Fifty THREE for Nudies and jammies :)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    I got the bright I idea that if I put lounge clothes on that I would actually
    do more than in my jammies. That was a wrong assumption.

    Pam, I do not know why you are complaining about ice cream now that
    I have had 4 popcicles in 2 days. :) No, I know it doesn't fill you up!'

    I am checking out Curves. (not saying I am joining) They have 8 machines
    that I like. You are suppose to keep your cardio up at a station between
    the machines by walking. At that point, I could sit...cause we are not suppose
    to get our hearts up. It's just an idea. And I might just see people.

    I told DH that housework didn't seem to be calling my name anymore.
    He got out the swiffer. No complaints.

    Let's find some good rules (I hope)

    Oh I love this one
    Rule 500 Women whose names end with the letter "i' are more promiscuous.
    More than who?

    501 was racist so I can't put it.

    Rule 505 The best dog name is Rex
    Rule 506 The worst cat name is Mister.

    Boy, I am beginning to tell this was written my men at Esquire.


  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I used to go by the nickname Vicki... well I changed it to Victoria, so nobody'll look at me twice now, right?

    My favorite motto was,
    "My house was clean last week. Too bad you missed it."
    LOL you have a great DH. Mine is too, has no problems sweeping or mopping TG!

    So anybody have a cheap online place to buy lounge wear? What do you call lounge wear, vs. pj's, btw?

    OK I just knew Spacee was gonna start a new one, but wrote a long post at the end of #52.... oh well.

    At the rate of these threads, we're catching up to my age.

    Older than the dirt in my house...
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Took a purchase back to Radio Shack yesterday. A nice young man with the
    name tag "Danny" gave me a refund w/ no hassle whatsoever. I am so sick
    of buying junk from China. Bought some small items in the last year or so w/ the
    labels of General Electric, Westclock, and Sony. All junk from China.

    A lot of people advise us to buy American. Where can you find American stuff?
    A lot of products like cars have parts manufactured in different countries; maybe
    assembled in another. And items from places like the Philippines, Puerto Rico,
    Guam, Samoa, say "made in America". It's all too grisly.

    I need to buy a CD player, but shopping for one is an unhappy experience.
    Checked on the net. Prices range from $40 to $20,000. That last one is made
    in England.

    Victoria, I went back and read your post a second time. I read it extra hard
    to make sure I extracted all the goodness from it. I wonder if your jade
    plants are like the ones here. Ours have tiny white flowers shaped like stars.

    Spacee, ya think Fido is still a popular name for a dog. Latin for "faithful" I'm
    told. As in "semper fidelis". Handel wrote an opera called "Il Pastor Fido". It's
    about a faithful shepherd rather than a dog.

    Hope you're sleeping better. I'm not. HaHa! I had insomnia when I was a kid.

    Pam, "tommy toes" is very clever. Did your DH think that up? Must be a guy who is
    on his toes.

    Gordon mounted a plant last night. No, he didn't climb up it. He put sphagnum moss
    behind it and tied it to a board w/ fishing line. Then he hung it on the fence. We
    already have a dozen plants (mostly orchids) on the fence. And many more in
    pots below. I keep telling him there's no more room. He just nods, and pretty soon
    he brings more home. Plus he has hundreds more at his mother's place. Collector's
    never had enough.

    What's up in the berry garden, Barry? Gordon got half a dozen raspberries from
    his one bush last week. I wonder if they still make black raspberries, or have they
    been sent to India or some place. People used to have raspberry bushes of
    both colors when I was a kid.

    Well, Mama kitty is signaling she wants to come in. I have a treat for the cats
    tonight. It's chicken broth, Huckle's favorite treat.

  4. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I'm surprised you never heard Tommy toes Rock.I remember the cans of mixed nuts and one being called a Tommy toe too.I didn't like that kind and picked over it.

    I wish we could put our heads together and come up with a good lounger line of clothes.Not the dusters my mom wore or the mu mu's that look like your hiding a house under it.
    I want something sleeveless for summer and not restricting.

    I love popsicles!I used to keep them in the freezer all the time and kids visiting would ask for one the minute they came in the door.A Sjogren staple.Think I'll get some thanks.Oh yeah,that lb. is gone today and I lost 2 instead.I weigh every couple days to keep myself on track now that I've started gaining again.As long as my clothes fit I don't care about the number anymore.It's taken a lot of yrs. to stop being concerned about my scale.I use it to know if I should turn down the extra helping that day.

    I feel in a fog today.Fuzzy like.Maybe winding down from a couple busy days.DH comes home today and I already threw some things together for a soup,stew concoction to heat later.Lil needs a bath but if she's lucky I won't be up for it.
  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    LOL Rock... so far I don't know if the jades get those flowers or not, I sure hope they do cuz they are pretty. I suppose it might depend on when we have the first frost.

    I agree Pam, some nice- reasonably priced - loungewear would be nice! I think guys have it easier, can 'get away' with more...

    I thought all the 'junk' we've bought at top dollar here at US chains was a MX problem, apparently not. Sigh. It reminds me of when 'made in Japan' meant it was junk. I've had better luck with stuff bought in U.S., which made me wonder if MX was being dumped on, but I guess not. Interesting but discouragine and unreal... how can they stay in business, how long can the chains accept 'not very good quality' stuff to sell?

    Ok just in case Jan missed my post, the one thing I did want to let her know about were the fiber optic beads... thought they were neat the way they looked like they refracted light...

    Sunny today! Wonder for how long.

    And I'm envious of the orchid collection, how neat!

  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    Rock, you must really love all I can say :) Nah, a collector is much better
    than a hoarder. I am thinking a collector 'displays' his things and a hoarder does differently.

    I had a friend who was a collector of small inexpensive nicknacks. I asked her if I could
    bring #3 to see her house. It was ok'd.

    I, too, would like to not buy Chinese. Even more so since the new, deadly virus has
    been found there. I think they said sometime on the news that the trade agreement
    with China isn't going to be so rosy for our ppl would have more of a break.
    Believe it when I see it.

    So, Vicki, when you meet someone, you will know how to introduce yourself! I always
    hate to start a new thread and leave the last post hanging. I should remember to say
    "be sure and read the end of the last one".

    For me this is the difference in jammies and loung. Jammies I really don't want to
    open the door with them on....put I could. (I'm talking middle of the day...and you
    still have your jammies on???). Lounge I could go run errands in and have even
    gone to the doc's in. He asked "Lounge pants?".

    I got mine at Penny's. One in the store and one online. $17 each marked down from
    $30 or so they said. Very comfy, hold up well. This years model. You can't tell from
    year to year on anything anymore. These I found in the Active Wear dept. What a
    misnomer. But that's my go to place.

    I just read Cheney's thoughts on Curcurmin. In fancy words, he said that it makes
    cancer cells die, apparently slows or inhibits alzheimers since they don't have much
    of it in India and helps with herpes viruses. I have high HHV6 (roseola) which
    seems a lot of CFSers have. He didn't say how much to use but said at high
    amounts can cause nausea and diarrhea.

    It's 4pm. Not even ritalin nor a medium cocacola from McD's could keep me awake
    1-3pm this afternoon. Whine, Whine. The nap was nice.

    On, yeah. I remember when Japan was junk. Now I'll take Malaysia over China...if
    I have a choice.

    Taco Soup in the crock pot tonite.


  7. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Sorry i have not been posting. Not on the top of my game. Going to Dr today, still having jaw and gum issues. Went to the dentist he did not find anything wrong and referred me to my periodontist. I have an appt mid august.

    Anxieety is so high now. We are filling bankruptcy. Never in a million years did i expect this.
    Trying to fight back the depression but as you all know that is hard. It's hard to lose everything we worked so hard for.

    I'm trying to look at this as a new adventure. So i won't go totally mad. Sorry to be such a downer/whiner today. I know you all will understand and i appreciate all of you.

    This too shall pass.
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I'm so sorry to hear the bad news. Anybody would be depressed with all this
    going on. You are not a whiner.

    We (the middle-class, the people that work) are all victims of vast, impersonal economic
    forces that we have no control over. the big corporations and the politicians have
    sold the country down the river. The future looks very bleak.

    My sister lost her job over a year ago. Has not been able to find anything but brief
    temporary jobs. Her husband was disabled with polio. He worked until his job was
    discontinued a few years ago.

    My sister told me recently that they had to file bankruptcy. She didn't give me much
    info so I didn't feel I should ask.

    Hope you are able to salvage something and stay strong despite everything. Sending
    you good vibes and wishes.

  9. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Oh Rock you are so kind. thanks for the good vibes and wishes. Sorry your sister had hard times.

    Went to my gp today. He said i have an ear infection and a sinus infection. He gave me a strong antibiotic. Doc said i may need to take two dosages if the first round doesn't work.

    I am relieved, some light at the end of the tunnel. My dentist is a goof ball when it comes to antibiotics. DH overheard the dental assistant telling the dentist the little old lady they worked on will be in pain and he said take tylenol.

    So off to Costco Pharmacy tomorrow. Not my favorite place. Concrete floors and harsh lighting. Ok i am done complaining now. Thanks for letting me vent.
  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    Such a terrible ordeal. You just can't get away from it for a moment. It is just
    there all the time. I read that most Americans are two paychecks away from
    having nothing. And I agree with Rock, the greed of corporate American is
    beyond words...well ok, Rock actually said something about it but it is shocking.

    I do want to cheer some of you up about the future. If they can put a 10% tax
    on tanning booths and make billions, they can put a 10% tax on quite a few
    unnecessary things and pull us up. A lady who has a bartender friend said today
    that the sell of alcohol never goes down in a recession. (But many just at his
    bar, I don't know).

    We didn't have to file bankruptcy (i month from it) but I broke down and cried
    when the postman had me sign for "the notice to Levy" from the IRS.

    That is when my depression and stress and anxiety started so bad. I am wondering
    though about your gums. Several of us here have sjogren's. I wonder if you
    have ever had an ANA done in your bloodwork. It is an autoimmune disorder.
    Involves organs that produce moisture. Wonder if it is an inflammation from
    that....but just guessing. Probably not. I had to ask my doc for the test.

    We think about you Patty, even when you don't post. I know you are going through

    Good wibes and vishes to you too (Rock's orginal with that one)

  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Use us to vent to Patty.I'm so sorry you're going through such hard times.I have similar feelings about the economy and the politics as everyone else here.I'll refrain from getting started.It just breaks my heart for the people in this country.I feel as hopeless about the future as everyone.It's a no win situation your in and I wish you the best getting through it.Good for you taking a positive outlook.I hope things turn out well for you and your family.

    Another exhausted day.A zombie day as Spacee calls it.I know not to panic just plug along this to shall pass.
  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    Patty we were posting at the same VERY glad your pcp knew
    what was wrong. Have you considered a different dentist? Boy, I'm
    a baby when it comes to pain.

    Ok, more rules and these are addressed to keep it in mind.

    Rule 280 It's okay if you are overweight

    Rule 281 As long as you can dance

    Rule 282 It is always unacceptable to refuse a woman's request to dance.

    Ok, it is here that I am going to vent :) I knew we were going to have
    a wedding (son's) within a year. I wanted DH and I to learn better steps
    than going in a slow circle. (was I out of my mind?)

    Of course, he wasn't going to the dance studio during their free hour.
    So, my hairdresser and some ladies were going and I went. Then
    came home, put one something slinky (cause I knew we were not
    going to practice dancing just because it might be fun). He said ok.

    Well, the next week....same horse, same saddle. Nope. He wasn't
    going to dance with me. Nope, Nope Nope.

    I have a long memory. Guess who has never been danced with at a
    son's wedding. Yep, that is just the kind of person I am. (snicker).
    He didn't seen to notice.

    On a extra note. The DJ came up (right before the parent/child dance)
    and said "you look like someone in charge" (Clearly I was not in charge being
    mother of the groom). "what song is next?" (HA! Like someone had asked
    me about songs selections?) With brain fog, the only thing that came to mind
    was "The Twist". It was played, there were surprised looks and a lot of laughs.
    (I hate sentiment so it worked).

    Since I don't get out much...I only come up with stuff like this.

    Except. Rock, why did I think you lived in the city and had no land...but
    here Gordon has a space for Orchids!! And the cats can get out. How

    Kick me if I retell my story....

    Silly Me
  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I tried to get my DH to dancing lessons way back when.Ballroom dancing was the thing to do so we had free introductory lessons in the mail.He agreed to try it.The male instructor scolded me and told me I lead so he took over and flirted like crazy and didn't let me have another chance!I was so mad I refused to go back.

    My DH goes in circles too and he has this disgusting way of asking me to dance."Do you want to rub bellies"?He thinks he's being cute.
  14. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Patty, so sorry! I've had friends that have gone thru this, it is so stressful and can be so hard to recover from. And of course the stress is doubly horrible for you. Hope you keep dropping by, keeping us up to date. I hope things work out more in your favor than not. It has been said this crash has been the biggest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the upper class...

    I think "the Twist" was a great suggestion, LOL! Something everyone could do even holding onto something, and as fast or slow as they wanted to! My DH could've been a good dancer as he had great footwork in the boxing ring, but hates to dance totally. Oh well. I think the last time we danced was at a wedding about 1989...? The last time before that was probably our wedding, LOL in the 1970s.

    I remember having to go to 'Fortnightly" in 7th/8th grade, everyone went - dance classes on Sat. night in the school gym. It was led by a guy who'd bring his unhappy teenaged son to help, LOL. We had to learn everything from the waltz to foxtrot etc. No twist of course, we were dressed up formally. Amazing how much things have changed! And yep, I got accused of 'leading' too much too. Hey, if the boy wasn't gonna do it, why be mad at me? jejeje

    Another rainy afternoon and night it looks like. We're getting uncommon amounts!
  15. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Good Morning It is a cloudy day in Seattle. We have had great weather lately. DH is going to Costco for me today TG.

    Spacee i know you understand what we are going thru. You are so sweet to think of lttle ole me. I too think about all of you when i not here. Think i will look up sjogrens on the net. I have considered changing dentist but he does pretty good work. Maybe he has never experienced pain. Fortunately i have my own pain meds.

    Pam Thanks for your support. I chuckled at your DH attempts to be romantic. How are you feeling now? Can you eat now? I hope so.

    I find it interesting that i receive more support here with you all. It is hard for me to talk to friends about whats going on. I try to avoid talking about my issue's. My standard answer is i am fine. Here i can tell the truth with out judgement. That means so much to me.

  16. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    We posted at the same time. Thanks for your support. Hope you get some better weather.

    Speaking of twisting my mom won first prize at a dance contest back in the sixties.

    Take care
  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    Patty, I think that is a great idea to just talk to us about things. Wish I had had
    the chatboard when we were at out worst. It is still amazing to me to be able to
    come here and have friends who are going through battles and we are together
    in it.

    Rubbing Bellies. Boy, that would be a turn off for sure. He sounds like a bright
    articulate soul....I think he could do better. Maybe I should make it one of the
    Rules I have been posting. Funny how annoying little sayings get stuck "ON" and
    they keep getting repeated and repeated.

    Rule No 197 Always keep your receipt from Radio Shack. (Now this is not cause
    everything is made in China. It is because they won't take it back even if Radio
    Shack is on the product....without the said receipt).

    Rule No 187 Cairo is the nicest city with open sewers.

    Rule No. 182 White men with lots of college look the funniest dancing. And
    should not say "want to rub bellies" :)

    Patty, just how old is your mom? Inquiring mind.

    Thanks kids for all being here for each other!!

  18. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Good morning all (it’s 12:07 AM as I start my little novella!).

    I hope you guys haven’t forgotten about me. I haven’t forgotten about y’all. It’s been a weird several weeks. Just haven’t felt like myself lately….physically or emotionally. Now that I think about it………I WISH I didn’t feel like myself. I wish I felt like a 23 year old, healthy, happy, perky, vivacious woman. Instead, I guess I DO feel like myself! Oh hells bells, you know what I mean! (can you tell it’s midnight?!!)

    I’ve been having more days of pain than not. I’ve had to increase my intake of pain meds. Nothing I do seems to help. Stop the diet soda….no change. Drink more diet soda….no change. Eat lots and lots of fruits and veggies….no change. Eat more junk food….no change. I’m just so freakin’ discouraged. Oh, and never made it to the pain doctor because our new health insurance got screwed up. So, I have to wait until that gets squared away so I can make another appointment. And my hormones have been moaning. It seems as though the “Big M” has finally hit… of April, actually. And these hot flashes are killers!

    AND, it’s been, like, a million degrees for about 2 weeks in a row. I hate air conditioning. Well, I like the IDEA of air conditioning, I just hate having to breath the same stale, yucky air day after day. I do, however, usually open the windows at night, no matter how yucky it is outside.

    DH has been picking up a lot of time at the ambulance base, at weird hours, to pick up a little bit more money (he’s a volunteer but they get paid a very small stipend for every call they take). I know why he’s doing it but sometimes it still gets me down and I get selfish and want him home more often.

    On the up-side, I’ve been busy making earrings. I’ve made over 100 pairs so far. In about 2 weeks I’m going to have a ‘sale’ at our apartment complex. It will be interesting to see how that goes.

    Spacee, I like your idea of having a human to ‘be’ us once in a while. I think I would ask the little humanoid to do all the boring, day to day physical stuff that needs to get done. Then I would have the energy to do the enjoyable stuff like walk my sweet little naked doggie!

    Rock, so sorry you had a fall and I hope you’re feeling better. Could it be that your blood sugar was low? Here’s an interesting statistic……did you know that the majority of falls are caused by broken hips….not the other way around? Yup, in the elderly, a fall is often caused by a person moving the wrong way or the bones just being brittle, the hip breaks and the person falls. Just thought I’d share that depressing little tid-bit!

    Victoria, I think I may have seen those beads you described on one of the websites I go to. They were beautiful… about $20.00 a bead!!!! That’s just a little bit above my current budget! :)

    Spacee, I thought about joining Curves a few years back. But, the method of payment was that you had to sign a thingee saying the money would automatically come out of your checking account every month. And, see as there are months where there is NO money in my checking account, I just couldn’t do it. It does sound like fun though. Sounds more interesting that going to a gym and walking on a treadmill for an hour. Regarding Rule 500: wanna start spelling your name with an “I”….Spaci? I could be Jani, Becky could be Becki, Victoria could go back to being Vicki…..etc. AND…..if you spelled your name Spaci instead of Spacee……your husband just might take those dance lessons with you! Teehee!

    Patty, once again I think we are twins-separated-at-birth. I think I told you in the past that my DH and I lost our house to foreclosure 4 years ago. And, I too, have had to declare bankruptcy. But, it did feel like a new beginning. I know….sounds kinda greedy to say that, when so many people work their behinds off in order to stay out of bankruptcy, but I was very ill at the time and couldn’t have worked any more hours than I was already working without falling over in a heap. I’m sorry that you guys are having to go through all of this and hope that you will remember that your have friends here that understand and won’t judge.

    Well folks, I had better get to bed before I’m too tired to find it. Later, friends.

  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Jan hope your jewelry sale goes well.Wouldn't that be something if it took off?I know what you feel about feeling off.I watered the garden yesterday and seriously considered dropping the hose and lying right there in the grass.I felt so strange.I think outloud I need to stop and go in the house.I don't think I did to much earlier in the week it just goes this way sometimes,most times doesn't it?

    Hey Patty,my mouth is still healing which is unbelievable to me.Burning and soeness is much better but geeze already heal up.Thanks for asking.

    DH loves little sayings that he knows will gross me out.He's a funny guy.

    I saw on TV today a nice caftan.I'm going to look into that as an idea of loungewear.
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Nothin' much goin' on here today. The library opens at ten. If
    I have a little pep, I'm going. The Los Angeles library system
    keeps laying off workers and shortening its hours.

    When I grew up our village library was open 5 hours a week.
    Minnie Trouten was the librarian all the years I lived there.
    The library was just a room in the civic building. Smaller than
    the average living room. But the books could still open new

    Do you see the news the other day? Last year Amazon sold
    more E-books than regular books. Amazing!

    Jani, did I tell you my mother used to make jewelry? Can't
    remember nothin' anymore. Anyhoo, like everydobby in my
    family, she didn't have much dexterity. But she made jewelry
    w/ tiny shells. Basically just gluing the the shells to a piece of
    plastic. Trouble was, with the slightest touch the darn shells
    fell off.

    So she switched to painting plaster figurines. That worked
    better. She took a pair of Santa Clauses over to the furniture
    store. They were displayed on a mantle in the window. My grandmother,
    not knowing her daughter had crafted these object d'arts, bought
    them and brought the home for my mother to admire.

    Pami, did you see popsicles are in the news? New flavors like
    pineapple-chili. Yuck-o! With regard to the dancing instructor,
    who was he flirting with? You or your hubby?

    When I was a kid popsicles came in 4 colors. Red, orange,
    lime and purple. I won't say 4 flavors cause they really had
    very little flavor. But they were cold. Cost a nickle. Handy
    for sharing w/ a friend.

    Patti, how neat that your mom won a contest. Can she
    still do the twist? My generation was the first to dance to
    rock and roll. Maybe not the greatest generation, but
    arguable the coolest generation.

    Vicki, another when I was a kid recollection. We did lots
    of folk and square dancing. Part of our summer recreation
    program. The other part was swimming. No pool in our
    town, but a school bus took us to a nearby town in Iowa.

    A few years ago I checked out a book on architecture in
    Iowa. The swimming pool is there. An example of modern
    (l930s) design.

    Spaci, I do live in the city. As for land, never bought any. My
    son, on the other hand, bought a townhouse when he was in
    his 20s.

    I made a note by your name. Looks like "bing cherries" or
    possibly not.


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