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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    Victoria posted a long post on the last thread, so Plz read it you haven't.
    It was a lot of work for her'll see why.

    I have a book selection. No, haven't read it but it sounds interesting.
    "Going Dutch: How England Plundered Holland's Glory". Isn't a book
    with a little bit of 'dirt' kinda fun? By Lisa Jardine. She meticulously
    studies the exchange of ideas between England and Holland...absorbing,
    enjoyable reading.

    The dutch are really bright people. #3 and #6 in the world in math and
    reading respectively. England was having so many wars, they possibly
    had to plunder some of the Dutch bright ideas.

    I got up at noon, think I will rest abit again (1:30)

    Carry on!!

  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    Or as good as it get....I've got to get my hair done today. And get some errands

    Today is better with the Hepasunate. I read it stays in the body 8 days.
    That's a big of useful info for me. Take it less.

    Been watching tv with Huz from about 5pm-10. Oh, that is just too much
    for my brain! And he loves stuff that makes my heart pound so another
    thing to do less of.

    Hope the puters get off the blink!

    Love to all.

  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I'm making a list; checkin' it twice.
    Do you want potatoes or rice?

    I have found that the best way to get a song that's
    running through my head, outta my head, is to play
    a recording of it. Now why would I think of "Santa
    Clause is Comin' to Town" when I sat down to post?

    Anyhoo, the moving madness continues. I keep schlepping back
    and forth and forgetting things. Lost my jacket; lost my
    keys. Happily both have reappeared. My glasses haven't
    though. But that doesn't matter. I bought 6 pair (reading
    and sun) some years ago at the 99 cent. Still have a few

    Victoria, we are not done moving. Have till the end of next
    month. Zippy is fine. He is our only dog now. We used to
    have 3. Gordon has a friend of a friend looking for a
    Shih Tzu at a shelter. Maybe we should name it Zasu after Zasu Pitts. Zasu, the Shih Tzu.

    I read her bio decades ago. She got her name from her
    first two names: Eli-ZA SU-san Pitts. She was supposed to be
    a comic actress, but I always found her terrible poignant.
    (Took 3 tries to spell poignant correctly.)

    "Fuzzy logic" is not the same as fuzzy thinking. Wikipedia has
    an article on it. (But not one that I could comprehend.) Anyhoo
    I think it has something to do w/ computers.

    Re: the riddle, a Hamburger's tongue is Deutsch. I.e., the
    language used by a person living in Hamburg is German.
    Meine grossmutter came from Germany. Her surname was
    Rudnik, but I don't know anymore than that.

    On the other side of the family, my granddaughter is a l2th
    generation American. If I want to, I can join the Daughters
    of the American Revolution. (But how much fun do they have?)

    We used to have hummingbird feeders. Lots of hummers
    around here, but the feeders disappeared during the last move.

    Pam, is Skype something you do on the phone or w/ a
    computer or both? Carla, who used to be on the board a lot,
    said she used Skype to talk to her granddaughter in Germany.

    Looked up Skype. One of the sites said it is a phone that
    allows you to call all you like for ten bucks a month, but it's
    not available in the USA yet. (Out of date site?)

    You have a puppy? Guess I forgot that. I go to a couple
    sites that donate food to animal shelters. Maybe you do too.

    Remember when Woolworth's closed a few years ago. I think
    it was Time Magazine that said you could get the best grilled
    cheese, dill pickle and malt there. Back when I was a kid
    that would have cost about 35 cents.

    Spacee, you asked about my parents. One was a drunk and
    the other was a compulsive cleaner. One wanted a child who
    would be a pro boxer by age 6. The other wanted a child who
    would make a debut at Carnegie Hall at the same age.

    They had 4 kids and weren't happy w/ any of them. One of
    my therapist said they should not have had pets much less kids.
    Another one said the reason I was a perfectionist was because
    I was always trying to please parents who couldn't be pleased.

    I had heard about perfectionists and Type A personalities.
    Hadn't realized I was one though. (It's easier to change once
    you stop working.)

    Oh, the Bible names. Yes, Spacee, I remembered the names from Sunday
    school even though a couple years ago I couldn't remember my address.
    But I had forgotten that Hezekiah was a King.

    Well, I'd better go before this all goes Puff!

  4. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Just Lily but she's teacup size and 3yrs. is that a puppy?I can't see calling her a dog yet.

    My laptop comes Fri. There is the computer in the office but I can't sit in front of it long to uncomfortable and the monitor to bright.Son's laptop is good but not what I was used to and won't have it long anyway.Can't complain though that ole cheapy Walmart brand lasted a long time at a low cost.

    Skype is free on the computer and I can see my DD and GD.She has a camera but no microphone and the computer I'm using froze my face after a few min.Next one will have camera and microphone built in and DD is going to get a microphone for next time.DS loaded it and we used the phone so I could hear them.I loved it so much and sang songs with two yr. old GD.

    I loved Woolworth's I took the kids and ate lunch there a couple times a week.It was within walking distance from our house.

    Spacee I'm glad your doing better.I don't understand what your on or what it is for but I'm going to look it up.

    Lots of back pain yesterday and today.I'm going to have to find something to help with this.My book ended without a solution I'm afraid.I suspected as much but it was helpful and interesting.No cures anytime soon either.

    Your book sounds interesting I'll put it on my list.Hope all is good Victoria enjoyed reading your post.
  5. spacee

    spacee Member

    Someday I will learn not to go to sleep an hour early. Throws me off.

    Congrats on the moving! Hope you find your shiztdo no matter what you
    decide to name it.

    Yes, your parents should not have had kids or pets. The post on the other
    board about the verbal and emotional abuse, I thought they knew my mother,
    but I guess not :). She wasn't as bad as yours though. Except for a few
    hours on Sat. am.

    Your eyes are darn good, Rock, if you can still see with readers. I left that
    land a few years ago.

    Two of our kids has skype. One's wife only skypes with her family...even
    during the 3 years in England. Oh well, we had pictures of I guess
    we didn't have look at them (rolling my eyes). She's a young thing and cannot
    leave her mother (or father). (and really not young anymore). I do love her
    despite that one flaw...:) I mean, hey, she puts up with my son. I love anyone
    who will do that!

    Also, Pam, do your Gkids have those musical toys they have today. Like teaching
    them the sound of the ABC's. Rock, try getting THAT out of your head. That is
    probably one of the exceptions to the rule of "playing the song to get it out of
    your head".

    Anyway, I bought one cause the Netherlander kids are coming and need something
    to do. So, the letter A ...A says a, every letter says a letter, A says a. Well, except in
    Dutch, my son told me. Can't win for losing. Well, Ruby has a lot of friends there now,
    only none of them speak English. So Ruby likes to talk to their mom's. She tells them
    what she can use glitter pens and stickers. Fascinating conversation, I'm
    sure :) At least she is making do.

    I need to go back to sleep...hope my brain is accomodating.

    Later gators...


  6. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Yes GD has that.It fastens on the fridge and when you place a letter in it gives the sound and word.She knows all the letters and sounds.I told my DD she was lucky to know colors,how to count to ten and phone address by kindergarten.How do these kids get so smart?And both parents work.

    Two yr. old now asks for boogers for a snack.She points to pickles in the pantry.DD figured out its because they have the pickles with burgers!

    Huz leaves for Vegas tomorrow.Trade show for work.I usually give him a $20 to put in Wheel of Fortune machine for me.

  7. spacee

    spacee Member

    Boogers for lunch! Seems to me the GK's talk earlier than mine did. But my first
    one was definetely a late bloomer. Wouldn't say is name until he was 3 while a
    little girl his age was saying words like "dangerous". haha.

    Let us know if you win, Pam!

    When I was about the age for elementary school, if we were in Birmingham for the
    day, sometimes we would have lunch at the Krystal. They have the little steamed
    hamburgers and fries. I don't remember ever going to a Woolworths. Our little
    town had a $.10 store but no lunch counter. At the grocery store, one of the
    bag men would take out his false teeth for us!! Those were the days we could
    ride our bikes all over town and no one feared for us. That has changed. Town
    has grown and so many cars on the road.

    2nd time this week I am up at the crack of dawn. I hope this isn't a sign of things
    to come cause I really don't feel rested at all. Course, I don't if I wake up at 10 am
    either. So I guess there is not much difference. Just the change seems a bit

    Son and g/friend are taking a 2 week break of non communication suggested by
    a friend. Seems if you are having this much trouble before even a commitment of
    anykind, why keep up the agony?

    Ok, Kids...will see if the bed is calling my name!

    Later Gators


  8. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Huz left for his trip moaning and complaining he didn't want to go.Finally I said for goodness sake you're not going to Iowa your going to Vegas enjoy it!He won't be working all the time and his job is to entertain customers.He said I won't be with him but I told him have fun anyway I would.I think he feels guilty because I have to stay home with his dad but his bosses wife is going and already whining about what will she do all day by herself.I wouldn't be up for babysitting her all day and she would not understand my limitations.Can you imagine the flare I would be in after one day of nonstop shopping?

    I don't mind I'm not going because of that.I like going and wandering around at my own pace.I like being on my own.Maybe huz just needed permission to have fun.I hope so.

    Lily is dodging me this morning.I brought down a towel and blowdryer to give her a bath.She hates it and shivers all day if I let her air dry.She knows somethings up.

  9. spacee

    spacee Member

    Babysitting the bosses wife is NO fun. Yep, agree you would be flaring.

    My Huz told me just last nite there is some kind of conference in Las Vegas
    in the fall, I think. How many times over the past 20 years have I said,
    I have to stay in this timezone or one over. Doesn't sink in. And if by
    something happened and I was able to go...the sounds. Whew! Yep, I
    would be in that fetal position I was in at the Toyota Service Center.

    I am beginning to have growing concern over the son going to China.
    On Phoenix Rising a poor man with the virus (that is being denied as
    a true illness but it is psychological, how they have learned
    from the CDC and the UK) Anyway, this sick man says it is passed
    by saliva and sweat. So eating with someone, you can get it. They have
    places where one person got it, then all the people in the building got it.

    The Chinese have blocked all talk about it on Facebook, etc. They read
    all emails so that you make it home before your email does which makes
    it about the same as snail mail.

    Trying to think of an immune booster for him to take...but if you don't know
    what you are up against, I guess you can't know.

    Thanks for listening!!


    PS, Lily is a very smart doggie! I'd be dodging you too!
  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    trips can be exhausting. Somehow I always find enough reserve to do it, tho 'it' doesn't happen too often, TG!

    I missed something somewhere... what virus in China?

    Hola to everybody, can't write any more but read thru everybody's post more or less, likely less since I don't know what virus Spacee's talking about, oh well...

    recovering from trip to take computer in yesterday, I just can't sit for long in a car but unfortunately I had to go... hopefully it will be fixed by this time next week.

    Crossing my fingers, anyway. Take care...
  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Next week for my laptop too Victoria.Delayed from Fri. to Wed. now.Trying not to put to much on DS computer.DS just tore down a computer and put it back together in class yesterday.He stayed and helped others.Mine wasn't worth fixing but he'll use it for parts.I'll be lost without him when we retire.

    It's GS 22nd B-day today.I have to remember to call him.Time passes to quick.

    Spacee are you talking about the virus from a yr. or so ago in China?Wouldn't shock me it's still around.

  12. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Miss reading everyone's posts... even if I can't write much.

    I hope I get my computer back tommorrow, but it may also be W or TH for me too Pam.

    More rain/clouds here, we are just far enough south to get spin-off edges from storms on both sides of the continent.

    Written from still old but not sunny Mexico--hope you're all having a decent day!

    Thinking about S'mores for some reason...
    so signing off as

  13. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Happy monday.'s (not so) little ol' me!

    Can someone please tell me where the summer went? I think we had one day of Spring before the 95-degree weather kicked in.....and STAYED. Now it's autumn.

    There were a million old posts for me to read and I just couldn't get through them all. I hope y'all have been well.

    I've had a couple of craaaaazy months and just haven't felt like spending too much time on the computer. Here's the Reader's Digest condensed version: have been in the hospital twice for some serious chest pains (all is cardiac problems); had foot surgery last week to correct a 'Swan Neck Deformity' (usually seen on fingers, not toes.....but ain't that the story of my life?!!!); continue to make jewelry and will be in a craft show in November (can't wait!!); still have step-son living with us; and continue to deal with my family (parents and siblings) who just don't "get it" and have thrown off vibes that I'm a slacker for not working.

    Yup.....that pretty much sums it up in a nutshell!

    I've missed coming here to hang out with you guys. Can I come back to the sandbox to play? I'll bring a snack next time!

    I've been up since 5:45 this morning. I'll probably drop into a heap on the floor by 10:00 this morning, but it feels kinda nice to be up this early for once, instead of feeling like I've slept the day away.

    Well, I will come back in a little while but I just wanted to let y'all know that I have not dropped off the face of the earth!

  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    Yes, the story of your life...the surgeries! Hope you are meddling, I mean mending!!
    The craft show sounds lovely. Like something normal...lovely!!

    Sound like we have had down computers around here.

    I went to Huz's reunion with him...45th. It was the 3rd one we have gone to over the
    years and his schoolmates seem more famiiar to me than mine. And we graduated in
    different states (in more way's than one). His was beach, mine was prep.
    Since I had low expectations, it turned out to be rather nice.

    Then Jax son/fam came for one nite and his doc appt (still sees our family doc).
    Yes, he is the one going to China Oct 3rd. There was a very sick man in China
    who was posting over on Pheonix Rising. So terribly sad.

    Someone suggested son take protein bars with him because the diet is so different
    over there. Well, you all know that you can lead a horse to water but you can't
    make him drink. So, he isn't taking any. Hey, I don't leave home without food!

    Life in Central Fl is back to hot weather and not too much else. Oh, at the beach
    (the reunion) we could not get over how old the ppl who lived there looked. (our
    age, of course). Where were the young ppl? Maybe there are just so many of

    Doesn't feel like Monday, feels like Friday...that will keep me guessing all week:)

    Sometimes I feel like taking a break from the computer for weeks or so, but I am
    concerned I might not read something I need to know!

    I did read that EBV virus is elevated in lupus patients too. I guess it goes crazy
    in off immune systems. That was a Johns Hopkins site.

    Ok, kids...will see how we sleep tonight!


  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Here at the ranch we are just coming out of crisis mode. On
    LA's hottest day, the air conditioner went on the fritz. (Folks
    used to say that when I was a kid. Or "on the blink".)

    I wrote about it on the porch so won't repeat. Anyhoo, Gordon
    bought a new A/C so all is well again.

    Kubda Oopps! I was trying to type "Linda". I never know the
    date or day anymore. Good thing I don't have to. Is Jax
    short for Jason? When I lived in Minneapolis half a century
    ago, there was a very nice restaurant named Jax. Took my
    mother there.

    I went to one class reunion. The 35th. Funny, the fellows all
    looked alike. A little pudgy; hair thinning. Big difference with
    the gals. Looked like there was an age difference of about 15
    years. Some looked great and some not so.

    After it was over, I thought: Good. Now I never have to see
    any of you again. And I never have. I wrote to a few, but
    they never answered. Guess they were glad to be rid of me

    Victoria, we used to have smores when camping or picnicking.
    I see one can buy them at the market now. I imagine they are
    terrible as well as full of chemicals. Ditto for rice krispie treats.
    Gordon makes R. K. treats now and then. Takes them to work.
    He used to take cakes too, but we don't bake now on account of the terrible oven the LL has provided.

    Some combos are always at war: landlord-tenant; Repubs
    and Dems; buyer-seller; male-female.

    Pam, your son sounds like a whiz if can navigate around computers.
    With regard to musical toys, we had them when I was a kid.
    Called a comb and tissue paper. Similar to the kazoo but
    less costly.

    We also had plastic recorders. I have a vague memory of
    playing in a recorder combo for an evening church service.

    Historical note: The recorder is the medieval grandfather of
    the woodwinds like the oboe, clarinet, and flute. I used to
    play the flute in the High School band. Probably the worst
    player in the history of the school.

    I was OK at marching though. Always started on the right foot
    which was actually the left foot. Wait. Was it? Shucks. Can't
    'member nutin' anymore.

    Jan, never heard of the swan neck problem before. Actually, I
    would expect it to be on the neck of a swan. Hope you are
    back on your skate board soon. Come back when you're able.

    Well, I'm going to have some of Gordon's stir fry for a late
    midnight snack. I hear a cat at the window. Guess somebody
    else wants a snack too.


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  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    We had damp,rain,cloudy days here.That about says it all doesn't it?I wouldn't subject you all to my less then sunny mood ha!

    DS just handed me my new computer.It's a notebook Victoria!He thought I might want something more lightweight.Well ok I'll try it out.Keyboard smaller doesn't bug me but new setup will take getting used to.I've already spent some time swearing at it but son says I'll get used to it.I'm old I guess cause I don't like change at all anymore,

    Son a computer wiz?I hope so because he needs a good paying job when school is finished next yr.

    Huz comes home tomorrow thank goodness.Not sleeping and I hope it's because he's missing.Wouldn't you know lots of company showed up over the weekend to see FIL while huz was gone.I was less then glad of that.

    Oldest son and DIL are having health problems and off work at the same time so I've been worried.Talked to DIL this morning and things aren't as dire as I feared.Son tends to be a little dramatic.He's got a good woman on his third try and she reads him like a book.Glad to see you again Jan.Spacee good luck to your son off to China.Very exciting and scary for mom.

  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    Crisis the term. Rock, your reunions sound like mine...only went once.
    There was quite a difference in the women's looks, I agree. Hair color and makeup
    sure do help some situations.

    Pam, that sounds great about DIL reading your son like a book. With my nephew it
    took a few tries but the latest was a match. Glad for the both of them.

    Had a doc appt this afternoon with a woman Gastroenterologist. Going to have the
    colonoscopy at 61 that I was suppose to have at 50....never too late.

    Strikingly different conversation then the usual "what the doc did on vacation".
    Nope, cut right to the chase. "What do you use on your skin". I was almost
    speechless but I was able to come up with a few things. "Can you bring them
    with you to the colonoscopy?". Oh, heck, why not. Oh, and the office manager
    wants the Taco Soup Recipe.

    And if you are wondering what I use it is Hyaluronic Acid 5% says on the bottle that
    it holds the connective tissue together). Maybe I ought to spray some on my joints!
    And obagi sunscreen and revlon makeup. Easy peasy. She's filipino and I'm thinking
    this might not work for her. I'll let you know.

  18. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Nobody says anything's on the fritz anymore? Really? We do.

    Then again, my DH still says 'tin foil', has our 23 yo son copying
    him unconsciously. How many know what tin foil is at his age...
    much less the tin foil hat, LOL.

    At least I've kept up a bit, just say 'foil'. As in, 'foiled again!

    Ahhh Zasu the ShitZuh, now that has a ring to it! We have a Chloe,
    always wanted a Zoe. But too many dogs now.

    We have all leather upholstery because of doghair, but just read that
    if you take a rubber glove (don't know if vinyl will work?) and wet it,
    supposedly you can get dog hair off.

    I have spent a small fortune in dog hair tape rollers for my clothes...
    amazing how some fabrics act like velcro even when you wouldn't expect it
    to. Like fleece, of course it sticks. But I have some 'denims' that are as
    good at attracting it. Don't understand it, most denim is impervious -
    would be my choice for upholstery if leather wasn't available LOL.

    Off on a tangent there...

    Rock, hope you get moved when it's time -
    do you get to start ahead of time?

    Jan, that's great about Nov.'s show, I hope you sell a lot. At the
    very least, it should be fun to be there.

    Pam - netbook or notebook? not that I know the diff really. I have
    a 'netbook' which I think is tinier. Just imagine that! AND my click
    bar (the one on the left) doesn't work well after this last stint on it,

    I think I remember now reading about that virus, Linda; that is scary.
    I hope at least your son will take some vitamin C with him.

    So yesterday and today sun has been out, today the sky is a very
    deep blue with only a few fluffy clouds on the horizon - absolutely
    gorgeous. Bugs are going crazy, swallows darting high and low, and
    even the vultures are soaring LOL. Honestly, saw them & then realized
    I hadn't even seen them for weeks.

    Got my computer back but it's all in spanish. OH FUN. Not. Between
    that little surprise and the price, obviously I have new hard drive as I
    also have no old data, but I expected that last part. What I did not
    expect was the spanish Vista. This is not how I wanted to learn
    spanish. Tho now I can get accented letters, LOL. I successfully
    changed most things except for basic instructions to english. But, I
    have a hard enough time even understanding the instructions in english!

    I'd given all my CDs to them which ARE in english, but we're guessing his
    assistant doesn't know english and used their copy. I second that
    opinion a 2nd time since my paid-for-and-current McAfee isn't on
    here, instead there's a free anti-virus program.

    (I have to try to call when I get done with this, see if the owner who
    speaks english is there... my DH saw his assistant working on my 'puter
    Monday, picked it up later, and never actually saw the owner. )

    I have a strong feeling I'll be taking it back in. Not sure if I should try
    to wipe it and start over and, if I did, what order to even do it in. I do
    NOT like feeling this helpless. If I knew how, I'd do it... cuz let's face it,
    sticking discs in isn't hard... I think?


    Sunny Blue
    The real name of a famous actress in Hungary.
    While Sunny Leone is an 'adult movie' star in India

  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    I think we say 'its on the blink" "Fritz" sounds yankeeish. SOL
    And I still say tin foil. But we don't seem to use it much so it
    doesn't get said.

    Chole and Zoe. My grandneice and my grand daughter's names.
    I think they have managed to do as I did...pick two of the most
    popular ones.

    Ruby in the NL has friends with the name of Solar and Lunar.
    Her father sent his dad (huz) an emergency email today.
    Needed a fax of an application for a job to a school in the US.
    School had to have US fax, no international ones. Sooo, son
    had to fax a copy of his signature for his dad to forge. :)

    Ok, I have figured out that the doc doesn't really want me to
    bring my skin product to the colonoscopy...she was just closing
    the conversation. I get Rock, when people indicate
    that they want something (like a letter to former classmates who
    don't reply). And a rare "I want to go to lunch with you" but never
    call. So bring the lotion was just..."see ya at the hospital".

    I got it. Whew.

    Sunny Leone is an adult movie star in India and you know this SOL Inquiring mind, here. haha

    Nitey nite, sweet dreams.

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  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Oh gosh,you mean there's a net and a note?Mine says mini so there ya go.DS says Net.

    Really funny about your conversation with the doc.I'm wondering what in the world is she discussing skin care with a gastro DR.You must have really good skin especially living in Fl.My sis has really leathery looking skin with dark spots from yrs. of sun damage.

    Now you have a Spanish computer!I would really be out of luck.

    Has Rock another dog or is this another rumor?I need to go to the Porch to find out this mystery?I didn't see it on here.

    Well huz played my $20 and I lost.He played his and lost and said it took a whole 10min. so he was done for this yr. he comes home tonight.Hope he has room in bed because I started out on his side last night and woke up during the night on my side.Very unusual because I sleep on one little edge most always.