Fifty TWO is On for the Loungers (pj's required....j/k)

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  1. spacee

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    I was the last poster and I posted some Rules for men.

    Here are a couple more for chuckles:

    Rule No. 384 Women who come from big families are more fun. (Really?)
    Rule No 385 That new Bob Dylan album isn't quite as good as everyone
    says it is. (Who said it was good, not me!)
    Rule 397 If it bends, it is funny. If it bends two ways, it's even funnier.
    If it bends 3 ways, marry it. (trying to figure that one out)

    In our fam. #3 and girlfriend had had to have "space" cause of her anxiety,
    stress and depression. Sigh. I hate it when people so young suffer. It is
    bad enough at my age.

    Which reminds me of why extwin and I don't speak. Paxil. It changed her
    personality so much. Her "filter" on what not to say to your sister vanished.
    But she needs the med and is I would rather her be happy than
    have a relationship (very big of me, isn't it..j/k) She has terrible social phobias.
    And with Paxil she doesnt.

    The rain trees are blooming yellow. Just started, will let you know when they
    turn pink!

    It's a new day!! Almost its 11pm

    Love to all!

  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    PJs required? They're on! Wanna check? ;)
    Already a new day where you are, Spacee/Linda but, I have 25 minutes to go
    hoping to be in bed by the time that arrives!

    Interesting re Paxil and your twin - making her more social and happy yet being
    too 'outspoken' to you. Wonder if she did that to anyone else? Weird.

    I tried it once because of the theory that these meds can help with fatigue, but
    I got the really bad reaction and that was before all those stories of teens. Typical
    of me, tho, I'm usually paradoxical. At least it was such a sudden 'switch' that it
    was VERY obvious to me internally/mentally - sort of like if visually the world suddenly
    looked like the Emerald City. I only took it a total of 3 days before stopping.

    I had a great 2 hours around late morning - sun was out, clouds were whipping by,
    the wind was up, that sort of 'restless' feeling in the air, somehow that gives me
    energy in a very feel-good way. I wonder if it's the ozone?

    Then it clouded over, and my jaw ached :( because of the pressure changes. My
    one jaw joint works like most people's 'other' joints. Not sure which place would be
    worse? Oh well, it's all gone now.

    buenos noches... y dulces suenos!


    ETA: Regarding rule 397 (If it bends, it is funny. If it bends two ways, it's even funnier. If it bends 3 ways, marry it.) - Now that's scary!!!!

    I wish this "rule" would actually work:
    On the keyboard of life, always keep one finger on the escape key.

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  3. Ranigar

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    I'm on Paxil and I don't feel like myself.I asked my son if I acted differently at Xmas and he said no.He is on antideppressants and told me that's how they make you feel.When I tried going off it I was irritable and isolated myself so I guess I need to put up with it.

    That must be hard for you Linda.My youngest sister has nothing to do with me either.We had a falling out over her telling me lies to get money and I called her on it.I was in the right but she is holding a grudge these past 5 or so yrs.It's probably for the best but sad.

    I did use the cleaning supplies I got out yesterday so today I'll start a book I think.DH leaves for Chicago on Sun. on business.The start of a busy travel schedule for the yr.
  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    If going to Chicago, late spring thru early fall are the best times unless you run into record heat! Being from the Chicago area, I like being 'from' there, great place to visit!

    The winter after we'd moved away from Chicago, it hit a record 126 BELOW zero - windchill not included - and cracked tires on cars in late 1970s. A Chicago friend came to visit me in summer in Georgia. The day she got home it was a record 106 in Chicago and only 95 in GA.

    As I said, it's a great place to be from, and a great place to visit!, even if on business.

    Paxil caused me to be extremely irritable inside. Nobody could tell. I felt like I was 'going over the edge' mentally and could've done something awful, had thoughts I never had before or since. If I didn't know myself as well as I did/do, not sure of results. Which is why I felt sorry actually for some of those kids on similar or same meds that did violent things.

    I'm feeling mas or menos today...
  5. spacee

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    Lydia1 (not her real name)...LOL. Julie did you ever read the thread or two that
    was nothing but (not my real name). Seems alot of ppl don't use their real name
    around here. Sure, you are welcome anytime. Oh, colitis, bad. My wonderful sis
    in law suffers with that too. I am sorry you have it.

    I hope none of you Paxil takers are in the reproduction stage of life. I saw for
    the first time that Paxil can cause club feet, cleft palate and heart defect in
    unborns. I think we are all past that stage.

    These antidepressands, etc are all kinda weird how they can work. I think
    extwin is in the emerald city and having a grand time :). She also scratched
    off her list her next door neighbor who is disabled with FM. I guess she has
    been around the neighbor and me for so long, she is ready to kick up her
    heels with some relatively well folks. Since it is hard for me to talk on the
    phone, the timing was good for the "you go your way and I'll go mine".

    Pam, does your hubby ever get tired of traveling. The packing and unpacking
    of the suitcase is one ordeal. But men usually use less so that might be
    easier. I remember when Obama won the election, he was asked what he
    would not was the packing/unpacking of the suitcase.

    Boy, Chicago's weather. The cold would do me in. I think there are some
    condos downtown that you can go from your parking space to stores to shop
    and not go outside. Bet you still freeze though!

    Another rule: 374 Women who have two or more brothers are less likely to
    be disgusted by you. I have two brothers but I was still clueless. It was
    having 3 sons that made me wonder 'how could any woman stand living with
    one of them'. I really knew that men and women were different after having them
    grow up around me.

    Guess I will toddle off to night night in my flannel pjs. They are white with pink
    and brown spots so that makes them look more my mind!

    Love you all.


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  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    As is generally the case, I am wide awake in the middle of
    the night. Mama kitty came in for a visit a while ago. Don't
    know where the rest of the feral cats are.

    Spacee, what are rain trees? I looked on the net. Some sites
    said a rain tree was the monkey pod tree. And other sites
    had different info.

    In the last couple years some trees w/ big yellow flowers have
    shown up in LA, planted by the city. Nobody seems to know
    the name of the tree though.

    Speaking of men in the family, my aunt had 4 sons and a
    hubby. She used to joke she was going to write a book and
    expose marriage. (She and hubby were married 59 years. Both
    died last year. I was at their wedding at St. Olaf College in

    Victoria, I am not wearing PJs although they look like Pj
    bottoms. Gordon brought them home from some discount
    house. They are "lounging pants". Haha! They were too long
    so I hacked them off. Well, I can sew on a button, but hemming
    is too tricky for me.

    Pam, I never took Paxil although I have used several ADs over
    the years. Don't know if Paxil would make me pixilated or not.

    What book are you reading? I am reading a Maisie Dobbs mystery and
    the Frugal Gourmet's book on immigrant ancestors and old world
    recipes. Like lefse and rommegrot from Norway. The first is similar to
    a tortilla only made w/ potatoes. And rommegrot is a pudding. We used
    to eat these at Sons of Norway festivals.

    Julie, glad to see you here. Happy to hear you are feeling
    better. Hope you get lots of rest.

    Speaking of cold weather, the coldest I ever saw in Minnesota
    was 29 below. Some of the stores there built walkways on
    the second floor so you could walk to neighboring shops w/o
    going outside. No need for that nowadays w/ malls. Haha!
    I'm so old I remember when there were no malls.

    I remember when the biggest and best dept. stores in MN
    were Dayton's and Donaldsons. In Minneapolis they were
    kitty korner from each other. That was the intersection where
    Mary Tyler Moore threw her hat in the air.

    Both stores are gone now.

    Hugs and waves to everydobby.

  7. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Kitty korner,love that expression.I haven't heard it in a while.I'm reading Walking Papers.A non-fiction about a young man who dove into a pool and severed his spinal cord.No feeling below the neck.It was the shallow end and not the deep end of the pool.He and his family are an inspiration.I started yesterday and am on the last chapter already.I couldn't put it down.

    Love your name Julie.Great name,it's my daughters name also.Sorry your in the hosp. but glad you dropped in.

    Yeah DH is sick of travel.He got off the road for a few yrs. there but more and more they keep adding trips.He's started entertaining overseas people recently and has a trip to Singapore coming up.If he stays to much longer I think those trips will become frequent.He won't like it and neither will I.

    Yep Linda mouth sores on the tip of my tongue and down the back of my throat.

  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    I wish Rock's aunt had gotten to write the 'expose on marriage'. I think it would have
    made the New York Times bestsellers!

    Rain trees are actually: Floridata koelreuteria paneculata Or you can find out about
    them by googling Rain Tree trees. (How I did it).

    They are fast growing, deciduous, reach up to 30'. The golden rain tree is the most
    striking (what is around here). This is kinda funny. They put out the yellow when
    it is fall (July in Florida?). Later the yellow turns to pink pods full of seeds, next
    all of it drops to the ground. The seeds easily grow in the ground under the Mother
    tree, which can be a problem because they are such large trees. (We have not
    had that problem, thank goodness). you ever see a post that you have written before and don't recog
    nize it as yours til you see your name at the bottom? I realized the name is at
    the tops but I must miss that somehow.

    Kitty Korner v. cute. I think in the south we called it catty corner. It must have
    come from the same area at one time and someone got their kittys and that cats
    mixed up! haha.

    Did you all read Glen's post about China on the other board. It is about a virus (maybe)
    that has affected about 1 million people and their version of the CDC said that it
    is "a phobia of HIV". I didn't know people died of phobia's in 2-5 years. Very
    easily by sweat. Oh so wish DS #2 wasn't going there in Oct.

    Ya'll know my fetish for costumes. I got really lucky and someone sent me a
    catalogue of costumes. These are pretty cute but I have an inkling that there
    are better ones out there...hopefully I will get more catalogues. Someone
    correct my spelling of catalogue. I can't figure out what is wrong.

    Tired for some meds.

  9. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    It's been a while; I guess I've been kind of grumpy and anti-social lately; haven't had the energy to post. Doesn't that sound pitiful? I am so embarrassed.

    My yard-work has consisted mostly watering; we're having a heatwave, supposed to get to 102 degrees tomorrow. I am forgoing my trip to town -- I have become totally heat-intolerant, and with no air-conditioning in the cabin, it's nudity and fan time. So I'm not wearing pjs either, folks!

    Spacee, I've got a half dead Koelreuteria at the side of the house. It grew like crazy for a number of years, bloomed well, and has made lots of seedlings. I don't like it and it's being taken out before it falls and smashes a window.

    Rock: I'm always so glad to read your posts. I'm sorry I missed your b-day party! Sometimes the computer is my enemy. Your reference to trees with big yellow flowers made me think Tabebuia. Google image shows the yellow one. Could this be what you see? It's been about 30 years since I saw one, and it was love at first sight. Too bad I moved north, huh? I used to have a good friend in Hollywood, and have driven through your part of town if you're in Silverlake. Mostly lived in Santa Barbara though.

    I'm reading a mystery series by Donna Leon set in modern day Venice. I have just finished a book, fiction, about Cicero's life and times in ancient Rome -- most enjoyable. Thank god for books and libraries. I request all my books online; being a rural county, they get checked out for four weeks, with three renewals. I also buy a lot of books from Amazon -- many cheap for one cent plus shipping. House is full of books; need to give another load of donations to the said library, which they are glad to have.

    Well, someone demands the computer and I will obey.

    Love to all of you,
  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    I think we should take a vote. How many think that we should all do
    as Barry is and just go nude with a fan. The environment would be so
    much better off! I hope you have a spray bottle of water to spritz
    yourself with to help you cool off. I know you were not expecting
    102 temps.

    Yes, good idea to not have a koelreuteria tree near a house. They
    could do some very serious damage. Right now we don't have any
    tree near the house except that the neighbor's tree is on the property
    line and it's limbs want to come over on our side. bummer.

    The Dead Roach Society is no longer meeting downstairs. Got rid of
    them all :) So any new dead ones are trying to form a new society.

    I like reading about what everyone is reading. My attempt at walking
    more drains the blood right out of my head and there goes any ability
    to read books. (I've said that before, right?) Oh, maybe if I lie hanging
    off the bed so the blood flows that will help! I amaze myself
    at my brilliance, chuckle. I hope I do it. I tend to procrastinate. Then
    I could report back. Don't expect any reporting for a couple of days,

    I wish I felt antisocial. I am ready for someone to buy the house next
    door and move in. Not sure why, my brain doesn't like someone talking.

    Ok, I've got it. I watch movies like you kids read books! There we are.
    I am getting into the 1950+ movies. Any recommendations welcomed!

    Off to the nightly routine (meds)

    Love to all,


  11. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Nice to see you Julie. sorry about your colitis, I know how painful that can be, I had it once when I was in school.

    Pam, how are you able to eat much with those sores? I remember getting thrush once, lived on tapioca pudding I think. Gee, seems like I've had most everything at least 1X :(

    Barry, don't feel embarrassed, we all get anti-social. Especially in the heat! NO a/c, wow, I don't think I'd last.

    Once I had to play cashier in a ticket box that was at least 105+ (place had been closed up all day in 100 degree humid Georgia heat). I started to get dizzy despite drinking water, finally I poured the ice cold water down the back of my shirt! It worked, I probably used up 3-4 bottles that way. That's called natural air conditioning? LOL.

    Linda you have a costume fetish... ok did we discuss this before? Turning pj's into costumes? Or was it types of under-wear.... I forget, help me out here.

    I too grew up with 'kitty-corner' - maybe that was an upper Midwest saying, and catty corner was elsewhere cuz that's what I hear in the south. Maybe 'catty corner' also had something to do with gossips? LOL...

    Rock, would've loved to see your aunt write that book too! I wonder if the marriage rate would've dropped back then LOL... tho despite all the "transparency" these days, people are still getting married! One of my college roommates lives in Iowa, makes lefsa and sells it at all the Norwegian fairs and makes a tidy little income off of it. I've never had any, tho I did have 'pastys' (sp?) in the UP of Michigan. Not quite sure what's the difference between them.

    Son is going to have an MRI of his neck sometime next week, sigh, some not-good symptoms. Told that there is a possible rare congenital condition tho we doubt he has it, but don't doubt something might be amiss.

    Anyone hear from Misfit or Fight? .... hope you're ok Jole... I know I'm missing others here who have wandered in and out... please pop in and jog our memories. Well, at least mine?

    The more the merrier, it's rather funny to see how we all attribute to others what is said as these threads develop.

    Did I say that right? maybe it should be, we respond to someone as if they said something, tho it was someone else, and... ok I'm confusiated, hope you got my drift.

    Hasta pasta y dulce sueños!
  12. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    I vote for myself to keep my loungers/pj's on. I do have air conditioning. thank goodness for that!
    Barry whatever keeps you cool, 102 is dangerous heat.

    Lady Loungers may i remind you friends..Please get your mamograms. i missed a year getting mine, suspicious area found with the new digital technology. I'm trying my best to stay focused that all will be ok. Further testings are needed and are scheduled, although now i have to wait for the day to arrive, Ultrasound compression. I'm trying my best to stay calm and not think of all , but darn not easy. Please schedule yours if its time for you to have one.

    Kitty corner or catty corner. Guess i must be a bit i would and still say kitty corner if its a close distance and catty corner if its a larger corner. Oh well i guess we all are different in sayings and figuring things out.

    Rock..just a thought of the cinnamon for you. Cinnamon sticks are sold in the spice section, a relative of mine with diabetes would use a cinnamon stick as a stirr for all drinks..tea,water or any drink. Also have one as a cigar look, not biting the stick but in mouth like some may have with a toothpic hanging in mouth. sounds a bit strange but you get the cinnamon flavor throughout the day. i think the dollar stores sell them, my guess is around 10 of them in a bottle for a buck. Long lasting too. I do sprinkle cinnamon on much of my foods..all thoughts for you. i hope your blood sugar readings are doing well.

    Victoria, i too am missing Fight and Misfit. They have such a great funny sense of humor and i do miss them.

    Pam, so good you can read books so fast, i forget what in the heck i am reading. i no longer buy books although i do have many collecting dust. My concentration just disappears. Can be aggravating trying to read a newspaper, i give up and there it sits until i return again to give a try.

    Julie..hope your soon out of the hospital and feeling better.

    In another post we talked about the Mobile pet grooming. My DM was very pleased with the 20 minute dog bath, nails clipped, ear cleaning and cut/shave. She asked if they could do her other dog while they were already there at her driveway and they could not due to their busy schedule. She had to schedule again for the other dog.Mobile grooming Must be a big demand and all at $60.00.

    All stay cool and again my lounger/pj's are staying on for my vote.
    Hugs for you all
  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Oh boy,what a day already!Coffee pot spilled over due to clogged grounds so no coffee for poor DH who got in late from work last night.I woke up congested and noticed it was warmer then usual.I watered the garden since we had no rain anytime soon.I kept feeling the vents and listening for the air to come on and nothing.

    I turned the temp.down and nothing so I called DH and told him it's broke.We pay for a yearly fee for a company to come out spring and fall and get a discount on parts should something go wrong with furnace but I said save the money this yr. it's just a scam.Don't things always happen like that?We've been paying for 5 or more yrs. and no problems and now I am without air.

    They'll come today they said.I'm heat intolerant too and am sitting under a fan right now.I'm joining Barry in the au natural look.

    Eating and drinking even water is painful right now.It will clear up it always does.Sores are right under the tip of my tongue and back of my throat.Drs. call it Lupusy symptoms.Comes and goes regularly.

    Thanks for the mamagram reminder.I am yrs. past due.Best of luck to you on results.
  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    And you are not even doing it for the environment? That's a REAL bummer when
    you are heat intolerant. My friend in NY is very heat intolerant. We would like to
    live in the same town but I can't take cold and she can't take heat.

    But the Lupusy sores. Hmmm. I have just started getting a place that can get
    really sore and looks sore. Sore enough to go to the doc. Which was a waste of
    time. Just made me feel like an idiot. But I wonder if that is what it is. It has
    come a couple of times. That would be very awful to have it in the front and
    back. Mine is to the upper side. I will google about it.

    Victoria, is your son being checked for the Chiari Malformation (?). It's at the
    base of the skull. I agree that it is rare but worth looking into. I was checked
    but didn't have it.

    Today is zombie day. It is almost 2pm and I got up. It is the reason I don't
    go up and down the stairs like I did last nite...zombie day comes after that.

    Ok, Buddies that are in the buff. Pour that water on you if you need it!

    Pam, just learn the lesson about the a/c. My dad in his late 70's decided
    to drop his medicare supplement cause he had never used it. Then all
    hell broke lose. It's the way it is.

    Kitty and Catty...that makes sense. Like it's Sunday and are you coming
    this Saturday or next.

    Back to bed.

  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Air conditioning man came around 4 yesterday.It was a fuse.Now this morning again it went off and DH put in a new fuse and it's on but sitting around waiting for the guy to come and see why we keep blowing fuses in the unit.DH leaves Sun. and I don't want to have to deal with all this and roast.Such is life.

    My house wasn't to bad yesterday it doesn't get really warm til late afternoon anyway so a fan with windows shut kept it comfortable.

    What is everyone up to this weekend?
  16. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Hello my little bumpkins! I have missed you. However, it is nearly impossible to type when one is laid out flat in bed! I woke up several days ago and even before I opened my eyes I knew I was in trouble. DH had to help me sit up, walk to the bathroom and sit on the toilet. Then, he had to come back, help me pull up my jammie pants (TMI?!) and then walk me back to bed. I called my pain doctor but he can’t see me until Monday. I have a feeling my sacroiliac joints are inflamed again, just like they were at the end of January. At that time I had cortisone injections into the joints and it seemed to help. I don’t know if that’s what he’ll do again. But, if he can’t, a continuous IV drip of Dilaudid would be nice!! Oh dear, did I say that out-loud?

    Actually, I’m feeling better today and have a feeling I’ll probably overdo it today. Don’t we all?

    Well, I just went back to see when I last posted. Jeez, seems like forever!

    Spacee, it sounds like you actually did well on your cognitive test. We used to have to give a test to the folks in the nursing home. It asked things like, “can you spell “world” backwards.” I can’t even do that. Another thing it asked was if the person knew the date. I think that was an unfair question. How can a person know the date when they’re not exposed to TV or the newspaper on a regular basis? I hope you enjoyed “Rear Window.” I love that movie. It’s an oldie but a goodie! I remember playing dress-up when I was a kid. Does anybody remember those kid-sized, plastic high-heals with the elastic strap across the top? Oh how I loved those! But the thought of wearing high heels now sends shivers down my spine. No way could I do that now. I loved rule #495 about adding bacon to any meal. Wow…..I think someone’s been listening in to our house!

    Patty, hope your ear is feeling better. I think that the ears can drain into the throat. I’ve been away from nursing for 6 months now and I think I’ve lost anything I ever learned. Ear infections can cause the jaws to hurt. The gums?.....I’m not so sure. But I imagine that I you get an infection in your ear and it drains into your throat it could cause your gums to be sore. We had a rope swing when I was a kid. We called that tree the “Tarzan Tree!” I used to be able to do a pretty good imitation of Tarzan!

    Butterflydream. Thanks for the reminder about checking our meds when we get them. Scary to think of what might have happened. Hope all goes well with your mammo. I get one every year because I have a “spot” that’s not getting bigger or smaller. It’s just “there.” I’ve been told not to worry about it. Oh sure….yeah…..I’ll do that!!

    Victoria, are you getting excited about your trip in August? How long will your trip be?

    Pam, so happy to hear that your trip went well. Your GD sounds like such a cutie. Oh my…..I hate to think what would be under the keys on MY keyboard. Probably enough to make a full meal!

    #52 for loungers…..PJ’s required. Since when do we have to be reminded to wear our PJ’s?!!!! Ha Ha!!

    Julie, so sorry to hear about your colitis and having to be in the hospital. Not fun. Hope you’re feeling better now.

    Rock, nice to see you back. Oh my…..lounging pants. How hoity-toity! Actually, I’ve tried to get my DH to wear them but he won’t. They look comfortable to me. I remember when the first mall was built in our area. I was a teenager and that became my new hangout. I thought I was pretty cool back then! Now I just feel like an old fart!

    Barry, I loved your description of being grumpy and antisocial. That’s exactly how I have felt at times but just didn’t know how to describe it. I’m always afraid to post when I’m feeling like that. Afraid I’ll say something wrong or mean spirited!! I also love to read, as I think most of us here do. I use it as a reward for myself. I think going nude is a wonderful idea. Just think how it would cut down on laundry. Yes…..very environment friendly! I know when I get these wicked hot flashes that have been a recent addition to my “issues” that going nude sounds wonderful! Oh, and going skinny dipping sounds even better! :)

    Our 10 year old “puppy” seems to be enjoying her new look. Getting all of that fur off has given her a new lease on life. She is actually acting like she did 5 years ago. It’s wonderful to see,

    Geez, a military helicopter just flew overhead. It was so loud the windows were shaking. Wonder what THAT’S all about?

    Well, due to the fact that I've just written a novel, I think I will stop for now and give everyone's eyes a chance to rest! I'm glad to be back in the land of the living nudists!

    Love y'all,

    Nancy Naked (not my real name)
  17. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Against my best instincts I DID go to town yesterday; only 99 degrees! I did wear clothes though, so it made it difficult. I thought if I wore a shirt without a t-shirt underneath I would be alright. I wore pants too, before you ask....! When we got home, I hung the shirt on the line to dry -- it was wet through and through -- as was my hair, body, and whatever.

    Victoria, we don't have a/c since it would be so rarely needed here. Hence the "alternative method" (patented)! How is the weather in 3Tz these days? I've never been to Mexico. but always wanted to, especially when I was really into botany. How does your garden grow, my dear?

    My thoughts are erasing as I think,
    Time to have lunch (yoghurt with mango, melon, and cherries),
    So hugs to you all,
    Your exhausted sometimes nudist,

  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    Since Pam wanted to know what we are up to.

    Heavenly, good to read your newsy letter. But so sorry about DH having to help
    you with the necessities of living.Sigh. Bummer. Awful. ok, Terrible. I am not
    as bad off as your bad days. My mother was put on Dilaudin after her stroke.
    That will certainly ease one's misery. And ease one over to the 'other side' too.

    Of all things, I couldn't find my ultram this am. (those who don't know, Ultram
    is a basic food group for me). Thankfully DH has some of mine so I was able
    to take it. (You have a really bad reaction if you don't take it).

    After searching, searching, napping, searching searching, napping. I found it.
    Whew, thought I was going to have to go to the docs and look (once more)
    like a complete idiot. (Cause there are issues with that refill that can't be
    dealt with over the phone).

    But things are bad around here. I had to, again, dip into the emergency
    chocolate and coke.

    Barry, glad you survived that trip into town. Your car isn't air conditioned
    either, I take it ;) I should have guessed botany educated. If I had a brain
    I would go back and study that. Oh, that reminded me. I passed a nursery
    that said it had 100 kinds of butterfly!

    Ok, I have decided that if we have to be sick, we should at least be allowed
    a human to come and "be us". For example, if I want flowers planted, the
    human would plant flowers. If I wanted to cook something special, the human
    would do that.

    Looks like the Wall Street Journal is interested in CFS and XMRV. Every little
    bit of interest helps...I hope. Not sure that treatment would help me but
    for those that it would..come on get it ok'd!

    Apparantly the house next door has sold. To a flipper, we think. It needs a lot
    of work. I might get a neighbor who speaks English. I know, I know, be careful
    what you wish for.

    DH is off to the grocery store to do the shopping. Not able to go. That's when
    I need my human!!

    Love ya'll!! Clothed or nots :))

  19. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Linda, good luck with the new neighbors. Did you ever see the movie 'Neighbors' with John Belushi & Dan Aykroyd - very weird but funny (we thought)! -don't mean to scare you tho, LOL.

    Barry, we're in the rainy season, so on the chilly side - 60s to low 70s. Normal for everyone to wear layers - sweatshirts and a tee, for instance. The plants are loving it. The ones that are doing the best in our yard is the multiple jade trees. All I have to do is break off a branch and stick it dirt and it starts growing. Funny how in Chicago they always died lol. The 'curly' purple kale is doing great too.

    I think I'd like a clone. Then my clone would know exactly what I wanted without even having to say it...

    Sorry you're having such a rough time Jan, I hope you get over 'whatever it is'. this isn't an effect from something post-surgery, is it?

    Pam - at least you know it's the fuse and not something more important/costly? (What if you had to wait a week for a part.) Small comfort I know... wish I could import some of the natural air conditioning from here to you!

    My son's going to be checked because of some weird symptoms, hard to describe.... not specifically for Chiari but for a rare congenital configuration of the neck that I don't know the name of - yet. The scary part is that if he were to work out with too heavy of a weight, and he had this rare 'condition' it could actually kill him. But I'm betting on a bulging disc in all likelihood. At any rate the MRI or CT scan should show all.

    So I'm really wondering what your doctor's gonna say, Linda, about the + on the DeFreitas virus. I'm not sure I understood your whole post on the main board about it... are you maybe more likely to show + for XMRV since you were positive for this other 'thing'?

    Powers been going off and on again, grrrrr. Worst was it was off for the longest time ever since being here, 30 hours. Then they just kept blipping it off for nanoseconds today, about 6 or 7 times, double grrrr. I wonder if someone at the power co. doesn't like someone nearby and is just irritating them.

    Herxing the night away....


  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Turned out to be a bad wire in the air unit.Not to costly and no parts to order yeah.Nice and cool inside today.

    What a good idea to call in a human.I would pay to rent one so if anybody reading this wants to start a business...

    DH left for the Windy City and has to work today after the 5hr. drive.Why didn't he fly?I guess he hates flying that much.

    I made a big breakfast of pancakes and bacon but mouth is burning to much to eat it myself.I have some vit.B in the cupboard I think I'll try.Who knows.I am eating lots of ice cream though poor me.

    I bought a magazine to relax and rest with today and due to big breakfast I'm not on duty until time to make supper for dad and son.


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