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    it's encouraging to hear that others share the same symptoms I do. I would appreciate some opinions or experiences regarding the following: Typically It starts after i overdo a physical activity. (A couple of weeks ago i was doing some Tai Chi and got too aerobic.) Then I seem to cross a line and my heart starts to act up - palpitations, irrigularities, rapid pulse etc. I related very much to someones's statement that they get stuck in fight or flight. That is just what I told my chiropractor it felt like last week. This can last days, even a couple of weeks. in the early stages of this illness this feeling was almost constant. If it goes on too long i start to lose, what i call, my buffer. I can't listen to fast or off beat music, watch other people exercising etc without my body actiing like it is exercising or going wherever the music takes it. And I get sicker and sicker. Is this the kind of situation people use Drenamin for? Can anyone relate to this? i will appreciate hearing about any similar experiences or insights or ideas you all may have.
    Thanks, Rosalyn
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    Hi Rosalyn,
    I can definitely relate to the fight or flight state that ones body can be in. The heart symptoms an be frightening to say the least. I have been in a relapse for several weeks and experiencing alot of irregular heart beats and a racing heart. I can feel the adrenalin surging through my is like a domino effect. The symptoms this time were so bad that I was put on a 24 hour halter monitor two days ago. I am happy to say that this time the monitor picked up a lot of activity. The doctor put me on Inderal LA, 20 mg. I am feeling ever so much better! That adrenalin rush has stopped, irregular beats and the racing. I really wonder if an excess flow of adrenalin isn't what causes many of our symptoms. For me it causes severe exhaustion and fatigue. Today for the first time in weeks since this fight or flight spiral episode started I feel fairly normal.
    I am also on Lexapro and klonapin or Ambian for sleep. I have found that until the adrenalin is controlled by a Beta Blocker, no other medications work for me. Once the flow of adrenalin is slowed down then I notice the other medications feel as though they are doing their job. I truly believe that the fight or flight response and poor sleep causes my pain.
    I read of so many medicine combinations on this list that doctors prescribe and wonder how people are able to function on so many drugs together....I would be a zombie!! I am ultra sensitive to drugs and have to take the lowest dose of whatever I am given.
    My experience thus far has been that Rheumatologists are the least helpful with this disease and that Internal Medicine doctors are the most helpful, unless of course your lucky enough to go to a doctor who specializes in CFS?Fibro.