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    I am supposing that all the bdays have been celebrated. I felt like celebrating again
    with a piece of cake from the bakery but didn't. Growing old is such a crock. Years
    ago I could have had it :)

    Bought the broccoli and chicken to start the chicken casseroles. whoppee! Not hard
    if I pace. I am so practiced at pacing,it's my #1 sport!

    I tell you kids, if I don't drink coffee in the afternoon, I am so darn irritable for
    the early evening. Amazed I stumbled across that. I mean...who knew??

    Mailed my GD a card and some stickers. Parents gave them to her at 6pm and
    by 7:30 the stickers were all stuck to something. I really should do that more
    often. duh. Now is the age they are easy to please.

    Hope your teams won today. In case you didn't know, it is the delightful time
    of year that football dominates the airways of tv, in our house.

    I'm looking at the ab machine I bought (QVC of course). Sure glad I didn't pay
    much for it...bummer. (Cause I don't use it) Too tired these days.

    Those fires at Boulder and the gas line blow out. Oh, poor people!! V. Bad.

    Off to nodding and blinking world...

    Love you, my dearies.

  2. victoria

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    Not really, not that crazy.... yet.

    Been gone because of pain/injury. 2 of our 4 dogs got into a fight last Monday, did I tell you that? I think I did in last thread/post; anyway, still sitting on a u-shaped towel, and will be for a few months I'm sure; at least the back pain is 85% gone tho. TG! Oh yeah, the bite is pretty much healed too, but that was the least of my problems.

    OK so this has officially made me a "Screenior Citizen"-- An old(er) person who spends all his/her time at the computer or television. (Urban Dictionary)

    Seems like a fitting description these days, LOL!

    Broccoli & chicken casserole... what else is in it, Spacee? Thinking about making a crustless broccoli & chicken quiche. One can do so much with broccoli & chicken, LOL.

    Somebody gave me a great recipe for rum cake, tho I'm waiting till Thanksgiving to try it out. It's soaked in rum AFTER baking, LOL. Thinking about that OR a Jamaican dark fruitcake - very different from the typical that is sold in the U.S.

    Hmmm, maybe that could be a business... "Real Jamaican fruitcake" made in Mexico by a German descent individual? LOL, why not...

    Rain every day this week.... sun's out right now tho, hoping the dahlias will bloom. I moved them so they'll get a chance at both AM & afternoon sun.


    (that's supposed to look like the sun shining...
    'sonrisando' translates to 'grin' :)

  3. spacee

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    Oh're better but it's gonna take more time. I feel for you girl, if it isn't
    one thing, it's another!

    As I lay in bed tonight watching Finding Forrester (really good), I noticed the chest of
    drawers and I remembered how much I loved to clean the house. It was like tending
    a garden to me. THAT was many years ago. I'm in the winter of my life, like Forrester
    said. He didn't look like he did much housework :)

    So, I have sorta decided to get a better mindset about being a recluse and just enjoy it.
    Am thinking the Brown Spider does, why not I.

    Oh, the chiken recipie. One layer of each, cooked broccoli, cooked chicken (shredded or
    cubed) cheese of choice (we like sharp or extra sharp). Then 98% fat free cream of
    mushroom soup and small can of evaporated milk. I mix 2 cans of soup in a bowl and
    add about 1/2 of the milk. Maybe more. If you put too much milk, there isn't as much
    flavor. A small casserole might can get by with just 2 soups and 1/2ish small can of
    milk. But a larger casserole, at least double the soup/milk. You want enough to cover
    the broccoli, chicken, cheese.

    Cook at 400 for 40 mins, take casserole out of oven. Add a layer of fried onion rings
    and put back in stove for 5 mins. Not longer or the onions will burn.

    Serve over white rice.

    I make the first three layers, freeze and do the soup/milk thing before I cook it.

    3yo Ruby has a friend now. He lives next door and is 3. They play all day long,
    running back and forth from her house to his. Does he speak English, I ask. "no".
    Seems with 3 yo's as long as you have each other, it is enough.

    Love you, Kids

  4. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I did a first last night and slept while TV was on.DH watched it while I snored away.I woke up at 11 for a BR break and it was off and all was quiet.I never can do that.

    Glad your back Victoria,hope those dogs behave.I missed my chance to taste rum cake while in Jamaica.We were on a cruise excursion and the bus stopped at a rum cake store to sample and buy but we wanted to get back to the ship so we got out and walked the short distance to the ship.Now I don't know why I didn't try it,darn.

    Spacee I'm trying a new mindset starting today too.I am sick of myself moping around feeling so tired,and down.I don't want my life to be about my illness so much.Yesterday we were going to go to town to stock up on staples after DH got home from church but I just felt like I could not do it.I just gave up but got a shower prepared breakfast and got ready to go.I did it and it didn't kill me.I could have easily just given in and stayed home miserable.

    The last few days I tell DH I'm fine when he calls and asks.I don't want our marriage to be about that.Easy to say when it's Mon. and I got some sleep but I really want to work on this issue.Not overdo or not take care of myself but be more positive.I've noticed a big decline from last yr. and so has DH.It scares me.I want to try for the best quality of life I can get.
    Hope everybody has a good afternoon.Weather here is upper 70's and great today.
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    Sorta thought Bonnie Hunt Show got the axe. It did. I really enjoyed seeing people
    that I had seen in movies but didn't know who they were. They were so funny.
    Alot of them had met in what they call 2nd City. Which was Chicago. Seems like
    a Saturday Nite Live but from there.

    What's on now. Another decorating show. Not enough to hold my interest. The host
    decorated a 14 yo boy's room by computer/tv. Then told him they were gifting the
    whole room of furniture, everything. Even sending someone to paint the room.
    The show airs in New York with a live audience of people with decoration problems.
    If it catches on, it can go on ad fininum (?) one room at a time in New York.
    How exciting is that?

    Good for you Pam, I remember a woman from my childhood who had RA. She
    never talked about it. Thinking it is perhaps best (for me at least) to talk about
    what I have in common with one can really "get" these DD's

    Your sleeping all evening was humorous (the snoring, actually). Like you, I don't sleep
    in the evenings...Usually.

    I have caught Rock's posts over on the Porch. It's way too much to think that he
    could post both places...he puts a lot into his posts. So entertaining.

    Time to go a courting. haha Don't know where that little ditty came from...remember
    the frog? I think.

    Lator Gators.

  6. victoria

    victoria New Member

    they should start decorating chronically ill people's places. Doesn't need to be SO dramatic like that one series where they literally built a new house. Of course, they might have to send in the team of those 2 English ladies first? That could be a 2-parter 'special', LOL. Or just finance a housekeeping service... but how exciting would that be? No big WOW like revealing a whole new house or even a room.

    OK so maybe we should copy Rock's posts to here? LOL. I dunno, I haven't had the energy to read much of anything lately. I keep saying I suffer from IO Syndrome/ Information Overload Syndrome, and I really do think it's true.

    Pam, me too... I find it's usually best to just say "OK" to everyone generally. LOL, even if I'm having a very good day. Otherwise it raises people's hopes that maybe a miracle just occurred.

    I bet that rum cake made in Jamaica was excellent. Too bad they weren't selling their version of fruitcake too, jejejeje. Not that many tourists would buy that, they'd be thinking of what we commonly get in the U.S.

    I have sat still the past 2 days, think I need to move around more today as this AM I awakened more sore for some reason. No reason that I can see as yesterday was a pretty good day.

    But first I have to write a letter to our illustrious (not!) home state re income tax.... Duh, they added what was a negative number to our income. This is not the first time. But unbelievable, as this year they actually had those little circles (like on test sheets) to blacken if a number was a negative. AND this is a computer generated notice. There's no winning, I think; always something to hassle people with. I sometimes wonder if there's an ulterior motive-- it helps to make them look busy at our expense?

    I do have a trip planned tomorrow, hopefully.... found some wrought iron sturdy lamps I liked and also want some talavera 'knock off' pots (ie, fake) for inside plants... it's an hour+ drive 1-way but with stops, so with the little help of 'friends' if necessary (painkiller + towels to sit on) I think I can do it. Oh yeah, DH is gonna drive too :)

    Gale Storm

  7. Ranigar

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    Normally DH saying I was snoring would have me protesting but now I get overjoyed.It means I actually was sound asleep and not just resting hearing every sound and jerking awake if I start to drift off.Now I say really and he's very happy to tell me like a freight train lol.He was happy to just be able to flip channels and watch football all evening long with no dirty looks or deep sighs coming from my direction.

    I love those pots that just look real.You lift up on them and they're light as a feather.I even gel stained a couple big ones for the front porch yrs. ago and they still look good as new.Good luck with the drive sounds painful.

    Speaking of reading I'm reading my Pain Chronicles book.Cures,myths,mysteries,prayers,diaries,brain scans,healing and the science of suffering,as deep as it sounds but interesting.I sometimes have to reread to focus and go back because I forget what I've read but if I find an answer I'll write it down.

  8. spacee

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    All good but the part that really got me laughing was Victoria telling people she is "ok"
    lest they think a miracle has occured. That is sooooo funny to me.

    Oh, you are tooo much in overload to cut and past Rock's posts...just a click or two for
    us and we can read them. Several even. I have to say they have a great thread, I just
    can't understand all of it with my brain. But maybe help is on the way (hepasunate).
    Will see. Live in hope...ya know!

    Well, Pam, I didn't mean that we couldn't talk about our DD here. That
    mouth is feeling drier and drier these days. Odd thing that seems to help for awhile
    is coffee with lots of cream...guess it coats my tongue and roof of my mouth a bit.

    Off to sleepytime...


  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Oh if I couldn't talk about DD here I wouldn't be able to handle it.Everyone is so supportive and understands exactly.

    Went to bed early again and woke up halfway through the night with lots of dreams the rest of the night.Weird shift for me.I feel all caught up now so maybe a regular cycle now.

    Puppy has decided sleeping in bed with us is nicer then the bed on the floor.Well she's the boss!I'm off to read Rock's posts.
  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    Not much going on here . I may have to go off and read Rock's posts again too :)

    I noticed Gale Storm, just today. do come up with some good ones.
    He was a good actor. I think he was on I Love Lucy.

    Just don't know what happened to the manufacturing of Cribs since mine were little.
    Now all drop side cribs are considered dangerous and should not be used. Of course,
    the one we got for our GK's is that kind. At first they were handing out 'stabilizers'
    now they are just offering 25% off a new bed, if you bring the practically unused on
    in. Is what it is.

    Victoria. I hope you feel well enough to tell us about your trip and if you got any
    of the pots, you mentioned. And what do they look like. And what are you going
    to grow (?) in them.

    Our annuals are biting the dust one by one. I had notice that other had put out new
    ones. I don't think I would call these vincas annuals in this area. Much more like
    semi-annuals. But it is soooo hot to do any gardening. 104 yesterday.

    Almost lunch time!!!! I love it :)

    Oh, a puppy to cuddle with....that is soo sooo sweet.

  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just a quick note. I'm on my way to Gordon's house. Have to lug some stuff over
    and take care of Zippy. We don't like to leave him alone all day, especially when it's
    hot (high 70s) out.

    I go over to Gordon's house twice a day. Quite a bit for someone who only left
    the apt. twice a week for the last 2-3 years.

    Spacee, Gale Gordon was the actor. Was on I Love Lucy and played her boss Mr Moony
    on a subsequent show. Gale Storm was the actress and singer; starred in My Little
    Margie when I was a teen. "Gale Storm" is redundant, but for show biz purposes it was
    better than her real name: Josephine Owaissa Cottle.

    Read her bio some years back. When she was older she used to do public service announcements for AA.

    Pam, never heard of Jamaican fruit cake. Did have some rum cake in the past. Gordon
    would pick up little sponge cakes, and we would pour rum on them. "Rum cake" is
    sometimes a clue in crosswords. the answer is "baba".

    Sounds like you're doing the best you can to cope. Nobody can do more than that.

    Victoria, so glad to hear you are substantially better. When my mother used the word
    "wound" as in injury, she always pronounced it "wound" as in clock. She also said
    screwl for screw. Not that she didn't know better. On the other hand, my father
    said thrash for trash. I never asked him about. Afraid he'd fly into one of his rages.

    Here's an answer for you: I got a potato clock. What was the question?

    Yes, Victoria, broccoli and chicken is a good combo. When my son was graduated
    from High School, I made a sort of strudel w/ those ingreediments and filo dough.
    It was delicious, but time consuming to put together. Never made it since.

    Above URL is a charming video of squirrel high jinks.

    Answer to the riddle is, "What time did you wake up this morning?"

    Yes, Spacee, I put a lot into my posts, but I also leave a lot out. E.g., the
    way I feel about various little things. Like my life. Like the state of the country.
    We can't always be positive, but often we can bite our tongue. Speaking of
    which, what is a Hamburger's tongue?

    Time to go

    A Hamburger's tongue is Deutsch. Jawohl!
  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    You do better at not talking about your ailments. Me, I'm all about those.
    The state of the country. What a mess....but since I gots no good insight,
    I keep my mouth shut..or try to. It really does baffle me.

    I remember My Little Margie, now. I was really young, of course :) I
    probably saw it in reruns. haha

    Where I grew up in Ala. We had a way we talked to family and friends
    but if you went to 'town', you used the proper king's English. Most of
    the slang is gone now. People's little sayings for things were so quaint.
    I still use "doing my rat killing". haha Kinda freaks people.

    Yes, Rock I am stunned you are leaving your home two days a week.
    Seems when duty calls, our adrenaline (or something) kicks in.

    Been absolutely craving vanilla ice cream in afternoons. But knew it
    somehow would only lead to wanting more. So, we had some yogurt
    and that seemed to do the trick. Still thinking it is my mouth dryness
    that is wanted to be soothed.

    Rock, did your parents come from the old school that children should be
    seen and not heard? Parenting seems to have changed a lot from the 50's
    and before. There is more time to 'play' with the child. My mother said
    she wished she had played with us. Me too.

    I have dusted two rooms so far this week....three days left!! haha

    To bed!

    Love you kids,

  13. victoria

    victoria New Member

    &, that may be a redundant name, but sure sounds more powerful, I think? What if they'd had her called April Showers.... I used to watch My Little Margie but can't remember how old I was...

    I don't get that joke... maybe because I always hit the snooze button. (I like to keep my dreams alive) Cute video tho, too bad I can't get the gophers here to do that OR the squirrels (here they're ground squirrels, they don't go up in the trees! My dogs thought they were in heaven at my landlady's as she was over-run with them, they did an excellent job for her!)

    May sound funny, but seriously if I say I'm having a good day or 2 or week, I can see my DH's hopes get up. Maybe he's secretly praying for a miracle all the time... tho he's a devout atheist so I don't know who he'd be praying to LOL.

    Well I got lamps, had to buy 2 as not sold singly.... It's a bit tall for the table :( but the best I could do that was sturdy and not so formal looking. Also cheap enough i think that if I ever see something I like better I can buy it then lol.

    Also bought a few smallish pots, was disappointed a bit with selection but like the ones I got. Also pricing some tile, but waiting til the fireplace is a real fireplace as that will be center of attention, not sure how I'm going to "finish" it. Probably fairly simply with just a bit of tile for accent.

    I'm probably going to pot the geraniums in them as I need to bring them in for the winter, also a kalanchoe. Maybe some 'green roses' too, LOL - "hens & chicks" (a HS girl I was talking to once thought that's what they were) . My friend has 4 different types, they are so neat and grow prolifically year round here.

    Well my 2 yo computer crashed last night... haven't had a chance to see if 1 of the discs I have will work to recover it or the hard drive really is dead. All my screen says is 'no hard drive detected'!!! :((

    So I'm back on my teeeny netbook, this has been an exercise in patience... which is about to end... take care everybody, especially you Rock, you're doing so much right now!

    C. Senora
  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    It was plain rum cake no fruit they were selling,thanks rock.I don't care if I did miss that.I like the dried fruit a lot don't but I don't like heavy,dense cakes.

    Today I am going out to lunch!Chinese buffet my DS wants to try.He has a few days off and is going out of town tomorrow.DH will come home to take his dad for bloodwork.It will be nice to get away for a bit.

    I lost 4lbs. in the last 2wks. yea!Yes I was trying and mouth sores afforded an incentive.That's a nice small loss that should stay off without starving.My clothes weren't fitting comfortably and I could feel the extra lbs. dragging me down.

    Well by process of elimination I'm guessing either choc. bars or my one soda a day,maybe both is the cause of mouth sores.Swearing off both for a trial.It was definately the cause of weight gain.

    My FIL says looka for look it or look here.Some others I can't remember right now.I think it's his Bulgarian accent.He was 16 when he came over by himself on a steamer.
  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    How grand would that be.

    Victoria's two days of better are enough that her partner noticed. I think that says a lot.
    I'm not sure my partner would :)

    It takes so few calories to gain weight. THAT is frustrating. Glad you figured out what
    was aggravating the mouth sores, Pam. I lost a lot of weight when sick for the first 4 years.
    Slowly it has crept back up til finally I am at least 5 lbs over what I would like.
    Doesn't sound like much but agree that it shows in the clothes.

    Def. think I am feeling better on the hepasunate. Takes 6 months for full effect so maybe
    I will be able to walk more. Can't drag partner out with me to walk. He looks so tired when
    he gets home. Let's face it. We are aging.

    We spend 4 hours in front of the tv at night. That is part of the problem right there.

    Geraniums!! I love them. Your "things" sound so lovely, Victoria. And you have a fireplace,
    lucky you!! A touch of tile sound beautiful.

    We are switching to satellite tv so we can get all the NFL games. I'm thrilled (not). One comes on 1pm 4pm and 8pm on Sunday and 8pm on Monday. I should be used to it
    by now. They stopped showing Tampa's Bucs....that is why the need for the change.

    Don't think I have ever had a rum cake. I love fruit cake though...with hot tea:)
    In cold weather.

    Guess, that is all that is going on here....Oh, I am impressed at FIL coming over by
    himself on a steamer at age 16. Thinking he didn't speak much English either. Did
    any relatives follow him?

  16. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Today's a rest day. Haven't even tried to find discs for computer to see if I can fix it. Having the netbook as a backup is my excuse, as much as a pain as it is...

    I do know now why my computer's messed up:

    As a stranger in a strange land, I give newly found credit to anyone migrating anywhere! Tho I do think it's harder when older since one's brain isn't quite as 'porous' to the new language etc.

    It's interesting how some families chose to keep languages up even while assimilating. By the time I was born and old enough to understand what I might not be understanding, nobody was speaking any German anymore, tho they had kept it up for 75+ years prior. Maybe because relatives came at intervals. I have a friend tho who's mother is Mexican but never spoke Spanish at home; she wishes her mom had now!

    I agree with the idea that most of us brought up in 50s were taught to be more quiet around grownups... but my parents were on average a good 10-15 yo than my friends' parents which may have had something to do with that.

    Babe D. Familia

  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    The fashion model who married Brady the football quarterback is from a village in
    Brazil that speaks German. Hence her height for modeling.

    All my relatives arrived speaking English except one lone Dutch woman. Ok,taking
    that back now. German on mother's side. No words handed down though.

    Yes, I imagine that friend would love to know spanish now. One of my docs in the
    past was the same way. Last name sanchez but didn't speak spanish. When one of
    my son's girl friends (hispanic, didn't speak spanish) was with us at a mall, we would
    be treated very rudely, like we were going to shop lift. The sales clerks would
    follow us around.

    I am watching a bit of fashion week on QVC. I can't imagine anyone wearing any of it.
    Have so forgotten being 20.

    Just Linda
  18. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    We have a friend who came over from France and felt the stigma of being different in a small town.She raised three children but never taught them French.She was uncomfortable about discussing why she didn't.I think it was a very painful subject.

    Lunch was good and I ate enough to get me through the entire day.

    Nothing good on QVC?Hmm I need some clothes for the winter.I want a velvet jogging suit but never get around to getting one each yr. until my size is gone.Are they in style still?I hate wide leg pants and have trouble finding sportswear to wear around the house that doesn't flare in the leg to much.

    Victoria are you getting a lot of rain from Igor?

  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    I knew a family that moved to Berlin. The man spoke German learned from his father,
    wife didn't. She hated it. Sad she was always considered "ignorant" cause she didn't
    speak the language well. And she had a master's degree. They moved back to the US.

    Son when he was there was called a "idiot' by kids cause of his imperfect language skills.
    I have come to the conclusion that anyone who comes to the US from another country
    and is able to speak english, no matter how poorly, it really quite intelligent. Just my
    2 cents.

    Like the man who called today despite the 'do not call' to say he was worried about
    our credit. That is the first call we have had in years since putting our numbers on it.

    Charity callers are another thing though.

    Pam, speaking of the velvet jogging suit, they sell them at Macy's here. I always stop
    there to use the BR while on the way to a doc appt. It has been a source of amazement
    to me that every year, every price point, they have brown velvet/velour jogging suits.
    And that they sell. Ppl must wear them at home, cuz I never see anyone out and about
    wearing one.

    Since the stores are getting Christmas things it, I would be looking for those now and
    for the next month, if you want to find one.

    Oh what a day. Of course it isn't my optimal 2pm time yet :)

    Yes, someone on FB mistook me for the other "Linda......." same last name. She was
    a year older. We became friends before we figured it out. I wonder if any one else
    thinks I am the 'other'. I used to ask. But stopped. oh well.

    I am cooking frozen chicken today :) for the divan.

  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Linda,that's what I'm saying.They're in the stores every yr.DIL got one last yr.I think it was brown,for Christmas from her mother.Come to think of it I don't believe I've noticed anyone wearing them around here.So who is buying them and where are they wearing them then?

    I've done a small load of laundry and not much else today.Dinner will be whatever I scrounge up at the last min. for dad and I.Son is gone for weekend and DH has a baseball game to attend with customers this evening.