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    We have some sad news or possibilities on the last thread, plz read.

    Not much to post about tonite. Have had some rain that helps cool
    things off.

    Watching Steve's Europe. He is visiting some tiny Swiss Villages. Things
    don't seem to have changed much there over the decades...still making
    cheese by hand. Their traditional music is yodeling and cow!
    They yodeled to communicate with distant
    shepherds and villages. I guess that has changed with the invention of
    phones :)

    ((((HUGS))))) to all my dear friends. Hope things get better for our
    deeply hurting ones.


  2. victoria

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    Jan, I'm so sorry, hope it's not true, but truly 'instincts' should be paid attention to. I think people pick up a lot through what is 'unspoken', ie body language etc., especially with people we know very well. People at times have thought I was psychic, but I know I'm just very tuned into other people's unspoken 'language'.

    Pam, wow your family has its hands full! I hope everything comes out for the best, or at the worst, very minimal problems. And this is all in the next week or 2? Iyiyiyi, talk about stress! I have been stressed just by having to make sure orders for stuff that I'm bringing back (vitamins) are correct and best prices etc, which means more than one site! Plus ordering for kids, so it gets complicated.

    (PS for anyone with stress: I found that L-theanine really helps me physically/mentally quickly as needed; my son takes it daily in quantity, better than any rx'd meds. I don't think it has interactions with rx'd meds, but you should of course check. If anyone tries it, make sure it's the 'suntheanine' type, offered by more than 1 vitamin company).

    Patty, hope you get some rain. Was just hearing about Russia's drought. here we are getting so much rain that it has been TOO much; the farmers have had to plow under the corn crops!!! Even when normal one cannot grow tomatoes in the yard as there's too much rain (they burst) - so imagine how much we've had this summer! Sure wish I could ship some to you.

    LOL It is funny to talk about the crazy dog, but on the other hand, to live with him is a pain. He is so bad that at night, if it is heavy rain alone, I have to turn the light on for him! If it's a violent t-storm, I have to put a leash on him. I'm trying to leave instructions for DH... he said what about giving him some valium; I tried, it knocked him out for 15 minutes only. Amazing how panic overcomes most everything. Thinking about trying an AD for him, it's so hard on him and us. 1 of my other dogs had to be under anesthesia just to get groomed as he hates it and we never bothered before the 1 time, took him 24 hours to come out of it fully; will never do that to him again.

    Spacee, I just wrote to PH about TFs... guess there's only 3 now. I know they used to have more, and they confirmed that. Which one were you taking? If you want, I can give you the info they gave me as to which one covers what. From what it looks like, I'd probably want to take 2 different ones, LOL.

    Well end result of all this rain is, there should be a beautiful wildflower season here in Sept. It's unbelievable how the fields are just carpeted with them. BTW, the marigolds that grow wild here are the giant variety!

    Butterfly, thanks for the tip about QVC & flannel sheets; I'll have to check prices back in GA against theirs, and also the reviews on brands. Things get complicated, sigh.

    I've been trying to go down on the unisom/doxylamine after reading how long of a life there is to in one's body - some of one night's worth can still be detected 36 hours later. Unfortunately, I finally got below 1/2 pill last night, and paid with the usual sinus headache after 4 hours of sleep... wish I could sleep in a recliner like my DH does. But of course I'd have a problem finding one that would fit a short person and be comfy...

    Yep, I'm getting ready to leave, not that there's much to prepare here, not taking much as I hope to have room to bring back stuff, LOL. Have to get up by 3 AM (if i even get TO bed) and ready to go in 15 min. to make sure I get to the airport for 7 AM flight. Normally it's only 1.5 hours... but if there's heavy rain, there can be flooding and/or accidents, so sure don't want to take the chance. Next flight is at noon, likely full, but would easily cost over $400 more at the gate since that's the price difference online ahead of time.

    Buenos noches to y'all, I hope!

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    Wanted to add.... same thing in rural areas in MX, things don't change a whole lot. Most interesting is the "milpa" ancient system of farming: corn, squash, & beans grown together in symbiosis - corn gives the squash a 'stake', something else provides nitrogen that corn strips from soil, etc, so healthy combination to be grown together. Tho an awful lot of monoagriculture has taken hold, hence the corn only fields around us and the avocado orchards.

    One weird thing: never see women on horseback around here. Only males, even when little. Have only seen one girl on a bike too - again, it's the guys. There's a hierarchy - bikes, scooters, car, truck (from low to high) in prestige. Maybe that's why. Many of the orchard workers are riding their bikes to/from work, tho not horses - anyway, can't get any healthier than that.
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    Had to get my suit outta the closet for a funeral. I only own one nowadays.
    Been 25 years since I had to wear one at work. Not sure how old the suit is,
    but it still works.

    Took my mother to one of the many museums in town back in
    the 70s. They had a manikin wearing clothes once worn by
    Thomas Jefferson. Over 200 years old!

    Patty, hope you are well enough to enjoy your grandson's visit.
    Twelve is a nice age. I was once at a family gathering. There
    were 3 teachers in the room. Somehow they got on the topic
    of 14 year olds-8th graders. They all agreed that was the
    worst age to teach.

    I had never heard that 14 was a difficult age.

    How's the smoking battle going? That was a topic a year or
    two on a thread. I posted it was much easier to stop if you
    just had the habit rather than a chemical addiction. (This post
    was removed. One of the moderators told me that hundreds
    of my posts have been removed over the years. I was shocked.)

    Jan, don't know what to say about the marital situation. I just hope things
    work out somehow. Guess it's only in sit
    coms that it turns out Desi was just seeing Grace Foster so
    he could buy pearls for Lucy.

    And that step son! My brother got married late in life to an
    even older woman. First thing she did was move in her adult
    son who was a drug addict and a thief. Couple months later
    both the bride and her son were gone.

    She had 2 other adult sons. One was a drunk. The third one
    was gay. Not very often a gay child is the pick of the lot.
    SOL (smiling out loud).

    Spacee, I read The Tipping Point a couple years ago. Was
    recommended by the librarian. (Did I already post that? Can't
    remember nutin' no more.) There is another guy who writes
    similar books. I always love people who can suggest a new
    way to look at things. E.g., the Canadian hockey trials for
    kids. The judges always pick the oldest kids. The trials
    are unnecessary.

    Pam, you sure have a lot of family stuff going on. Families
    are always said to be just wonderful, but sometimes there
    are problems. For example, with the relatives.

    Back in a flash.


    I haven't watched TV in 7 years, but I was over at Gordon's mother's place the other day. QVC was on. Bob Mackie was selling some pants-jacket combination.

    Barry, how are things in Humbolt County? To be sung to the tune of "How Are Things in Glocca Morra".

    I wouldn't want to run a restaurant. Long hours and hard
    work. My dad had his own restaurant in the 40s. A meal
    was 35 cents. Cup of coffee w/ unlimited refills was 5 cents. Piece of homemade pie was 15 cents.

    Fabulous pie. A Norsksie lady did the baking. Her name
    was Signe Elton. We called her Sig.

    A few years ago a lady in my hometown village wrote a
    history of the place. It includes a picture of the Elton
    family; Norwegians-Americans. The picture shows all 12
    children, ages 3 to 22, lined up in their best. (Another child died in infancy.)

    The picture was taken in 1911. When I visited Sig in 1982, it was on her piano.

    Who asked about the blackened dinner? Patty? I get
    everything mixed up these days. Anyhoo, the roast was
    delicious and the vegetables were fine if one cut off the
    blackened parts.

    Got a whole bunch of fruit and some red potatoes at the
    "Chinese store" a couple days ago. Cost: $8. Woulda been over $20 at the supermarket.

    Vons was selling Bing Cherries for $7.19 a lb. BTW, how do you pronounce "lb."? I always thought of it as "lab", but I once heard a coworker say "lub".

    Been trying for hours to post. First the board wouldn't let me sign
    in. Then I couldn't get a Reply Button. Such a business!

    Spacee, you're right. Lots of changes in the Swiss Alps. Thanks
    to modern technology, the Swiss are now able to call each other and
    yodel into the phone.

    Rock[<i>This Message was Edited on 08/08/2010</i>]

    Well, there was a another paragraph about QVC, but it disappeared.
    How can one paragraph disappear when one is cutting and

    I think I'll go lie down and put a cool cloth on my head.
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    Yeah lots of family stuff but I don't feel stressed.Just juggling to keep up.DD has been complaining of leg pain.Muscles aching,pins and needles feeling and heavyness for a while but she has foot and ankle problems so it could be that.When she complained to Dr. and told her of my AI problems she said you probably should have blood work looks like you could have it.Well that's a stretch to say that I think.I told DD blood work can be negative and it still won't mean you don't have anything so I wouldn't pin everything on those results.I just think they should rule out other things first.My DD has overcome so much in her life and is very strong so she'll be able to handle anything that comes her way.I'm looking on a positive light for her I just don't want to believe more would be heaped on her.

    GS is 19 and decides he's getting married next week.He lives in Georgia so none of us can pick up and go.Knucklehead.GD 20 and having a baby what are they thinking?They have their whole lives just beginning but that's their choice.Nothing surprises or shocks me anymore.

    I'm having a lazy day.I want to get to the store today to get one of those computer camera thingies to attach to my laptop so I can see and talk to my 2yr. old GD.Son said he'd help me.

    Got some more books and son told me about movie series Pillars of the Earth I can watch from Netflicks.I watched two already and it's ok.

    Hope everybody is doing good today and my thoughts go out to Jan right now.Rock you seem to be on top of things and Linda you sound back to normal.Good.
  6. pumkinhead

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    Victora we got our rain thanks for the rain dance. We needed the rain and i am happy sunshine is predicted next week.

    Where is my twin sister Jan. Thinking of you and best wishes. Love wildflowers.

    Spacee i like watching Steve's Europe adventures. He lives not to far from us. He is a supporter for legalizing marijuana.

    Rock thanks for asking about my grandson. He is a pleasure. However when we have him and his sister there is always a battle. Much easier one on one. I know more about Hanna Montana and sponge bob square pants than i care to admit. I do not have a clue why they would pull your threads? Not fair.

    Pam i agree they are too young. My two aunties got married at 13 or 14 can't remember. I hope it works out. Sounds like fun to be able to talk you your 2y'o GD. over the computer.

    I'ts Seafair time here and the hydoplanes are racing in Lk washington. DH has been watching all day. I just turned off the boob tube. My dog thinks he is starving better go.

  7. butterflydream

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    i think Victoria has already left for her Georgia trip. Victoria if you are still checking in here while gone, just wanted to say QVC has a special clearance price on their Northern Nights Flannel sheets. Oh my, very good prices. You may be able to check out their website for clearance if they still have many left. Prices are unreal and these are excellant quality sheets.

    Jan, i am so sorry you are having problems with dH. If it will help any, Dr. Phil show is usually all about affairs and may help you pull through this painful heartache. Sending you hugs Jan.
    We're here for you and we all hope you know that. Please stay in touch with us, we're here for you.

    Hope you all had a good weekend..i really feel for the parents that are trying to get their kids ready for school season. All is so expensive and so many folks very low with money.

    Hugs for all

  8. spacee

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    Some of us have been busy! Quite a few of us.

    If Dr. Phil's shows are about affairs most of the time, it might be cause some of us
    grew up watching those 1950 movies. Then it goes on down to the next generation
    who watches who knows what on tv. I have been surprised at the movies of the 1950's
    era and what they said or implied. Shocking!

    Not sure if my 'wedding' dress is going to fit since I bought it a couple of months ago.
    How did I know I would gain weight? It was such a nice, low price too. I think I bought
    it big (thankfully). I remember the salesladay saying that women wore them tighters.
    How lucky am I?

    Yes, things are so very expensive. I happened to catch a show about young girls
    addicted to shopping from watching Paris Hilton and having to have what she has.
    Both of them had little dogs, like Paris. That was shocking too.

    If (and that is a big if) I can stay at this weight or 5lbs lighter. I don't think I will
    need anything else in my lifetime as far as new threads. Which is good. I am
    really over shopping.

    There may be something on tv tonight but I haven't found it. Should read my book
    since my brain likes it.

    It rained here in the am today. Boy, that rarely happens. I loved it. It would have
    scared Victoria's doggies though. The leash would have had to be one of them!

    Alright, muchachos....sleep well, if you can!

    Love ya kids,

  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    but I dunno about tonight! Nope, I'm not gone yet... have to get up just before 3 AM tomorrow/Tues. to go to airport. SO not looking forward to the heat tho, wish I could have an air-cond. space suit, LOL.

    Getting last minute 'stuff' done...

    So... will ttyl, make that a wide time frame LOL, I never know;

    tho I won't have my own phone there, so the 'net will be the only/easiest way for me to communicate with local friends even.

    Sayonara, ciao, vaya con Dios, aloha, etc....

  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    Hope you have a grand time on your 'vacation'. I am looking forward to 'seeing' your
    new hair cut and the new pj's you get :) And I am thinking there are things you
    need to look after for your son...HOPING that turns out perfectly!

    Rock, do you think that Gordon's mother and I are about the same age since we
    both watch QVC? Or she has longevity in her jeans.

    It is amazing what a fix we can get ourselves into trying to help family. I reckon
    our fam has been pretty calm compared to some. I just remember that my grand
    father went to visit his daugther and stayed 20 years. She was none too happy
    about that arrangement. He only went to school to the 4th grade and was a share
    cropper and then worked in a bread factory. It was his lucky retirement that his
    daughter had an extra bedroom!

    I am going to explain why I don't think I will need to shop for anymore clothes.
    I think in two years I will be homebound and wearing pjs. And I haven't been
    able to wear out a pair of these flannel pj's yet.

    On a side note. I got my toes painted "My throne for a cranberry scone". For
    the occasion of the wedding Sat nite.

    Miss you Victoria!!

  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Spacee, with regard to the longevity of Gordon's mother, her funeral was today.
    (What a kawinkydink that you should raise the subject!) Nobody knows for sure how
    old she was, but she was in her mid 80s.

    The Chinese have some funeral customs that were new to me. Food plays
    an important part. At the viewing yesterday, there was a table w/ food on it: a roast
    chicken, apples, etc.

    The Chinese are not yet politically correct. At the funeral we were lined up
    by the funeral director: sons first, then daughters, then grandsons, then grand-
    daughters, etc. We then filed in and each person walks up to the coffin
    and bows 3 times.

    According to the notice at the funeral home, this was to be a mass. There was
    no mass, but there was a preacher for hire ($250) who knew nothing about
    Gordon's mom and didn't bother to find out anything. He mentioned she
    had 5 children; later said 6; then went back to 5. (It was 6.)

    He said everything twice. First in English; then in Cantonese.

    Following the service we had a procession: driving through China town, past the
    decedent's house, and finally to the cemetery. The idea seems to be that
    the favorite places of the decedent are visited. This might make sense
    in a Chinese village where Gordon's mother lived in the 1920s, but it is
    totally out of place on a hot day in Los Angeles traffic.

    We stopped outside her house while two people inside did some ceremony
    (also involving a roast chicken and a tray with chopsticks and empty bowls for three).
    Something to do with spirits, I guess.

    At the cemetery, following a few words, the black armbands were tossed into
    the grave. I never wore an armband before. Do folks do that at funerals here?

    Everything revolves around tradition and respect. I found it appalling that the
    funeral director couldn't remember the arrangements for the pallbearers; that
    he didn't wear a necktie, and that his assistant wore a dirty T-shirt. Where's
    the tradition and respect in that?

    Following the ceremony everyone was given a red (for good luck) envelope
    which contained a coin (quarter) and a piece of candy.

    Anyhoo, it's over. Thank goodness. Gordon was driving himself crazy managing
    everything. He's been managing things a long time. His father died when he
    was not yet an adult. He was son number one as Charlie Chan used to say.
    He became head of the household. Signed the mortgage when he was 18.

    There will be further ritual in two days and then in 30 days. I will go if Gordon
    wants me to, but I'd rather stay home.

    I have told Gordon numerous times I have no interest in enriching the
    funeral industry. He can have me cremated and sprinkle the ashes on his
    flowers. He just shakes his head. Well, whatever happens, I don't expect
    to be aware of it.

    In media vita in morte sumus.


  12. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I'm sorry about the passing of Gordon's mother Rock.Very interesting Chinese customs thank-you for sharing.

    Have a nice time Victoria.I expect you'll be glad to get home.

    Not much to post here.I'm staying busy whether I want to or not.Mouth sores are starting to fade finally.I know it's because I see Rheumy next Wed. it scares everything away until after you see the Drs.I can't wait to eat tomatoes!

    Tree trimmers came this morning to trim all the big trees hanging over the roof.Big difference,it looks neat and clean now who knew?I complain to DH that he finds more places to piddle away money but I must admit it was worth it in this instance.
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I like tomatoes too. Can't beat a good BLT. Alas, I no longer have the energy
    to make one. Got some tomatoes the other day at the Chinese market. They
    were pretty good for modern day tomatoes, but didn't have the flavor of the
    tomatoes of yesteryear.

    W/ regard to Gordon's mother, he is grieving, but she and I did not get along
    at all. After the house we rented for 15 years was sold, we moved in with her.
    She considered the place "her house" and threw me out. But it was Gordon who
    paid the mortgage and is listed on the deed as a joint tenant.

    Although Gordon stopped by to visit her and Zippy daily, her other kids stayed away.
    Would drop in for a 20-minute visit every few months. Definitely not the kind
    of mom you'd put on a mother's day card.

    Next big step: clean the place up. There are four rooms filled with furniture, boxes,
    bags, broken appliances, dead TVs, old calendars, plastic bags, Chinese kitsch, etc.
    Gordon has a job. I am too old and feeble to do much. And Gordon is pretty
    much opposed to throwing stuff away. I think we need professionals. Time to call
    "Toss That Stuff Out Inc."

    Hope you (well, everydobby) feels better soon.


  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    asking about Gordon's mother. My condolences to him since he seemed to be the
    only one who could be around her.

    I doubt Gordon will go for this but we had an "estate sale" and advertised it
    somehow (brother took care of it) and it was on a Sat from like 1pm -4pm.
    Everything that we didn't want or didn't sell went to the Salvation Army.

    So very sorry you are not energetic enough to make a BLT. Did you know
    that bacon comes already cooked now? And you nuke it for a few seconds.
    But getting the other stuff together is a chore too so maybe not a good idea.

    I loved the chant on utube. Thought about it for my funeral but maybe we
    will stick with something Country. I'm not in favor of any kind of service
    either but I guess the family will have a little something. I read it brings
    'closure'. Want to be cremated too.

    I loved driving by places that I loved. Swimming pool I swam in on the
    swimming team. The woods we played in as kids. Guess that is about it
    since everything has changed.

    Do you and Gordon have Zippy now? Guessing not since the cats might
    not like Zippy. Zippy is a dog, right?

    To warn you kids a head of time. We'll be heading to Alabamy Thurs about
    noon. Spend a few days for niece, visit with brothers and
    fams. Then down to Jacksonville to see GD. DH is determined to have a
    whole week off.

    Are there any fast food places you kids would want me to have something
    for a chocolate milkshake at Steak and Shake? I am willing :)
    That's my favorite thing to do while riding down the interstate.

    Love you kids,

  15. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    I know it's been a long time but I got so overwhelmed after the move. Now I'm even more overwhelmed because I have a positive test as of last Thursday's labs. A lab that the dr thought would not bring results, afterall, I have fibromyalgia, lol... so she said, "You know... someday your insurance will stop paying for all these tests when they keep on becoming negative."

    That made no sense to me, because I told my one doctor, my family doc to refer me to her, an ortho surgeon, because my cartilage in my knee is messed up... and I asked for an MRI, in which I found out I have some cartilage damage (when my docs thought I was just wanting tests just to stop all of my fears, which is how they often treat those with FMS... and the next appointment time a shot of cortisone. Anyway, my ankle was hurting, so I begged for an MRI on that.

    That was the only test that come up negative, but when I asked for a blood test to check specifically for inflammation, she thought I was just being paranoid. Well, my ANA blood test is positive. Go figure! Of course I don't know *hit about my body, at least that's what the docs think, that we want reassurance that we don't have something else constantly. How about testing to make sure FMS wasn't a wrong diagnosis? Because tons of people who've had FMS &/or CFS, have found out they have much more than that. Some end up with MS, others with Lupus, and a whole bunch of other illnesses.

    I made an appointment with an old doc who told me 5 years ago that FMS is all in my head, but when the truth came out I dropped off info at the clinic for him and other docs to read. I may very well cancel the appointment because you have no idea how much I hate this doc, esp after he said my pain was all psychological too, yet he hadn't done any psychological tests, and I did see a psychiatrist earlier this year and she diagnosed me with depression, secondary to FMS.

    Anyway, I'm going to get a big pic of my old Rheumatologist that I made an appointment with, but will try to get in somewhere else sooner, and I'll put the pic on a dart board in my room. Please, if you would like to come to the party, I have extra darts to pass around. Plus, I'm going to get some hot men to massage our muscles until they're numb, the good numb feeling when you can't feel pain anymore.

    Pam, I wish your DS's girlfriend who is going through these tests finds out what she has and finds a way to treat it. I know that if I have Lupus, SLE, I will make myself a poster child and do all I can to raise awareness to this and FMS & CFS & Lyme disease, because I think of all the kids that get ill and aren't diagnosed for years and suffer endlessly. If I get diagnosed with Lupus, you will be seeing me on TV commercials, fundraisers, etc. & I will be giving advise that if you believe something is wrong and the doc keeps ignoring it, keep on pressing it with the doc or with another/new doc. Do your research and you might find some answers.

    I'm not saying I don't have FMS if I have Lupus, as they often go hand-in-hand, as does CFS & FMS. But you will see me fighting for better tests for diagnosing Lupus and other illnesses like Lyme's disease, FMS/CFS, etc. If I have SLE it must mean that the torture I have suffered with FMS and everything else, happened for a reason, and no one knows how to fight best for an illness awareness, better research and testings, than the one who experiences it first hand, every second of every day of exhaustion and PAIN!

    Sorry this is so long. I just wanted to let you know that I do miss you all and that I've been laid up on the couch since the move, minus going to physical therapy and visiting a few friends on my way to the doc or after doc appointments or picking up meds at pharmacy. Anyway, I'm praying for her Pam. Please pray for me?

    Love you all, and I promise I'm going to stick around for a long while now.

    Fight4ACure*** Fight2Educate!!!!

  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    So good to hear from you but sorry for your troubles.It's actually my DD who is going through this.I'm sort of in denial about it all.A sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as she relays information.A head Dr. at her clinic wants to avoid the word Fibromyalgia all together and is going for the "moneymaker"spinal problems causing the aching,tingling,heavyness,and severe pain in her legs that's getting worse.He said it's very rare to present in both legs.

    Well guess what that exact thing was said about me.I presented in both legs!I cringe when she says Fibro because Drs. roll their eyes or ignore it all together.God forbid she should say CFS.I say SJS and then whisper Fibro still.

    She's already learning because her boss is making remarks like why all of a sudden do your legs hurt,you seem fine,ect.So she got an xray and medrol pac along with muscle relaxers but no blood work or exam for pressure points.Sigh.It will be a process and journey she has to go through and I don't want to say to much to her.She cries at the thought it's AI so I just try and be supportive.

    Spacee is looking for new games I think Fight has a great one with the docs on a dart board.Bullseye!

    I hear you Rock about partners mother and the accumulated stuff to sort.I attempted to help but he's a hoarder of sorts and I bowed out.It's all I can do to keep him from squirreling away every twisty tie and plastic eye drop bottle.He hides stuff in his wool caps from me.He knows I'll find stuff eventually and we laugh about it but I can't tolerate clutter like that.It gets out of control and I can't keep up.

    Tell us more about what's going on now that we have you back when you can Fight.

    Hey to Barry,Butterfly,Pumkin, Rock, traveling Victoria and our dear Spacee.

  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    Rock's mil and the dreaded AI illnesses/Fibro. Totally agree that the docs get alot
    more money if they can use an AI diagnosis. Mine got $400 for ordering the tests
    that I as in ME asked for...he didn't.

    But wanted to share this with you in this boat. I did the Stratton Protocol for a few
    months. Did use all the supplements he recommended but did use Vit C 1000,
    the NAC (but dropped it since it made me feel worse). Then the abx of doxy 100mg
    twice a day for 45 days followed by a course of flagyl for 10 (thinking it is 500mg)

    Anyway my ANA went from 1280 to 320 and my sed rate went from out of range
    high to in range.

    That protocol comes from the thought that this AI's illnesses are caused by myco
    plasms. Dr. Stratton is a researcher at Vanderbuilt.

    The Rheumy I saw for a 2nd opinion wasn't the type to try anything his manuals
    didn't say were approved. But my pcp looked at the test results and the small
    amount of meds and thought 'can't hurt to try'.

    FWIW....Boy, does it you like a ton of bricks. I remember the first letter I got
    from a hematologist when I was 36 talking about this stuff. I just couldn't eat
    and we had a Chamber of Commerce dinner with a bunch of people I didn't know.
    They ate while I drank water.

    Love you my dear ones.

  18. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Weekends here.Thanks for sharing your experience Spacee.I think you said you were going away this weekend,have a nice trip.

    Surgeries on family members turned out good for both future DIL and DIL.Medrol is easing leg pain in DD legs and she waits to see xray results for two wks.Oh and my mouth sores are healing finally.Even dog Lily who sees the vet for follow up is doing good from eye infection.Glad to post good things for a change.

    Jan,haven't heard from you hope all is well.Everybody stay cool.
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Got a burst of energy today. Just watered the plants and washed the dishes and
    cooked the cauliflower. Maybe the cordyceps I took. Or it may be the infuriating
    unpredictability of these DDs. Whatever.

    Spacee, did you take the Midnight Choo Choo to Alabam'? (See Irving Berlin.)
    I suggested your idea of an estate sale (garage sale?) to Gordon. As I expected, he did
    not think that was a good idea. He likes to hang on to stuff just like his mother
    did. I, on the other hand, have reached the stage where, like Jam, I am in the
    process of getting rid of things.

    You're right, Pam. Stuff piles up. I collected records (the long-playing vinyl kind)
    for 42 years. Had thousands of them. I enjoyed listening to them and the hunt for
    them. I transferred music to tapes I could play in my car on the way to work. A very inexpensive hobby. Most of them I bought used. Many at the price of 2 or
    3 for a buck. But now the're all gone. Went to the thrift shops last time we moved.

    Gonna go see about getting a companion for Zippy tomorrow. A 5 year old
    Shitz tzu.

    Regards to everydobby
  20. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    Rock..Wonderful searching into a companion for Zippy. What kind of dog is Zippy, small, big?
    Oh please keep us posted if you do get the 5 year old Shitz tzu. I hope Zippy does well with another , all takes time then again Zippy may be happily overwhelmed, which is good.

    Rock my condolences to Gordon, you and Zippy. Thanks for sharing the chinese customs.

    Pam i do hope your Rheumy see's your mouth sores before fading...hope all is better soon so you can enjoy good ole tomatoes.

    Fight..hey girl its been awhile, good to see ya here. Missed you and your funny sense of humor, you have been missed!! i just watched Dolly Parton celebrating 25 years of her Smokey Mtn. Tenn. Dollywood. Hallmark channel was airring this celebration.

    Fight hope your conditions settle down, i see you have the positive ANA, i have the speckled pattern ANA. You're in my thoughts and prayers with all of your testings, hang in there.

    Pumpkinhead.. A raindance brought you rain...i enjoy Pow Wow's, if ya ever have the chance to attend one , do so. Very interesting.

    Good to see so many here again.
    Hugs to all

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