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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    Some of us are in painful flares, some in painful surroundings. I hope things
    ease up.

    Some of us must be in the hot spots weatherwise. Over 100 in New York and
    other places. Whew! Don't wash dishes is what the new said. (oh, til after

    Watched Ironman (netflex) last night. Liked it. We have to start a movie
    by 7:30pm or we fizzle out.

    Do some stretching, if you can! It's Morning! A down dog too...if you can.

  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    If you're done with the dusting and the dishes,
    and thinking about cleaning the windows,
    remember this:

    If you ever get the sudden urge to run around naked,
    sniff some Windex first.
    It'll keep you from streaking.

    Bad joke, I know!

    Patty, glad things will work out with your son living with you too. That can be the
    best of all worlds.

    I think things are going back to the way "they used to be" for many... I know for
    my parents' generation, born before 1920 and even after, it was normal to live at
    home until one married (and sometimes after), or left the area for a job or school.

    And vice versa as parents got older. I can't imagine having to live with family
    or anyone that one doesn't get along with, tho, that would be hard.

    Too funny about your dog sulking all day. (ETA, I think this was Pam's dog, not Patty's, I find out later ;) Anyway, we used to get our big collie/shepherd mix and Gr. Pyrenees cut down like lions; they sulked too, especially when people took note of their 'designer haircuts' LOL.

    Actually the collie-shepherd sulked less if we didn't have his "mane" cut off,
    I think he felt naked without it.

    No hay mucho pasando here, just working thru my herxes...

    my exercise TODAY is swatting flies (it's the fly season),
    adding to my usual exercise routine of:

    jumping to conclusions,
    side-stepping responsibilities,
    digging into some flan,
    pushing my luck via using 2 of the 3D's that Spacee referred to --
    Delay and Defer!

    Ok the wheel is STILL spinning,
    but the hamster is still dead... or asleep, can't tell which one!

    The hamster's owner
    (aka, my body)

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  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    a witty friend came up with a new use for the name Windex,

    but it'll need to be spelled Win-Dex for a new software program:
    "Dexadrine" for Windows...

    it would work with all versions & make the OS work faster....

    I think many of us could use THAT!
  4. spacee

    spacee Member

    Gee, what a brain. So Patty your son is moving in and your doggie pouted about
    it's haircut. I agree with everything Victoria said...Really! I hope you are feeling
    well enough to enjoy your son being with you. The sound and all would be very hard
    on me but you are a lot younger so hoping it will be a good time for all.

    Glad you are killing off some beasties, Victoria. I was looking over some stuff I
    printed out from the Cheney Clinic (when our printer worked. It doesn't now and
    we don't know how to remedy that cause we are illiterate) But what I wanted
    to say was this. Cheney says that HIV and Lyme cannot coexist. The patient will
    die. You will not find a HIV patient with Lyme. He didn't say where he got his
    info, but you know it's from God's mouth to his ear. REALLY kidding about that.

    Gotta go entertain myself til Ellen comes won't be streaking ;)

    Love you!

  5. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Love your exercise routine Victoria. I agree with you about things going back to the way they were.

    Spacee our son is very quite. He is a computer IT. I enjoy living with him we are good friends.
    Sorry it is not my dog that got groomed. However Happy hates his grooming. Paul does the
    wahing and shaving. All day process.

    I think it was Pam's dog. Hope you and Jan are feeling beter today.

    It is supposed to get into the 90's here today. I prefer 70's. It is humid heat here not like the dry dessert.WEnt to the library today returned Same kind of different as me. Great book true sry. I checked out a new book. "Corner of Bitter and Sweet"

    Have a good day,
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  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    Your post was reassuring (you love your son living there) and scary.
    It reminded me that I am having a cognitive check on Friday. I'm
    scared they are going to ask me what books I am reading. Yikes!

    This is the long term care insurance that DH is trying to get us insurance (after the horse is out of the stall). I have to talk with an RN on Fri at 2pm for 30 mins. I got to pick the time
    and day. Sheesh. I wonder what kind of math skills she is going to
    check me on.

    On the good news side. Talked with DS in the Netherlands. He can now
    understand most of the dutch that is spoken to him (yea!) and he is
    allowed to answer in english since they all speak it. (It's easier to
    understand a new language than to speak it).

    I need to stop worrying. I don't want the insurance anyway.

    I know that heat is really bothering you! Oddly, it's been pretty
    good for summer here. June was rough.

    Going to go add some numbers. :)

    Love you kids.


  7. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    What a mornin.I got up to take out freshly groomed,not sulking anymore dog and FIL was calling for DH.I took dog out started the coffee and again FIL called DH so I peeked in and there he was sitting on the floor in front of his bed.Just sitting fully dressed,and he says I can't get up.I asked if he was hurt and he said no he leaned down to get some old slippers off the floor and can't get up.I went and got DH out of the shower to lift him.No damage done he's fine.

    Carpet cleaners are coming and we moved everything we could outside.Dad was trying to help by getting his stuff off the floor for us.I don't know how I would have gotten him up if DH wasn't here.I can imagine how helpless he felt sitting there.

    I have a Dr. appt. for script refills so I'll escape all the cleaning going on.Wouldn't you know I felt better again yesterday and today probably because I see the Dr. funny how that happens.I did fall yesterday from the balance issue and bruised my arm and toe.I'm not mentioning that because I don't want to go down that useless road of tests only to have them shrug.It wasn't serious I just lost my footing next to the tub and caught myself before falling in.

    Victoria are you getting more storms heading that way?

    We have a son like you Patty.He's quiet and we like being around each other although he is messy.
  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    Pam, what a day! I just don't understand these dogs....after grooming I would have
    bet $$ that they would have wanted to 'strut their stuff'. Funny!

    A suggestion about getting FIL up if DH isn't there. You would need to practice this
    (if possible with FIL's mental status). One time my brother/wife were out in Vegas.
    He played the one arm bandit (can't remember the name) until the wee hours of the
    am. He could not move the next day. Both being RN's at the time, this is what they did.

    1. took sheet off bed and rolled it up long wise.
    2. snaked it under his back, bringing long end out under armpits.
    3. grabbed both long ends and wife pulled him up.

    Now that I wrote that, I don't think with your balance issues you could do it. Darn.
    I have noticed that I have fallen everyday for the past three. Guess I have those
    issues too.

    Today is Sweetpeas birthday...if you get around to reading!! Happy Birthday!! She
    is my SIL.

    Other than a bill or two and straighten the house during commercials.
    That is sorta like Dr. Lapp's 5 minutes of exercise and 5 minutes of rest :)

    todeloo for now.

  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Funny you should ask about rain. What do you know that I don't? I don't often get to see the radar. We got a good amount last night, still hazy today tho it looks like it's burning off. I don't really mind these really high clouds, keeps things cooler and yet it's bright enough.

    Me too, re temp.... I am truly Goldilocks, not comfortable unless it's just right!

    But again was awakened repeatedly by my neurotic pup, tho he was better since there was little thunder. But, I don't sleep well with the light on.

    Spacee it will be interesting to see what the nurse asks you, I'm curious altho we don't plan on buying similar insurance, it is so expensive. I guess we'll take our chances.

    Possibly a higher chance with DH as his mother had dementia, but with her I really think it started when she had anesthesia at age 80 for a knee replacement, she didn't get strange til then, and it was actually immediate altho not extensive. I also suspect the anesthesia because she 'forgot' permanently things like what soap was for, yet remembered other things for a long time. It definitely was not in reverse order like I often read about, tho there are different kinds of dementia I know.

    Nobody else had seemingly progressive dementia except for a grandfather who'd had a stroke. Maybe bottom line is to just avoid surgery if at all possible, and strokes too. As if. We took care of his folks for the last 2 years of their lives... I was glad we were able to do it. Like your FIL, Pam, his parents were nice as well as appreciative.

    LOL re dogs - no, no, no - NO way do they want to smell good! I used to have the groomer come to our house to cut the really furry dogs for the summer. For good measure I'd have the rottie bathed as well and even squirted with some 'perfume' so he wouldn't be any different from the others, haha. (He used to occasionally give one or 2 a hard time otherwise) He used to roll and roll trying to get the fragrance off of him. Unlike when he'd rolled in deer or cow sh*t. But he sure wasn't giving any of the other dogs a hard time ;)

    "Barb E. Dahl" aka Goldilocks

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  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I agree about understanding way more spanish than I can speak. It is really hard to drum the necessary words up under pressure. Often I can not only understand better but even think of the right words, however, if it's my DH in the 'hot seat', LOL. Only problem with that is they sometimes think I must be pretty literate in Spanish then....

    LOL talk about messy... we get along well with our kids too and wouldn't mind either living with us or vice-versa, but they are both so much messier than us! That would probably be the hardest part, tho I hear my daughter is really trying to change her ways.

    Missy House
  11. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Another hot day in Seattle. Not like the east TG. We do have a breeze. It was around 95 yesterday. We are doing ok with a little air conditioner and a fan going all day. I weighed 30+
    last year and the heat just about killed me.

    Spacee if you can't bring your calculater you can always use your fingers. just kidding. Speaking of dogs. When we bathe Happy he runs like a crazy dog in circles rubbing against the furniture.

    Goldilocks or Princess and the pea. I can relate. Glad you have a great relationship with your kids. Makes for a better quality of life.

    Pam that must have been scary with your fil. Glad Dh was home. You have a kind heart to take care of him. Plus you have your own health issues to contend with. My hats off to you. Glad you have a son like mine it's a blessing.

    Still enjoying bird watching. We have a large variety and i love it. We hope to stay close by here when we move. Our daughter and grandkds live very close. We will have the kids this
    weekend. Ages 9 & 11. We enjoy them but not the fighting part. Guess most kids love to tease each other.

    Stay Cool,

    ps Best wishes to our mia's
  12. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Greetings y’all.

    I’m back, but don’t have much to talk about. Well, sorta. Let’s see. I saw the NP @ my rheumy’s office 2 days ago. She’s ordered some more blood work. After talking for a real long time, she’s wondering if I might have some allergies. I haven’t gotten to the lab yet ‘cause DH’s schedule has been real wacky and it’s been, like, a million degrees here and even just going out in the car wipes me out.

    She’s also ordered an abdominal ultra sound. I’ve had a weird pain below my left rib-cage. About 2 inches below my incision line. There’s also a small lump. I was thinking possible hernia. She’s thinking adhesions from the surgery. Or possibly the beginning of another bowel obstruction. Lordy, lordy…..who knows? I’ll give you the update when I get it. I’m having that tomorrow. Guess I’ll get my labs done before I go get the u/s. I had seen my PCP about 5 days before I saw the NP, told him everything I told her and he just responded by saying, “Hmmm.” I asked him if he thought I would ever be able to work again and he said, “I guess we’ll just have to see how you feel.” Well, I’m not going to feel any better with anything HE’s doing for me.

    She has taken me off of the Minocycline and will restart me on Plaquenil after I get an eye check in 2 weeks. I’ve really been hurting lately. Everything hurts.

    My jewelry making is going well. So far I’m only making earrings. I’ve made about 35 pair so far. It’s nice being creative again. DH is going to set up a web-page for me. I’ll let everyone know when it’s finished so you can take a look.

    “WE” didn’t do anything for the 4th. DH was working for the ambulance that evening – at the fireworks – and I could have gone but I just didn’t know how I would feel and didn’t want to get stuck there. So, I just hung out at home. It was nice and quiet.

    Patty, I’m so sorry about you not getting the approval for the modification for your house. Trust me, I DO know how you feel.

    Spacee, I like the Defer, Delay and Delegate concept. It seems so simple, but I bet all of us have to be reminded of it quite often.

    DH took our doggies, Murphy, to be groomed on Monday. She’s mostly Australian Shepherd and, if allowed, her hair gets really long. Because we couldn’t afford to get her groomed for so long, the ended up being matter behind the ears and several other places. In order to make her coat look uniform, they had to SHAVE her! She looks like a totally different dog. It’s so weird. None of the neighbor’s recognized her! She’s acting different too. I’m guessing that she feels so much better without all the fur and mats. I just feel bad that we couldn’t do it sooner. I feel like one of those irresponsible pet owners they show on “Phoenix Animal Cops” or some show like that. Luckily they didn’t shave her tail too. She has the most beautiful long fur/hair on her tail. It’s about 5 inches long (the hair, not the tail!!) Actually, working Australian Shepherds usually have their tails cropped when they’re born. What an awful practice, but I suppose the farmers feel there’s a reason for it, although I don’t know what it is.

    Patty, I guess I missed the post where you mentioned that your son is moving in with you. I haven’t been on-line for so long that I just kinda skimmed the posts. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that my step-son moved in with us about a month ago. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment and the second bedroom is/was my husband’s office. He’s been (supposedly) cleaning out his office for a month but it still isn’t finished yet. It’s driving me crazy and I’ve been just a little cranky lately. Every day he says he’s going to finish it. HA! My poor step-son is still sleeping on the couch. I feel sorry for him, and for me. I feel like I’ve lost my living room. It’s no trouble having him here. He’s very polite and doesn’t make too much of a mess, although between my DH and step-son, it’s starting to look like a college dorm room in here!!

    Spacee, good idea about how to get someone off the floor. I was thinking the same thing but couldn’t figure out how to describe it. Cognitive problems…me?....nah!! I’ve tried telling my dad the same thing in regards to my mom, but he just blows me off!

    Well friends, think I'll go make some earrings now. It's very relaxing and better than eating potato chips!!
  13. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    to my wonderful Lounger friends.
    Good to see you all.

    Seems to be heat waves in many places.
    Lets all remember to push the fluids with all the summertime heat.
    I'm trying the Nature's Blessed tart cherry concentrate. Adding this to a glass of
    ice tea daily. A quart cost me $22 and is to last a month, it's worth the try for me.

    Jan..35 pairs of earrings made, wow that's wonderful. Would love to see the website
    when your DH sets that up for you..he's a smart man to set up web page for you.

    Oh Patty, my heart goes out to you with your home modification denied. I hope you and your family do fine finding another place. My thoughts are with you, you'll be fine moving forward from here. So many are in this position, you are not alone.

    Pet grooming, my DM is having one of those pet groom on wheels come by her home to bathe, dog hair/fur trim and nails included. i'll have to let you all know how this goes. Gotta love and care for our pets as they are so precious to us all. As they say ..One's best friend.

    Any of us in the heat here, lets stay cool.
    Hugs to you all

  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Leaving for the weekend to see DD and sis.DH upgraded us to 1st class!It was a special they were having.I really need it on the way home Sun. because it's a late afternoon flight but I don't want to sound greedy.

    Love that idea Linda with using a sheet to pull up FIL.I'll keep it in mind.

    Don't feel bad about the dog Jan.It's so expensive for grooming and then the scheduling of it too.I bet he does look pretty funny.You'll have a lot of buyers for your ear rings from us.I really need some new ones.

    Have a pain free weekend everyone.See you Mon.
  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    I'm just dropping by to say I am awaiting my cognitive test. I am so jittery I don't
    know whether to take xanax for my nerves or ritalin for my I guess neither.

    I'm going to go have a good cry and try to feel better.

    Will talk to you later..


    PS I don't even want the insurance (I may have told you) but I HATE talking about
    these DD's to someone who doesn't have them.

  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    It's a HOUR cognitive at MY HOUSE!! She just called and said she was
    running late.

    I ate the emergency peanut M&Ms' :)

  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    The cognitive test was 10 words that you made a sentence with. Then you did
    the same thing again. Then 15 minutes later, you tried to recall the words.
    I got 7.

    I will have to say that some times things work to your favor. The fact that my
    doc will rx almost anything I ask for....meant that I don't see specialists on
    a regular basis. He has such an ego, he thinks he is god :)

    I can't say that I was 100% truthful. For example "Have you fallen recently"
    or something like that. Well, who wouldn't fall if they had on sunglasses in a
    dark room...just saying.

    I need a drink....

  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    It's Butterflydream that I mix up with Pumpkinhead. Boy, that was
    bothering me Great to hear from you. The cherry concentrate
    sounds lucious. I am mixing some sugarfree lemonade with my own
    decaf no sugar tea. It's pretty good. I mean if the grocery store
    is SELLING tea and lemonade together...I just thought it might
    be 'different'. Mainly I am trying more water.

    First class all the way for Pam....yippee. YOU deserve it!! Keeping
    your FIL. I would think you deserve it anyway but that is very

    It's been in the low 90's and a cloud cover here so it hasn't been
    too bad despite no rain. Looks like the rain is coming next week.

    We are watching the Orient Express (old movie) tonite. Haven't
    ever seen it. Will let you know!

    One thing I forgot to tell you. The RN that came to my house is
    semiretired from working with insurance companies. When I
    told her my doc's name, she said "He is still alive?" "I mean,
    He is still practicing?" He could be very blunt.

    I can't wait to tell him that. Hope I remember it.

    Actually I thought 7 was a darn good number, but I only thought
    of 6 for most of the time. She didn't seem impressed :) LOL

    Later, Loves.

  19. victoria

    victoria New Member

    So, "it's" done with at least Spacee, it's out of your hands and you don't have to worry about it anymore at least. I wonder what the name of the test is? I tried to google it, but couldn't find anything that matched what you described tho there are some other 10 question "quick" tests.

    Orient Express is a great classic, old or new, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Christie was a great mystery writer, I think.

    Glad you get to go first class Pam! I've only gone 1st class once, when I flew on Airtran with a friend's DH who was a pilot... lol, automatic upgrade even tho I was paying 1/2 price thru his name just cuz I was on the same flight with him catching a seat- and of course he was wearing his uniform.... I think it's required to sit in 1st class, jejeje... Even better service, too!

    Mobile dog groomers I think are just as good. I actually considered doing that at one time, mobile or not, but then I learned that a good cut requires a lot scissoring. I occasionally get carpal tunnel problems, so decided not to risk it. A shame, cuz I could've done it on-site at our house as well, it was perfectly set up for it. Oh well. Hope your sweet pup Patty is happy!

    More rain overnight, more disturbed sleep for me... sigh. Hope tonight's quiet, today was a bad headache day for me anyway... oh well, today is but 'nother last day of just some of my life...

    Wish i had some peanut M&Ms!!!!

    Hasta Mañana!
  20. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Today is much cooler than yesterday TG. This is my 3rd day on antibiotics. My jaw and gums
    are swollen and hurts bad. Gargled with salt water. I wonder if an ear infection could drain and cause this issue? Anyone know?

    Wow Jan 35 pairs of ear rings you go girl. A friend of mine sells her jewelry at the beauty salon. Don't feel bad about your dog. Maybe it will help with the heat with short hair....
    Hope things go smooth with your step son.

    Butterfly dreams Thanks for your kind words. Nice to see you again.

    Pam lucky you i have not had the luxury of flying first class. Hope you have fun.

    Spacee i am glad your ordeal is over and i would be happy to share a drink with you. I would have been stressed having the interview at my home. You did good.

    Enjoy the weekend