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  1. spacee

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    Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping again.

    Did try to watch a Netflix movie 'The Judgement'. Merle Streep was in it and
    someone else I can't remember. 1991 flic. So boring put DH to sleep and I
    took a 9pm nap too. It was a comedy. I did laugh 3 times. So I would give
    it one star. :)

    Victoria is doing a great job on Facebook on her homepage keeping people
    up to date with Lyme and XMRV. I "shared" one of her articles with myself.
    That means I put it on MY homepage. I wonder why they don't call it "steal"
    instead of "share".

    This is going to confuse the 31 times ppl looked at this thread and didn't
    post (except Pam). Cause I am doing some editing.

    Hey are so smart to not share things with people. Sometimes when
    you don't have a DH that is to understanding, you hope your sister would be,
    but you are right. My sis in law have each other now so we are good!

    Ok, lastly, want to tell you about a funny video I saw on tv today. About
    a 3 year old dressed herself for breakfast and came out to the kitchen. Mom
    then grabs the camera. 3 yo has on a tutu, little girl heels, angel wings
    black sunglasses and a black stretch pull over your head hat. (there are
    names for this kind of hat but not in Florida).

    Her mom asks her 'who are you this morning?' She says "I'm a COP!" Then
    she goes hopping out the kitchen door (in the heels) "flying" to catch
    some bad guys.

    If she shows up at anyone's will know what she is and what she
    is looking for. jejejeje!

    Love you all so very much!


    Can I take a poll? How many thing that the dresses/tops that go over
    one shoulder look good? I mean a little goes a long way with that one
    for me. Just saying.
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  2. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Victoria you got me through!I went to the party and stayed an hr. Had a good time too.I took a xanax which helped.I was so off balance with the crowd and sun and DH stepped away so I had to ask a neighbor lady if she minded if I used her arm to help guide me as we made our way to a table and I wasn't embarrassed.Glad I went.

    Cooking out today so I made potato salad this morning.

    That's a shame Linda with your SIL.Vent away.That's the reason I prefer not to discuss health problems with anyone but my DH and kids to some extent.It's to hard for anyone to really understand and I don't want to deal with it.Hope it helps to know we get it.

    One shoulder look?I don't like it and haven't seen it look great on anyone I've seen wear it.

  3. spacee

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    First page is a

  4. spacee

    spacee Member

    We don't really have 179 view of this thread? Do we? I mean...let's face. We aren't that

    Ok but on to a topic that caught my eye. 'How to clean up digital dirt'. I have no idea
    what they are talking about. Cell phones? Guess I shoulda clicked on the article.

    Oh dear. I just remembered something that I AM suppose to clean it can
    be given away. Well, tomorrow is another day. It's in the basement where Pam/
    fam might need to stay during a I got some time.

    Later pals.

  5. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I'm chit-chatter but thought I would open you up and really see what is going on! I have dropped in before for just a brief minute and I think that I am lost here!!! Been on the board for a long time but mainly on
    FM and chit-chat.

    Think I would need to get acquainted with most of you. What do you talk about? I might like to drop in again but I am not sure how to chat with all of you. Do you just talk about "stuff"? I'm good at that!

    Glad to meet you.

    Gentle Hugs,

  6. spacee

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    Wecome to our little corner of the internet! We just talk about 'stuff'.

    Some post more often than others which is fine. The last thread #fourtynine of the
    Lounger (if you haven't read it) might give you more of an idea of what goes on.

    I also have a feeling we are more active on the board in the winter....just a guess.

    We have a variety of illnesses. If we were plants, we could have a garden. A lot
    of us have some FM. Others more. Or more on some days. I guess mine would
    read CFS/FM and Sjogrens which several here have too. Others have Lyme.

    Thanks for finding us and gentle hugs to you too!

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    aka Joan. This thread was started by Spacee, and is just like the porch. There is
    no topic. Folks just post away on whatever they feel like at the time.

    And the people here are all nice, just like on the porch. You will feel at home and
    fit right in.

    Y-day was errand day. Halfway through I got exhaustenized and had to go home.
    We went to Fresh and Easy. Have you guys been to one? It's a British grocery
    chain. You check yourself out w/ assistance should you need any.

    Has good prices, some unusual items, and (big plus in LA) all the employees speak
    English. They always have stuff to taste. Tried some Strawberry Lemonade.
    Was so good I bought a bottle. I think it's the first time I ever bought something
    labeled organic. Most of that stuff is way too pricey for me.

    Well, I watered the orchids and am almost done w/ the dishes. Those are my
    standard chores. Most days I don't do much else.

  8. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I believe it. I think there are LOTS more lurkers than posters. How many who frequent this site are up at night, etc.... my guess is lots. It would be interesting to see a breakdown of the time period of WHEN most 'views' are, LOL.

    So, just think, ALL who post have quite a readership. The "porch" runs up high too, I've noticed. Both of these threads get more 'views' than the general or joke posts usually, it seems. Just saying. I think there's comfort in reading what others are doing -- or NOT doing -- as the case may be.

    OK can we spin this off into a book and then a movie somehow? LOL....

    Rock glad to see you seem to be doing better. Never heard of that store, doubt it is in Georgia... or Mexico outside of maybe MX City. Strawberry lemonade sounds awfully good right now!

    Joan/Lilaclover, welcome. We're not very complicated. Most of the time we ramble on a lot, it's entertaining even if by the time we post we don't remember everything everyone said. Or even who all posted.

    Glad you were able to go to the neighborhood party, Pam. Now I have to see if I can apply my own advice for 4th of July. There is a 'party' w/fireworks going on at a restaurant that has an absolutely spectacular view of Lake Patzcuaro and the mountains....

    The downside is there is absolutely NO parking on that street (which goes another 2 miles up to an even more spectacular view). So, if we park either direction, it will likly mean a good trek up AND down the hill to where it actually is. Our neighbor is going, but if we went with them, we'd be stuck and I don't know how long I really want to stay. It starts at 6:30, fireworks at 9:30.

    I don't usually go for these kinds of 'big' things anyway, but it could be a good way to see/meet some people as my options have been self-limited. Then again... few people know my limitations. Actually I keep thinking/hoping one of these days I can just introduce myself as 'new' to the area, LOL.

    OK Spacee--here's my vote for the one shoulder-cut top or dress:
    Hahahaha... some answer, right?
    (IMHO) It depends on the person. I've seen some people wear it well and not others, and it also depends on how it's 'cut'.

    OK looking for other MIAs to check in.... haven't seen Barry around... OR Fight4aCure... Jole, it was good to hear from you... Patty too... and everyone else my brain is blocking on.

    Does anyone else use the Magic 8 ball analogy to get a memory to surface? I do, it works 99% of the time, it truly feels like it literally floats to the top of my 'memory' and magically appears.

    For instance, I just edited to add - Jan - how was your jewelry class? Just remembered!

    Hasta la vista!
    Max(in)ed Out*

    *Maxine, paraphrased:
    "If they lined all of us up,
    it would be one goofy line!"

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  9. spacee

    spacee Member

    O where, oh where is my little brain gone,
    O where oh were could it be???

    I was calling LilacLover in my brain Lica Clover.
    It wasn't making much sense. Thanks for clearing that up Rock.

    I know where the readers came from. It finally occurred to me
    that I posted about us on the other board to a woman who was
    homebound. Guess, it drew quite a few others just checking us

    Fourth of July. I was forgetting about fireworks. The party sounds
    fab. Pace, pace, pace. I did that today. I got my walking done
    in twice the time...but I did it! I gotta remember that.

    I haven't told the gang yet but we are having a costume party
    for the 4th. Since I have never been to one before...any suggestions
    are welcomed. I am assuming that alcohol adds to the enjoyment :)

    Sleep tight you Kings and Queens of Wales.

    Love you all,

  10. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Glad to meet you Lilaclover.I've peeked over on the Porch a couple of times.Felt just like you stated lost.Everybody seems to know everybody else and remembers their names,oh my!We talk about the same stuff I think.

    I have to say Linda,my sisters aren't a lot of comfort for me.Right now my DH is being a butt head.Just insensitive man behavior nothing serious,sorry guys reading that.Anyway I feel like pulling back into my turtle shell and saying whatever.Communication problems frustrate me to no end.Venting here sorry folks.

    Gosh Victoria I wish I had words of wisdom to give back to you.The 4th celebrations sound fun but the walk to get there is daunting.Tell us what it looked like if you go.

    Jan needs to leave her sparkpeople peeps and give us the scoop on jewelry making.

    You're getting to the costume party now?Great idea.

  11. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Hi ya gang –

    Well, crap… jewelry class was cancelled on Saturday. BUT, it has been rescheduled for July 8th, in the evening. So, guess what I did? I took a long, hard look at some of my earrings and decided, “I can do THAT” and just went ahead and made some yesterday. It’s fun. I still don’t know how to make a necklace or bracelet, but that’s what the class is for. It will probably turn out to be an expensive little hobby - at first. Some of the beads are not cheap. I went on the internet and there are plenty of places that sell wholesale, so that is probably how I will increase my supply of beads. JoAnn Fabrics has some nice ones, but I usually only buy whatever is on sale. We also have some “bead” stores around here so I’ll check those out too.

    I haven’t been here or on Sparkpeople very much. I usually only go on to Sparkpeople to record my food intake and exercise. I read a few of the posts but the site is VERY overwhelming. Informative, but overwhelming. I’ve decided that this weight loss is going to be a slow process. I’ve lost about 3 pounds so far. However, I could just as easily GAIN that much in one night – depending on my mood.

    And, speaking of my mood……’s been pretty low lately. Can’t really figure it out, but it might be that I had such a good week a couple of weeks ago and now the pain is back. I mean, it was never really gone, but it’s just increased.

    Spacee, regarding the “one shoulder dresses”……..I think it depends on the person. I think some people can get away with it. Others…..not so much. But, I don’t hate ‘em. Wish I could wear one. Oh hell…..I wish I could wear ANY kind of dress, and I wish I had someplace to wear a dress to! Digital dirt?? I think that’s all the stuff that collects between the keys on your keyboard!

    Pam, I’m so glad for you that you decided to go to that party AND had a good time. I bet it was nice to be with “new” people for a while even if you didn’t remember their names!!

    Welcome Lilaclover. I live in the “Lilac Capital of the World!” Rochester, NY. We have an annual, 2 week-long lilac festival every May. My mom went this year and bought me some Lilac Perfume. Love it! Yeah, our posts talk about nothing and everything. Just jump on in and tell us about you, your day, your family, your pet turtles……anything!

    Spacee, you mentioned that if were plants we would be a garden. What vegetable or fruit would y’all be? I think I’d like to be a…….hmm, let me think. A watermelon! Don’t ask me why. I have no idea.

    Fresh and Easy, Rock? Never heard of ‘em. But, there are a lot of British foods that I like. There’s a candy bar I fell in love with when I went to England a million years ago. It’s called a “Crunchy.” To die for!

    Victoria, it would be shame to miss that party on the 4th. Could someone just drop you at the door, then go park? I hope you get to go. The view to watch the fireworks sounds beautiful.

    Oh, Oh, Oh……I just remembered. Another reason I haven’t been here very much is because t he computer I’ve been using is a Net-book It’s very small and even if I put it on my lap and hold it to my face, the screen is still very small and it hurts my eyes and my back. So, yesterday my dear DH found a guy in town on Craigslist who was selling a nice Samsung monitor. He had just posted it about and hour and a half before my husband saw it. He called the guy, arranged to meet him and bought it! So now I can see again! It’s a miracle (slaps self on forehead)!!!!!!!

    Well, I see I’ve written another novel. Sorry guys! I’ll be back soon.

    Beady Eyed Bertha

    Thought you guys might like this quote:

    "We are, each of us, angels with only one wing, and we can only fly embracing each other."
    – Luciano Decrescenzo
    About Luciano Decrescenzo

    Luciano Decrescenzo, the Italian writer, filmmaker, and intellectual, has published 28 books on subjects ranging from Greek philosophy to his own childhood in Naples. He was born in 1928 and worked as an engineer for IBM for several years before turning to philosophy and writing. He has also directed, written, and starred in a number of Italian language films and received honorary Athenian citizenship in 1994.
  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    That was neat about Luciano. He must have been a talented man! Maybe even left and
    right brained. Very interesting.

    No fair, you got watermelon. Ok, you can have's the sweetest. I am picking
    peach for Victoria since she lived in Georgia for a while. (She can change it if she
    hates peaches). Ok, I am a strawberry then. They grow lots of them near where
    Pam is moving.

    The Long Term Care RN called without warning. It states explicitly in the letter that
    they are to make appts. Luckily I was on the phone with CFS friend and didn't answer!
    How cool is that....she probably thought I was out for the day. (Smiling)

    This is the message she left "Your doctor said that you have Fibromyalgia and Lupus
    and we need to know if you have a specialist you see, name, date of last appt." What?

    I came up with a great answer. Hubby heard the message I left and said "THAT was
    GOOD". "My doc is 63 and I have been his patient for a long time. He just uses
    diagnoses that sound good for insurance companies. I do not see a specialist. I am
    not being treated for Lupus. I have a small amount of FM. I take Ultram because
    I can't take advil or aleve as directed by a doc years ago due to a reaction to the
    now off the market drug Suprol. I take it cause I exercise SOOOO much. I have
    antibodies for Sjogrens but I have no dryness of the dentist says and
    I do not use eye drops. Call my doc and get a copy of my labs".

    Well, there is the beauty of CFS and lab tests can prove it. Course that is
    the sad part too. But it is changing.

    Got that off my chest...may delete it later....hopefully I can come up with something
    better to say.

    I just thought of something. Toby, the barking dog, has been sooooo quiet. He must be
    sick. Poor baby.

    Love you all!

  13. victoria

    victoria New Member

    LOL I'll pick nectarines my favorite over peaches actually.

    Did you know there are more peaches grown elsewhere than Georgia? Like S.C., for starters.

    But my DH remembers road trips with his parents in the 1950s driving to Florida, came down the main road that led thru Athens to Florida, said it was all peach orchards back then. I have never seen any along that road in the area we lived the whole 30+ years! Oh well.

    Climate used to be warmer in the 1700s... southern Georgia grew bananas! Global warming????

    Fruit Loop
  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I pick cherries.Not the grocery store kind the sweet ones off the tree.Love them.

    Loved that Jan.Very beautiful.

    Cooler here the next couple days wish I could drum up some energy to do some major outdoor project.

    I'm reading a book Furious Love,the marriage of Elizabeth Taylor,Richard Burton.It makes me want to go back and find their old movies again.

    No big 4th plans here.we'll try and sleep and calm the dog during the firecrackers going off in the neighborhood.
  15. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Pam, does your dog react to to thunder as well? My dogs do, as I've written about before.

    We are getting nightly thunderstorms. None of the 4 are happy as it only takes one to get the others neurotic too, doesn't take long for that to infect them all either.

    Last night at least was a little better, the most neurotic pup apparently got the proprietary 'sweet spot' under me under the bed (one of the others has ALWAYS been there first) and actually wasn't moaning and groaning and scratching at things. So actually it was a more peaceful night, relatively speaking, LOL.

    I've decided to stay at home the 4th and not go to the party. We don't much like crowds that are half-drunk (or more than 1/2 drunk) anyway. But adding to the parking/walking problems is the likelihood of getting rained out LOL. The more I think about it, the more it doesn't sound like fun.

    The only way I'd go is if I lived next door to the place, like somebody I know who actually does. LOL. Actually then I could sit on my own balcony and watch for free, jejejeje....

  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Oh yea,she's afraid of thunderstorms day or night.She jumps at the bed crying until DH lifts her up and gets as close as she can between us.Usually she wants me to let her cuddle next to me and pet her telling her it's ok.She only weighs 7or8 lbs. so she's a spoiled baby but so so sweet natured she gets her way by rolling on her back and snorting at us until we rub her belly and pay attention.

    No unless I can see it over the trees in my backyard I don't pay attention to fireworks.Even then I peek out my bedroom window for a min. to see.

    Grand-daughter called and said she's 4mo. pregnant and it was planned.She's 19 with a loser boyfriend of 3yrs.We've been waiting for her to come to her senses and dump him.Guess that's not going to happen.I wished her well and said congrats what else can you do?Now I'll have two great grandkids oh my.

  17. jole

    jole Member

    Zucchinni (sp?) 'cause I love the cake, cookies and fried...or corn on the cob (fixed outdoors on the grill)...or Colorado peaches. So that makes me sweet, light and drippy!

    One-shouldered....I like them on young thin things. Otherwise not so much, and we all know the ones who decide they look wonderful are generally the ones who do not!

    We've been invited to a cookout and fireworks also but probably won't go for the same reasons. I don't do well in crowds. Hubby's back can't take the standing. My brain can't take the overstimulation. Life use to seem so simple. Well, life really was pretty simple a couple decades ago.

    Our one daughter and wee ones were her for a few days during wheat harvest. It was so wonderful having them here, and I love all the hugs and sticky little kisses. Miss them terribly today, but am so exhausted I can't sleep. Only board members understand that one.

    Sleepless in Kansas
  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    It is taken to where? The mill? and then? sold as flour? My grandfather worked
    in a flour mill, I think. They made two kinds of bread too. One bleached, one not
    bleached. He would never eat the bleached.

    Another great grandbaby!! How do you remember the dates. I am beginning to
    forget DH's and DS#3. Shocking to me. Guess I could have them tatooed on my
    wrist. It's when I call the pcp and they just doesn't come to my mind like
    it used to.

    But back to the baby. So sorry the father is a loser. Can I hope the baby will
    change his ways?

    I have a 30 minute appt July 9th to talk to an RN about my health. It's at a
    good time...Vitamin R will help, I think. It's odd that while I don't care if I get
    the insurance....I want to be 'correct' on what I have and don't have. It's from
    years of fighting the system.

    I want to tell you that unexpectedly, out of the blue, I have fallen in love.
    With raw veggies dipped in light ranch dressing. Wasn't even thinking that
    way. They are so delicious as a snack in the evening or afternoon. YUM!!
    Wonder how long it will last? I will let you know.

    DIL gave little one a purse to play with. She said 'Mimi!". Put the bag over her
    shoulder and said "bye, bye" to her mom.

    Love you all...sleep well, if possible.

  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    She calls you Mimi?Love that.I was grandma to first son's kids and now DD's calls me Nana and grandma.My mom insisted on Mamaw to my youngest sisters kids and now I hear two of my sisters grands call them Meemaw.DH is grandpa but Poppa to DD's girl or sometimes Pop Pop.Interesting thing with all the names.

    GD is 4 and half wks.not months.I don't see boyfriend changing.He's kind of a social misfit.Dropped out and can't read or write.Can't get along with parents,grandparents and is always fighting with Aunt that let's them live in two back rooms in her house.My grand works two jobs and makes apologies and excuses for his behavior.We just don't get it but stranger things have happened I guess.

    DH is taking a few days next week before we spend the weekend in Spacee territory.We're going to my sisters to see if our bitty plot will be big enough to build on or if we should give up that option.My calendar is filled next week with dad's bloodwork,my Dr., dog groomer and carpet cleaner,and something else is up there I forget.All birthdays,and anniversaries are on the calendar and if you aren't listed I don't remember so my kids check and don't get offended.
  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    When one is home alot, one doesn't need much of anything....a calendar with the
    birthday's/anniveraries filled it is a great idea.

    Bitty might be better, I don't know. Things down here really GROW so bitty would
    still require taking care of. Hope it works out!

    My mother was Nana. Women on her side of the family hate being called grandma.
    She was nana so long...30 years that I had to chose something else. Mimi didn't
    sound "right" at first. But I heard a couple of kids call their grandmother that so
    I went for it. I will give it is alot easier to say than something like grammy.
    M vs Gr is easier.

    Off to pack a little. I am pacing :). The real problem is (what I talk about frequently)
    is my hair. When there are little kids, then usually water is involved. My hair doesn't
    bound back after it is wet! haha. I am considering putting it up in those curlers I
    have talked about and putting a sunhat on top to hide the curlers. And when the
    hat falls off...well. I'll think of something else.
    Jan I hope you can find your beads online and cut out the 'middle man'!
    I bet you can!

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