    Hi all,

    I've really been going through some strange things. My phych doc had prescribed Cymbalta about 6 weeks ago and cutting my Wellbutrin to 150. When I saw him a month later I told him I thought the Cymbalta was causing my constipation (IBS) to be worse. So what does he do?!?!?

    He takes me completely off Wellbutrin and says to try Cymbalta for a couple of more weeks. It didn't work. My fatigue was sooooo bad. I called him on the 11th and told him I needed my Wellbutrin back. So now I'm on Wellbutrin 300mg and completely off Cymbalta. Today I've been very spacey. My regular doctor said with the changes in my meds no wonder I'm spacey!!

    Ok, now on to my FCT visit. I will be EMF Free for the next 3 days. He has now diagnosed Lyme. We will be working on (in order):
    1. Lyme
    2. Lymph system
    3. Pineal gland
    4. Kidneys
    5. Frontal Lobe
    6. Thymus gland
    7. Large Intestine Mucosa
    8. Brain
    9. Adrenal Cortex
    10. Emotional Center
    11. Thyroid
    12. Hypothalamus
    13. Acoustic nerve
    14. Mammary gland
    15. Eyes
    16. Hematopoletic Zone

    Supplements are Hypothalamus PMG and Thymus PMG.

    They drew blood for Lyme, magnesium, estrogen and Candida.

    Several of the remedies are stronger than previous treatments.

    I have my dental consultation next Monday in regards to having my fillings replaced.

    I'm still not feeling too good but considering I've been sick for a very long time I know the train to wellness will be slow.

    Adios until the end of the week,
  16. ANNXYZ

    ANNXYZ New Member

    and I just hope this approach works . Do you understand the science behind this ? It sounds a little vague .

    You never know though, what helps each individual improve .
  17. auntyemnga

    auntyemnga New Member

    I try to understand the process. It helps that I had read a book in 2001 titled 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia & Environmental Illness' by Burton Goldberg.

    This book opened my eyes to bioresonance testing and mercury toxicity. However, finding a doctor who used it in 2001 was fruitless. My dr uses a different type of bioresonance testing and treatment from what I read in the book. By any chance, did you look at my doctor's website? If not, it's drdaveou dot com. He trys to explain it so a patient can understand it. He recently spent a week in New York with the dr who developed FCT.

    My dr has a FM patient that started back in September who can now go shopping without pain or fatigue! When he told me that, it gave me a reason to keep going. It's very easy to become discouraged because it is a long process depending on how toxic a person's body is.

    Unfortunately, my body is very toxic. But, as you can see by my posts, my body is getting better on the inside according to blood work and his testing. I just have to keep at it for the long run. The hardest part is the diet. He feels it could take me a year or longer to get better.

    You're right about how different treatments help each individual CFS/FM patient. I tried the FFC and they messed up my hormones. On the other hand, I have met people who the FFC-Atlanta has helped.

    Thank you for your kind words,
  18. auntyemnga

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    Had my FCT appointment today. I've been pretty bummed the last several weeks. With the head doc changing meds and the FCT doc using stronger remedies, physche IME and sleep study I just feel totally exhausted.

    At today's visit the dr said my body was not ready to treat the lyme yet as was indicated on today's testing. Today, candida is in my bone marrow and mercury is leaking pretty fast so they are feeding each other.

    Here's what we're working on this time.
    1. Hematopoietic Zone 500M
    2. Candida 200X
    3. Lymph system 500M
    4. Large Intestine Mucosa 500M
    5. Hypothalamus 500M
    6. Kidney 500M
    7. Pineal Gland 500M
    8. Frontal Lobe 500M
    9. Adrenal Cortex 500M
    10. Supportive Apparatus 500M + NT 50M
    11. Emotional Center 500M
    12. Adrenals 300M
    13. Mammary gland 300M
    14. Peripheal Nerves 300M
    15. Brain 300M
    16. Acoustic Nerve 300M
    17. Pituitary 300M

    Supplements are Hypothalamex and Thymex.

    All of the remedies he gave me today are stronger than normal. I hope this means I'll get better sooner.

    I will be EMF Free for 3 days.

    My dental consult last week was a bust. The dentist would remove my mercury amalgams but she did not take any safety precautions. I am now going to see an environmental dentist on 6/13.


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