Fifty FOUR (my age....just kidding) for the Hot Bunch.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    I guess I will start off with a whine. I feel so bad I just don't know what to do.
    Thinking something in my lymph nodes is acting up. They sure ache.

    Watched the end of Fried Green Tomatoes on tv and the start of Nell. I love
    both those movies. Sun aft. seems to have a better selection.

    Would say that we have a zygote in the oven but think it has grown to embryo.
    Those home tests are accurate so early these days. Grandchild #4 is due in
    March in Jacksonville.

    Rule 313 Irregardless is not a word, irregardless of what you say.

    That my 2 cents for tonite..

    Love to all!


  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear you are not up to par. Maybe your lymph nodes are too limp and
    just need some firming up.

    Exciting news about grandbaby. Life is a cycle. Scientists are still working to figure
    out what kind: tri, bi or uni. Where does it start, many people ask. The answer is
    is doesn't start and it doesn't end. By definition cycles have no beginning or
    ending. This is the main difference between a cycle and a movie.

    Yes, I don't know why some people persist in saying "irregardless". The correct word
    is unregardless. Now Class, try to remember that.

    My mind now has as many holes as the average wheel of Swiss cheese. Just
    poured myself some fruit juice (no more of those high-sugar cokes) and carried it
    into the living room where I found an identical glass that I had poured 30 seconds

    Gordon put a roast in the oven this noon and left for his mother's place telling me to
    check on it in an hour. Of course we both knew what was likely to happen. And it

    I suppose if we soak the pan for a month or two we might be able to save it. In
    the meantime we have blackened beef and vegetables for dinner.

    Bon appetit


  3. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    That's to bad about the roast Rock.I would have forgotten myself.

    I went out and ripped out the cucumber vines.I have plenty.Why in the world I ever started a garden I don't know.It's addictive you keep adding to it but then when the produce ripens what do you do?So I can and freeze which does not go well with our illness now does it?

    Asking for a good day to start it never works.I'm putting it off even though I'm all set up in the kitchen.All this because I wanted fresh tomatoes one yr.

    I need to do the haircut and coloring chore this week and I better do it quick cause the truck is going in for body work,DH ran the side into a snow bank last winter.My car will be gone with DH to work.I rarely drive but wouldn't you know I need it when it's due to be gone.

    Does this all sound like whining?Yikes!This is just everyday life stuff.
    Get better Spacee.

  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I totally understand the wanting to do something but then can't. I think we've all experienced that. (thus all the stuff I've kept that I still want "to play with" that remain in boxes. Well, partially cuz I have nowhere else to put it. That's my story, sticking to it!)

    Now my attitude is, if I can set up something for myself, then when I feel like have some energy, I can do it. If not, I don't. Just haven't had the space to set up anything other than the computer tho. Hopefully that will change in a month or so.

    Rock,. both my DH and I have done the same thing with the crockpot - & even with the drink thing. So don't feel too bad. He's supposedly healthy, even.

    OK for anyone who has longer hair, here's an innovative way to 'scrunch it'... called 'plopping' - sounds very appropriate. Who was it talking about their frizzy hair? I think this author complained of it too:
    LOL I may try it, my hair takes an 'imprint' even tho fine & straight. It's gotten so long that when I lean back it's caught between me and the chair. I tried to whack some off... rather uneven and left the very back, sort've tried to slant the sides... LOL, at that it's still probably better than my DH could do, he's not good at that sort of thing.

    So looking forward to getting back to GA to get my hair
    cut, not that communication or experience with fine hair will be much if any better, sigh.

    My daughter told me that someone at work has some type of calendar that is made purely to count down the days until Christmas - and it starts on Dec . 26 of each year!!!! LOL that is pure insanity, but so is much of 'holiday behavior' jejeje.

    So I got to see the moon all last night and the moon saw me, to quote the kids' book... but no sun in the morning, overcast yet again.

  5. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi all. I've just finished planting out my pot plants that we got at the store last week. 3 geraniums, a variegated snapdragon, and something I forget the name of the moment. Type of the tongue syndrome, I call it.

    Pam, I empathize with your "too much produce" situation. The last time I grew summer squash I had so many that I felt compelled not to waste them. I ate them every way possible. Now I blanch at the very thought of them. Too much of a good thing I guess.......

    Spacee: O.K. Spacee, you had me confused until I checked your profile. I thought for a minute that the zygote was in YOUR oven.....! Profile cleared that up. Incidentally, on same, you mentioned that you used to have all-over burning skin feeling. Do you still have that; was it diagnosed? Sounds like something I have going on. Anyway, my dear, I hope you feel better soon -- like today!

    Rock, you come up with fantastic recipes! With the right plating you could probably open a very expensive ristorante in Bev Hills. How about "Chez Rock"?. Yesterday R asked me to shake up a bottle of limonata before opening. How was I to know it was so d.......d carbonated? All I'll say is that I got cool very quickly! We were both annoyed -- it was too farcical to be annoyed for long though.

    Well, I'm off to cut up a pineapple. Another fresh fruit salad, mine with yoghurt, Richard's with cottage cheese. And I've got to pit some cherries too -- Bings.

    Regards to all,

    P.S. Victoria, I think we were posting at the same time. Didn't see you until I went back. I'm glad you saw the moon last night. Wasn't it great! My skies here are usually clear at night this time of year, so star-gazing is good. I'm trying to remember the constellations I used to know. I guess the Pleiades and Cassopeia (sp.) are my favorites.

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  6. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I did it,I did it! a container of freezer pickles done and done.I'm at peace now.No garden next yr. remind me of this next Spring.

    My mother always yelled at me for being so darn stubborn and bullheaded.I betcha that's why I keep on setting myself up for overdoing it.

    Yep Barry last yr. I ate zucchini until it was coming out my ears.None planted this yr. Turned down SIL's offer of some by telling her I planted some.
  7. spacee

    spacee Member

    How different our lives are. And the thing that brought us here is this DD.

    Well, Pami and Bari are both doing gardens and food stuff. Ok, Rocki is
    trying to remember to turn the oven off. Those fit the same catagory.

    Me, I am trying to get out of cooking. and out of the kitchen.

    You all know well, that we go through phases. This one is mine now.
    I only have a taste for sugar. bummer.

    Vicki, you asked me about the cognitive test a while has come
    to me. DH said "this is a test that the insurance company came
    up with and they are the largest insurers of old people". I think it was
    pretty skimpy. Should have involved some numbers or dates, too.

    Limpynodes were not happy that I stood in a pool for 20 minutes yesterday.
    Slept 12 hours. Spine gave me a pat on the back for the pool time though.

    Need ideas for a very cheap week vacation for DH and me. He wants one,
    I don't but I will sit and be driven somewhere. I'm such a good sport. (that
    is sarcasm).

    Bari is quite the foodie, I think. Limonata...going to have to look that up.

    Vicki and I are sisters in the hair dept. Just don't dry it out too much trying
    to get volume cause then your have fine hair with a ton of breakage.

    Rule ..... Chest hair will be back in by 2010.



  8. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Speaking of chest hair. Pam how did your hair turn out? Do you cut your own hair? Yeah you did it. Congrats on your canning. Now you can enjoy the fuits of your labor.

    Jan whats up with you twin sister. Hope your doing much better.

    Spacee so sory your so sick. I love the movie fried green tomatoes especially the parkng lot scene when she ran her car into the bratty girls who cut her off. Her line was you may be younger but i have more insurance. te he Congratulatons on grandchild #4.

    Rock how was the blackened beef. Love Barry's idea "Chez Rock" Some people liked burned food.

    Karmalito i like how thats sounds. My fathers name was Walter.

    Its a beautiful day today. The antibiotics give me a metalic taste in my mouth. Yuk! I Need your support as i am quitting smoking. Who can afford a pack of cigs for $9.00 a pack. Thats
    right $9.00. not to mention the health issues..

    Takae Care,
  9. spacee

    spacee Member

    Gosh, when did a pack become $9. Your state has added taxes, maybe? And I was just
    considering taking up the habit (they have that kind you put in your lip...smokeless).
    I am in the mood to hasten my demise. :))

    I'm not going swimming again. Two days of misery isn't worth the 20 mins. Finally
    figured that one out.

    Ok. I had just written off buying plants to pot, when I read that Barry finished 3 weeks
    after purchasing. Ok, will give it some thought.

    Insurance company only insured DH, not me. How stupid would they be to insure me.
    DH is mad, want so try to get my doc to change his diagnosis. ROTFL at that one.
    Well, why don't we ask the lab companies to change their reports too. I am somewhat
    in a foul mood...or did you not pick that up?

    Now that I have cheered everyone up...I am going to try to revive myself.
    (I did bring out the emergency food today).

    Mood Rings,


  10. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Couldn't get my hair done.Stylist on vacation wouldn't you know.I am not in such a hurry so I'll wait another week and worry about how I'll get there then.

    Can't can peaches yet either.No wide lids only med.Made peach crisp and it was good.

    Periods of overwhelming fatigue comes and goes so I need to slow down anyway.

    The pool sets you off Linda?Cold water cramps my feet but warm pools feels so good.Well it did anyway,I haven't been in one in a while.
  11. spacee

    spacee Member

    Peach crisp...I want, I want!! Feeling better now that I got to go outside and see sky
    and trees and flowers.

    Yep, Pami, the pool was the first part of my exercise "treatment' back in the early 90's
    and helped me so much. Body is changing, I guess. Also, I am not taking anything
    for CFS in anticipation of the XMRV test that I have signed up for again. Why? cause
    I am an idiot, I think. Ok, actually, I want to know for the kids and grandkids sake.
    Do I think it is going to be accurate....that is the scary part. Might get a false negative.
    But if this is in the dna and can be passed down....I want to know.

    Rule 432 (Adult content) It is important to avoid rhyming sexual innuendoes
    such as 'urge to merge". Don't ask me why but that reminds me of "want to
    rub bellies?"

    Rule 478 No one cares about your dreams. (gonna remember that one).

    I would tell you about the two women I ran into on the street of Lake Wales
    who needed to vent their misery to me til I thought I was going to pass out.
    But I won't. Except to say it was 102 degrees.

    That's all.


  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    Pam and I are both getting our hair done..the ordeal of it all.

    Has Victoria left for Ga yet? I have Ga on my mind...she's getting
    her hair done there too.

    Just incase you keep up with fashion for the 10yo and under group.
    the focus is going to be "Old World Hungary". I kid you not.
    It is basically the same stuff but in more muted colors (fallish)
    and the kid wears a kerchief with it. The "kerchief" is really a
    grey bandana. And if you get tired of it on your head, you can
    tie it around your ankle.

    Tomorrow is Thurs. Keep having to remind myself this week.

    Love and hugs to all.

  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Eeww,I agree Nu.432 is a lot like my DH's gross comment.

    Aren't you the fashionesta knowing the style of 10yr. olds this Season.
    Your so polite to stand there and listen in that heat.I would have ran screaming in the other direction.
    Today is DD 36 birthday.I told her it makes me feel so old.Best time of my life was between ages 35 to 45 then things started falling apart.

    I was picking a big fat tomato out of the garden and bent down to see if another was ripe and fell over.I squashed the one I picked.Nothing hurt except for pride.Thank goodness for tall fences.


  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    Had to think a minute.

    Happy Birthday to you daughter (late). My oldest is a /2 year (about) younger than she.
    I don't know if July is a good month or bad for kids growing up for birthdays. I know
    when school was in session, you could just hand out the invites. My 2nd son's 'day'
    is June 30th and seemed a lot of people were gone for the long July4th weekend.

    When he was 16 I had one of the very few creative moments in my life. haha. I
    wrote out a SHHH Secret Hot (in Florida) Happening Here. Put that it was
    a surprise party for Ryan and to spread the word to anyone who wanted to come.
    He loved it. But then he is my only there you are. He said he wasn't
    surprised but the look on his face said he was.

    Jan, I am hoping you read this. As I have QVC on mute and they are showing
    someone's jewelry, I am thinking...Jan can do that!! I am for you, sistah!

    Ok, another fall in the group. You know that is how Rock gets his exercise. I am
    falling more too. My pcp said that I would and I didn't believe him...

    Lunchtime....Bubba burger, I think. Have bought the fresh veggies already cut
    up a couple of times at the g. store. It's a stab at eating right. I have eaten
    all the sugary food in the now, I need to just not buy anymore!

    Love you kids!!


  15. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Personally I love the Bohemian look... mix and match and everything goes... or not.

    Kerchiefs on the head are 'in'? When my daughter was in HS she was told not to wear a bandanna as a scarf. Why? Because it might indicate gangs. Not that it did, just that it 'might'. That was in 1999.

    Spacee I had my daughter in July too. When we had a pool, it was THE best way to have a party LOL. The most we ever had was about 30 kids, TG lots of parents stayed, they were only 5 & 6 years old. I remember baking 2 cakes and lots of ice cream!

    Pam those were the best energy years I had too. I keep wondering if it was because of oxytocin as it was when I was having kids/nursing/aftermath, had my daughter just before turning 33 and son right before turning 36, nursed each for 2 years. Point being, I've seen oxytocin recommended as a possible treatment for CFIDS, not that I can find any doctor to test or RX it!

    Been MIA because we've had a lot of unexplained power outages of 4-6 hours at a time. Yesterday and day before combined, they did it to us 5 times! Our neighbor's MX BF says it's not worthwhile to complain because we're in the country, but, you know how we Americans are LOL. So when our neighbor gets back, we're going to at least try to complain.

    It's been mostly raining and staying overcast. Today (well at least not during daylight hours), it didn't rain, AND we saw some sun TG! Barry, we have had more clear nights than days, yes, it's wonderful to see the moon and the stars especially here way out in the middle of nowhere!

    I'm not leaving for 'El Infierno', aka Georgia, til the 10th.

    You all who are roasting up there won't believe this, but our daily highs have not exceeded 69!!!! Looking forward to visiting, but not, because of the heat. Their lows have been around 74. I think I'll be realllly tempted to get my hair cut really short and then reallllllly regret it when I get back!

    Well my son's MRi came back 'normal'; that's good but that's bad because it doesn't explain his symptoms that he had for 4 days. That said, he saw our chiro yesterday, who adjusted him, & 2 hours later he already felt better. Unbelievable. We love our chiro tho, I miss him!

    Glad those of you falling haven't been really hurt! (or did I miss something? hope not...) I haven't had a chance to fall, not doing much with the rain to say the least.

    Yeah, I think the spelling 'Karmalita' is neat since it combines Karma LOL. I knew someone who was named Carmelita tho they were not Hispanic at all. I didn't like the nickname much 0 "Carmie". In fact I don't usually like nicknames. I guess that's why I named my kids with 1 syllable names!


  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Hmm looks like my hair is just not going to get done.Truck is going in tomorrow for I don't know how long.This could get really ugly.Long sides and flat hair with black roots.Tell me Spacee is this look going to be "in" anytime soon?

    DH is coming home early so I'll wait to get the canning lids I need.I was going to venture out this morning but it was one thing after another.Bad asthma attack I had trouble getting under control while fixing dad's breakfast.It drained me.Phone ringing all morning,laundry going,finally a shower and I feel like I've run a marathon.

    I've got three blueberry bushes and got maybe a dozen berries early spring.I see more are ripening again.Not enough for a pie though.Maybe next yr.DH wanted them for some reason.

    Looking for a free weekend to drive an extra TV up to GS in Indiana before college starts.Youngest son has to be available to stay with grandpa.

  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    Pam, are you not reading, dearie? Bandanas are IN. Old World Hungary...just tie a kerchief
    on and you will be ahead of the wise :)

    Sorry about no transportation...but you sound like you have a 3 ring circus going on just
    staying home! Hope that asthma is much better.

    Hurrah for your son's Chiropractor helping him, Victoria. What is the nearest airport to
    you? Do you have any hotels there? I like to dream :)

    Now, you are seeing why I stick with this doc who works my last nerve. He rxed the oxyc,
    stuff for me. Even talked to the compounding pharmacist on the phone (that was a first
    but I had the phone # with me). I could tell no difference. I think there are alot of
    ppl with CFS that getting the hormones and something like this ...really helps. None
    of it has done anything for me. Thyroid included.

    I watched The Doctor today. The audience of 200 was 9,000 lbs overweight. (Adjusting
    for height and sex). Ok, ok, I am going to lose 6 lbs. I'll let you know when it is gone.
    Don't hold your breath! But I am seriously going to attack it.

    Pam, I can't believe you are able to get the youngest son to stay with Grandpa. You
    must have had a different approach to parenting :).

    I said to 3rd son "I am very concerned your GF has commitment phobia". He said "that
    is why she is going for "couples counseling". She's going to break his heart....hope not.

    Discovered by accident that 41 ppl on FB have friended me and not exTwin. She has
    gotta hate that. One guy that was a year old and I have 73 mutual friends. I don't
    even know the guy. My annual shows me him and that he was a year older. Hmm.
    He likes Civil War Reenactment. Hmmm.

    Well, gang. You healthy eaters you. I will be very meal at a time!

    Later Gators,

  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    DH is out sweating in the yard. We have this odd thing in common. Both of our
    mothers did the yard work in the family. Well, I think it is kinda odd. Maybe
    your mothers did yardwork too.

    Also DH painted our very small kitchen. I can't say that it looks worse...which
    in this house is a good thing. The color is cream and with my sunglasses on,
    it looks white.

    We went to a little seafood restaurant last nite. Didn't see one person we
    recognized. In this town, that is very odd.

    I was wrong about exTwin and me on FB. We are pretty was another
    with the same first name. Found a woman who lived 2 blocks from me growing up.
    We have the same number of mutuals. She is into Farmville.

    Is this telling you what there is around here for me to do?????? Nothing!

    I found the book Tipping Point and I think my brain is willing to read it. YaY!

    I got terribly sick at age 36. That til 46 were probably the worst years of my
    life. Since age 35 I have probably read 15 books...most kinda juvenile, listened
    to very little music, mostly country. Have learned nothing but stuff about
    supplements and treatments.

    Hey, Vic and Rock...can you think of a game about those two (the supplements
    and treatments). haha. I guess not.

    We may go for a drive today. See some sunshine, trees and flowers.

    I really love you kids.


  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I figured I may as well write your name because only you and I are posting!

    Yes I read,but you need to tell me a bandana covers your hair, problem solved.That doesn't occur to me on my own you see?Tee hee

    Peaches were starting to rot so when I got home from the store I had no choice but to can some jam and use them up.I was beat but rested while talking to DD on the phone.DS is thoughtful to give us a break when I ask,beg,but I think he's hinting about us babysitting tonight while they see a movie or at least go out to eat.I want to be fair of course but he's so active.The other thing is his schedule.She works afternoons so he is up late and sleeps in.Not my schedule at all.2yr.olds wear you out but they are sure entertaining.

    I forgot to say I'm happy your son's tests came back good Victoria but I hope he starts feeling better and they find out what's wrong.

    How is the smoking situation going Patty?My whole family smoked but me.I just never took to it.My sis just quit.I wish oldest son would.He wants too but can't seem to do it.It's difficult.

  20. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Hi Gang,

    It has been a tough week. Been sick and unable to concentrate. Unfortunately i am still smoking. I just have to quit. Thanks for asking Pam. Send me some peach jam and i will be your friend forever.

    Sounds like most of us need haircuts. My hair looks awful need color/cut.

    Spacee i saw your post looking for Jan. I hope she is ok. Victoria i am glad your son's test were good.

    Personally i am glad July is over today. I have been sick for almost a month with my ear, swollen mouth, Fibro, anxiety ect. Hopefully August will be better.

    Have a good wekend girls and guys.