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  1. hensue

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    What happen to iggyangel? Is she on valtrex or zovirax?
    Do you know how anyone else is doing on these meds?

  2. hensue

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    Do you know other people who have been helped by this drug?

  3. AbbeyMae

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    I just wanted to let you know that iggyangel is on Zovirax.

    I remember reading that. I think you can search her name: iggyangel by username in the top left corner.

    It should show you the post/reply to fight4cure's thread.

    Good morning on this Saturday. I had a rough night, sleeping again last night pain and insomnia. I have built a tolerance to my meds.

    Fight4cure is lucky she can do more activity to help her sleep, I would imagine.

    I am going to show my Dr. all the articles of research and see if I can get an antiviral.

    They wanted to give it to me before--I believe one pill per day for suppressing my herpes/shingles that I have had chronic outbreaks since Dec. 2001. There is probably a limit and may need Dr.'s preauthorization for my Insurance.

    I may lose my medicare advantage HMO w/ AZ AHCCCS,(medicaid), by being slightly over amount in income.

    My disability checks are $668.00 monthly, approx. $12.00 interest on an Acct. And now IL is garnishing money from my ex hubby for Back Arrears child support.

    That is always owed. SSI/MAO,(Medicare Beneficiary) counts
    Back Arrears as income. But the strange thing is that AZ DES,(AHCCCS) did not count it as income, but don't know if it is still that way.

    Ex hubby just got back to work and IL DES is taking money every week out of his checks. They are approx. $86.00 on an average, where as before last March they were approx. $50.00 every week. I did not continue to get them since last March, but now he got his job back.

    I like the extra income but if I lose my Insurance. They will take out for Medicare part B from my $668.00, and I will have to pay for a drug prescription drug program, Medicare part D. And the co-pays will be much more than I have now,($1.00 for generic and $3.00 for brand name). Plus I will have co-pays for Dr. and Labs and more.

    I just have to take this one day at a time.

    Sorry for my venting. I am a Lil' stressed about this. It is probably affecting my pain level and sleep.

    Love and Hugs,


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  4. iggyangel

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    Yes Im on zovirax, and just ran out, so Im off until next week, I do feel better though.
    Ive been too busy to post, since RN school started, roughly 4-5 hours of homework per day, but ill have this weekend off, and Im almost finished w/homework tonite, so thank God...