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  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    Ok, I changed my mind and started the new thread right now.

    You need to know you can't depend on me cause I change my mind.
    Think of it as a good thing....serendipity! That's an old word...from
    the sixties or 70's?? And unexpected good thing.

    I must run...and watch Victoria's thingy.

    Back later...

  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    Check out Victoria's "morning run" on the 56 Lounge. It's on utube.

    All I can say is "where are their mother's". OR "where are the cops?" to watch though!

    I have a question. Can you kids leave your homes without taking
    ultram and ritalin? Cause I can't and I just want to know if I'm
    in the minority here. Oh, yes, and coffee.

    Something just seems wrong if it takes that many stimulants for one to leave their
    home...just saying. Maybe you kids have a better solution??
    Let's hear it!

    Oh, I should tell my doc? Nope, not going there. I have normal b/p, normal weight
    and I am awake when I get there. That is all that counts in his book.

    Go, to another doc. They have no good ideas. Think its is thyroid or hormones, it's
    not been tested twice.'re off the hook. Victoria's down with elevation illness and everyone else
    gots something. It's why we are here being friends. I get it.

    Ok, off to beddie bye.

    Sleep well....

  3. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    First I wanted to remember to say I did hear the announcer at the horse race My Wife Knows Everything ect.So funny.

    I've heard the gut theory in relation to several other illnesses too.I'm open to any and all theories I guess but the jury is still out.

    Yes Linda I know exactly what you are saying about the Ultram.My little bitty cup of coffee was to much for my stomach so I drank sweetened iced tea.Now my weight has started going back up after a couple yrs. of underweight,yea sucks.So trying coffee again and a small diet coke just to get going.

    I'm beyond tired and it takes forever to get moving mornings and then lunch comes and I crash again.At least the Tramadol gave me a boost.DD just got put on it and she said it did nothing.She called yesterday and said ohhh!First she got real tired then it kicked in.

    What's your favorite Bag?I've thought they looked like something I would like but seasoning and sauces can't be to strong for my taste.
    Ok coffee wasn't an option gotta go.
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    A pimple on my nose and other atrocities, as Judith Viorst
    might put it. Wouldn't you think w/ a dozen serious medical
    problems, one wouldn't also have to deal with the anguish
    of a nose pimple?

    Well, it doesn't really make much difference. Doesn't affect
    my appearance. I already look like an old Norwegian troll.

    Have to do various errands today. Already did a few. More
    than I do some days. Have to go visit Zippy this afternoon.

    Just for the record, Zippy is our dog. There is no Skippy
    except, as Barry said, in the pantry. Did you know peanut
    butter was originally a health food? Designed to give the poor
    more protein in their diet.

    Spacee, people were supposed to live in caves? Are you
    serial? How can you plug something into a rock wall when
    you wanna hear rock and roll?

    Victoria, thanks for the Sherlock Holmes joke. I guess the old boy
    will never die. New authors keep writing books in the A. C.
    Doyle tradition.

    Jan, come back when you can. You too, Barry. And
    Gratulerer Med Dagen as the Norskies say. Did you have
    a cake? A spanking? A party? A noisemaker?

    Pam, I used to like Hamburgler Stroganoff too. I think they
    changed the recipe though. The potatoes are funny now. A
    cardboard kinda texture.

    What is it w/ those mouth sores? Won't anything make them
    go away? Sounds terrible!

    Hafta stop at the library this afternoon. Pick up my Little
    Lulu anthology. I like to read things that improve my mind.

    Das ist alles
  5. spacee

    spacee Member

    Yes, the indignity of the pimple...when there are so many more serious ailments
    you have to contend with.

    In B'ham I asked my (only) 51 yo brother "what is that red spot on your nose?"
    "Pimple" I then told him that in Florida we are suspicious of all red spots on
    noses. DH has had 1/100th of his nose removed. Not much really.

    I invented Skippy? Well, darn. I had these visions of the dogs and cats
    playing together. I did wonder how you were handling the confusion but
    someone said the doorman was doing guard duty. Hmmm. That's how
    things get started!

    Pam, you are going to have to wait a week for the bag name. Till we go
    to store. I don't pay attention to brands much. And to your daughter,
    someone posted to drink a glass of water with ultram. I think that is
    cause it helps the motility of the innards (which is slowed down by
    ultram). And can get bad enough that you are in deep do do. So to

    Guess someone has to do KP and that would be me.....

    If you are interested Project Runway comes on tonite....guess not.

    Later gators, (OH, I saw one in the lake this am!!)

  6. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I've decided to cancel my birthday tomorrow/Friday, and all subsequent birthdays til further notices, jejejeje; I can do that in my parallel universe. There is more than enough time to reschedule them as I desire, I think?

    Do the gators ever come up on shore? I've seen films of them trying to get into houses. Really big ones too. The gators, that is.

    Red spots are suspicious in FL? How are they different from pimples? Tho I will say that the basal cell carcinoma I had removed a couple years ago started looking like a whitehead... then would kind of look like it was healing only to give me more problems. How did I know, tho?! I guess I should've after it didn't go away after 60 days. Doctor agreed with me, said it would've been easier if I'd come in right away. Had about a quarter-size removed from forehead, tho you can't see it now. Ew.

    Had a nice time today having cafe in the cafe... beautiful day, tho it was raining (again) by the time we got home. At least it's waiting til later in the day to start tho.

    There's a book about someone occupying the address of Sherlock Holmes in London and getting letters still; traditionally (according to the book) whoever was at that address answered them. The book was pretty good, it's supposed to be the start of a series but I can't remember the name, maybe Baker Street Letters'? Or is that too logical...

    But I do wonder what does happen to those letters. Does the British Postal System even read them, let alone answer them like people do for letters to Santa?

    Uh- can't remember anything else, but not sure there is anything else to remember as far as anything new here. 'Octacosanol' is helping me with the elevation adjustment it seems, tho I can't remember what else it was good for tho.

    Hugs to y'all, I'm off to enjoy dulces suenos and hope y'all have happy dreams too!

    Sighasnora aka Saynora

    ETA cuz I can't seem to include all the words I want/need...

    [This Message was Edited on 09/02/2010]
  7. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Even if you want to forget it have a nice day.

    I had a pimple right on the end of my nose.I messed with it and it looked like a giant wart.Went on vacation to sisters and BIL asked if I brought my broom.You couldn't miss seeing the darn thing and people stared.Got a biopsy but no I had gotten it infected is all.

    Yep two sores again Rock.On the Sjogrens board it's common.I think I get it more often and I'm wondering if calling in for Pred would help but don't want an appt. and shoot if it worked it would take 5days anyway so why bother?Drs. just don't know everything and there isn't always something to fix every problem I've found so I'm learning like a lot of us to suck it up.

    No big doings for the holiday weekend.Some errands,some picnic food,playing with DS toddler.

  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    Might just be Victoria by now. I think there were 5 of our group in a week.

    Pam, I am sure you are watching salted, spicy foods. Just in case the aggravate.
    There is a sjogren's board? Oh, yes, this is America and someone said there is
    a support group for everything :) tg.

    Ok, going to back down to everytime "DH" has a red spot, he goes to the dermatologist.
    I really don't know about anyone else since I don't see them. Oh, did see a long ago
    friend who had 23 stitches on her nose. Thinking Basal cell. Did a darn good job.
    Do you all know the 4 signs of a melanoma? You, we can never stop learning.
    Raise, irregular, different colors and larger than a pencil erasure. I learned it
    when a kid had 3 of the 4 (mole on his back).

    Rock, just mention you have a pimple and we have enough fodder for several posts:)

    Going back to Jax in a little bit. DIL is going out of town. There is nothing I want more
    than to be around a toddler for 3 days while she misses her mother. Duty calls.

    Victoria, I have this picture in my mind that you live in a quaint little village so small
    that you can walk to the cafe for cafe. Am I totally off there? Cuz that would have
    put you out in the rain. Now I am thinking someone drove.

    Happy Labor Day weekend....see you on the otherside of it!!

    Love and Huggies to all.

  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Haven't been able to get on the board with Mozilla firefox for hours. I'm here
    now w/ Internet Explorer, but it doesn't work so well either. Keeps making the
    sentences too long to read. I click on "Make Narrow". When I'm not looking
    it changes back to W I D E.

    Anyhoo, Many Happy Returns, Victoria. I agree w/ Dave Barry. Once a certain
    age is reached, birthdays should be ignored. Of course, you should make the decision
    about what age that would be yourself.

    I said one time at work, "Boy, I sure am getting old." I was reassured w/ the
    comment, "Well, you're only one day older than yesterday."

    Yes, true, but at our age we're looking back at decades, not days. Anyway, it's
    being old AND disabled that is the crux of the matter. Being old and healthy would
    be fine.

    Pam, I looked up Sjogrens one time. Can't remember a thing about it. The name
    looks Norwegian. Must be the dr. what invented it, huh?

    Used to have a supervisor back in MN named Fjelstad. And there was the famous
    tenor 50 years ago named Jussi Bjorling.

    Lots to do today. Gordon works for a mortgage company. He says they are swamped. Need
    to hire more people. I said I thought people weren't buying houses. He said no, but
    lots of people are refinancing because interest rates are low.

    All for now

  10. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi all. I'm sick of eating tomatoes! Thank God I did not grow any squash this year.

    Spacee, I just re-read your profile. Wow! You HAVE been through a lot, haven't you. I noticed too that you've been a member since '02 and so must be one of our honorary seniors! On another note, I'm going to ask my doc. about ritalin, though it seems I tried it in about '94 when I first started to begin getting really tired. I can't take dexedrine - too jittery - and Provigil doesn't work for me either. Ultram . I take a nap after the first one of the day. The ones I take in the p.m. keep me happily awake!

    We've still got hummingbirds, but not so many. Chipmunks all over the place, including me. I took one from the cat who was carrying one to me the other day as if it were a kitten. The chipmunk was playing dead, as they are prone to do, but was perfectly unharmed. It recovered it's composure and jumped from my hands to my shirt and then up onto the top of my head. It then proceeded to ball the cat out by chipping madly. Was then released into a thick bush, cat was taken into house, and all ended well.

    Rock: I am glad for you; you seem to be having some NRG! Send some my way, PLEASE! How is the orchid minding going? This hot spell must keep you on the hop. It has flattened me -- 92 yesterday and today -- cooling tomorrow by about ten degrees, and another ten the following.

    OK folks, I can't take no more computer right now. Ciao.

  11. victoria

    victoria New Member

    And, I don't think I got a chance now that I think about it to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone else having birthdays! Talk about my brain being fried!

    Excellent wisdom re being only one day older... except that-- yesterday I could say I was a whole year younger than I can say now! We know we're getting old when we are happy to be younger than others... and we know when we're really old when we're happy to again proclaim our age, LOL.

    Funny how it all keeps reversing. My 92 yo aunt visited us way back, she was in great shape... I took her to a nearby town in Georgia that is one of the few towns Sherman spared on his march to Savannah in Civil war (Madison GA). One of the pre-CW homes was open for a tour by the owners. The man who owned it proudly proclaimed his age, 90, since he did look really good. My aunt smiled and proclaimed her age of 92. Too funny, I just had to roll my eyes.

    On the other hand, my DH had an old friend from HS visit us... I knew she couldn't figure out how old I was, and was figuring much younger than I really was. She also obviously already had her comment prepared ahead of time, so, after finally asking me and finding out there was only 4 years difference... she said I was still a 'baby' at 44 (she was all of 48). LOL she didn't mean it as a compliment either, sigh.

    Nope, I don't live within walking distance of anything except fields & orchards, LOL. I wish I did, but then again am glad I do not, as the pueblos are noisy. Plus, to live close to the Plaza Grande of Patzcuaro, it would cost mucho dinero ($$$$).

    OK this reply has sat on my computer for 3 hours, now I can't remember too much and afraid the power might go off as it's raining... will TTY'all Later...

    Hasta pasta...
  12. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Hi Georgia! so email me where you've decided to be?

    That's great you can keep your house there and be here, wherever, for part of the year.

    We are thinking of maybe doing that, if our daughter does stay in our old house and does actually follow thru with buying it... that's her intention, but, I know all to well how things can change at that age. We were thinking we could have a small place on the land since it is 15 ac, maybe by the pond. But we want to wait a few years to be sure about her, LOL.

    Barry - the only thing I can think of is rigging up a swamp cooler maybe? Have a fan blowing over ice at yourself? Buy some of those crystals for pots that swell with water and have it sewn into a neck-kerchief? How can you be sick of tomatoes, LOL? Fruit of all kinds have been bad here because so much of Mexico has had too much rain. But we still get apples from Washington state, hehehehe.

  13. victoria

    victoria New Member

    it's so very quiet here... I'm not sure,
    is everyone having picnics or BBQs,
    or sleeping in?

    At least there are no fireworks like 4th of July, LOL...

    (Those who are eating BBQ, please enjoy some for me?! ;)

  14. spacee

    spacee Member is a strain trying to stay awake, isn't it? Then there is Rock who can't sleep.
    I know I chose too much sleep than insomnia. Sure we would really like to be 'well'
    if we could! I did pretty well on NADH, 1/2 ultram and 1/2 ritalin this trip. I do take
    morning naps after my 'uppers'. Frequently feel chilled then too.

    I have a cat story too! Not a cute as the 'playing dead' chipmunk. GD (age almost 2)
    favorite thing is to sit in the car and pretend to 'drive'. Sweet, neighborhood cat came
    up and jumped in the car with us. Course, she didn't stay long :) She came up every
    nite to say 'hi'. Maybe it was really "milk?". Wonder if her owners were gone.

    Speaking of brisk business (Gordon's), the outlet mall's were packed. Nope, we didn't join
    the shoppers (yuk!) but it was amazing to see. There is one in Jax and another in Orlando
    that we eyeballed as we drove by. Those are for the young and willing to wait in lines.

    The BMW plant in Germany has put in 'accomodations' for their aging employees. Like wood
    floors where they stand, special shoes so their feet won't hurt, a magnifying glass so they can read the fine print. If people who work all day need these...then I feel better about needing
    them :) I guess. It's one thing to have them and produce more. Another to have them
    and produce nada. sheesh.

    Will close....

  15. victoria

    victoria New Member

    well. it WAS a good day today, I was feeling pretty good until...
    I tried to break up a dog fight, slipped and fell, likely fractured coccyx or at least really bruised it, and at same time wrenched lower back...

    and last but not least realized I got bit on the leg (accidentally). Now on abx, and need to go to public health to get tetanus shot. Oh joy! Oh pain.

    Not that the DOGS have any injuries or pain. They laid low after hearing my hysterics afterwards.

    Anyone wanna join my pity party? Looking forward to alternating ice packs and epsom salt baths... wish i had some candles, and aromatherapy maybe?... Hmmm, are there any scents that are supposed to help acute pain? Wish I had some oxycodone or something, can't take any more aspirin cuz it always kicks up my ulcer and I have enough pain!
  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    All your doggies? Fighting? That's a lot of pain!!! I bet they did feel bad after hearing your
    'hytersterics'. Gosh, what a lot of pain.

    I am lying on the sofa today. Or bed. Took the hepasuate last nite. Don't know if I should
    push through it and take 5 straight days of it. Or what. It isn't pain that I feel. It is
    a weird feeling. Lightheaded, might be good word.

    So, I will join your party Victoria! Just for moral support!! :)

  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    That's terrible. So sorry to hear about your accident. Coccyx injuries can be
    really serious as I'm sure you know. A coworker had such an injury in a car
    accident. She was still sitting on a donut a year later.

    As for therapeutic scents that help pain, does morphine have a scent? SOL

    Hope the problem turns out to be less damaging than it looks right now.

  18. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    How awful Victoria.Get checked out.I'm expecting a new book today on pain maybe I'll get an idea.

    This weekend I watched DVD's,fiddled around and tried to rest or sleep.Feeling off and yesterday the fatigue hit so hard after just taking a nap I started to cry while complaining to DH.Then I laughed because two actual tears ran down my cheeks and the release made my eyes feel so good.It's the little things in life you learn to appreciate huh?

    It's allergy season starting so I'm sure that's the culprit.I shut the windows this morning and turned the air back on I need to live in a bubble.

    Take it easy Spacee sounds like a rough ride.
    Hey Rock,hope your doing fine.
  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    I am going to tell my pcp that I am interested in aroma therapy, Rock.
    That was a really good one.

    And Pam. Two tears! That lack of moisture must be horrid!!!! Oh, well, yes
    the fatigue. We all know and love (hate actually).

    Allergy season in Sept. One email friend talked me into signing up for a daily
    pollen count. The Pollen Count people are now my most frequent emailers :)
    Gotta get friends where ever I can. We haven't opened windows in 26 years.
    It's just not worth it.

    I'm trying to not turn this into Spacee's medical treatments. Guess I'm not
    trying hard enough. When I was thumbing through some of my labs (spare
    time reading material). I noticed my EBV (Epstein Barr Virus) titer was:
    3,444. Yep. That high. So since the Hepasuate is really great against all
    herpes family viruses (includes ebv), I thought...gotta stay on this stuff.
    Will give a once a week up date if I remember.

    Today was a good day. That is a rare thing. Still stayed in my pj's. didn't
    go anywhere but it was good.

    Those Brits. I guess you gotta love them. Son finished his dissertation
    last might recall. Today finally got word that he will be able
    to 'defend' it by the crucial end of the year date. He refers to himself
    as a bible historian. Never heard him use that before. Evidently there
    are some jobs in that field. I did ask him what he would have studied
    if he had not gone that direction. He thought a moment and said "I can't
    think of anything else that interest me". Hmmm.

    I was looking online for chaplain jobs for one of the other sons. Yep, there
    they were...right in Wisconsin!!! Brrr! He likes it cool though. Said once that
    he plans his day from which direction the fan should be blowing on him.
    (possibly while he is playing computer games).

    I'm out like a lightblub.



  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Opened windows again this morning.High 60's so the air on is silly.I promise not to whine if allergies kick in again.

    My son and fiancee want to buy our house when they get married next yr.They are going to save as much as possible and it will benefit both of us if it works out.

    Not much else new here.

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