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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KateMac329, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. KateMac329

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    Hey girl,

    Not long ago you made some inquiries about having a hysterectomy.

    Okay well I deleted some of my posts but I think I gave you some of my history with my endometriosis problems and how at one point my periods were so bad that I was considering a hysterectomy.

    Well I am at that road again. But what I wanted to share with you is some really surprising information I came upon.

    Your post about fatigue is what reminded me to tell you about this. When I first read about this I made a mental note to tell you but completely got side tracked!

    In my research I have come across that women who have had a hysterectomy feel significantly better within a year after their surgery. Their fatigue issues are mostly solved, their sex drives are better, their mental state is better and they rate that their overall health is fifty percent better.

    I thought that this was good news!

    I know my hormone issues are a huge deal for me! If I can get these solved then I will be at least a little bit better!

    I am not close to making a decision but this was some good information that I needed to read!

    Anyway, you research everything so I am sure you already know about this but I wanted to share it with you.


  2. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member

    Thanks for asking because today has been one of those days!

    My husband is out of town again, little bean is teething and going through this phase where he will look at you and scream and then smile and then scream. I guess he is finding his voice only he has been finding it now for a month! LOL

    I set the kitchen on fire today, no joke so now we have to move our flooring project up a few months! We have a list of upgrades we want to do on the house and replacing the linoleum (sp?) is one of them but we didn't anticipate doing it this soon! LOL

    I was washing bottles but decided to put my a pot of tea on but accidentally turned the wrong burner on and there was a pizza box sitting on the burner that got turned on.

    I noticed that my tea was smelling kind of funny after a few minutes and turned around to a huge flame of fire on my stove that was engulfing my microwave above my stove.

    I panicked and grabbed the fire extinguisher but couldn't figure out how to work the dang thing in a panic so I grabbed the flaming pizza box and threw it on the floor, yeah I know smart! LOL Stood there not knowing what to do and then just poured water over it.

    It took forever to get the smoke alarm to go off and bean wouldn't stop crying and my lungs are still killing me from all the smoke so I know his are too.

    I got most of the ash cleaned up and as much burned up stuff cleaned up as I could and really there isn't much damage but I don't like being forced into doing a project.

    So guess we are laying tile soon. We don't buy tile we order it so we are just going to have to lay some plastic down or something to cover the burned up hole in the floor! LOL

    Okay so then after that my day has been pretty mellow. LOL

    I have been doing a lot more research on how to treat endometriosis through hysterectomy and without.

    As weird as this sounds I always mainly tried treating the FM and CFS not the Endo. So I think I am going to go from that angle before I go under the knife.

    Okay I know I have written a novel here.

    I need to go make my nightly tea anyway.

    I have been looking for some articles to add to your post for you to take to your doctor. I hope I can add some valid information!


    I am glad that you found my information helpful! Made me feel useful!!! :)

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  3. 69mach1

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    sorry about the fire in the house...maybe you could throw a rug over the area now...

    how scary...i've had a few small fires myself...caught a towel on fire in the oven....i was taking out something in the oven...pot holder in one hand and a towel on the otherside...kitchen towel..hit the electric burner...poof...

    then i remember i had something caught on fire on top of the stove and had to throw flour over it...what a mess...

    but we were safe...


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