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    Hi all, haven't been on the board for a long time. I was laid off my second job in Oct. Went to an attorney and am prosessing the disability route. The problem is since I stopped working, I 've become worse. Changed docs 2x. One only wanted my on steroids and would not write reports for disability.Now I going to a new rheumy..he rx aquatic therapy.....then he said he probably change prozac to cymbalta next time. I'm really getting so depressed not working being in pain and no real help. Anyone have suggestions???? Ive been rx vicodan which I take sometimes, but mostly aspirin.
    This new Dr lectured me on the fact that my pain thermastate is messes up.
    Does any of this make sense or do a need a phsychatist to give me mor meds.
    I knoe thr disability will take long but in the mean time i need hrlp feeling better. I'm in s.Florida any suggestions please??? Sorry I'm very mixed up.
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    are you sure it's depression or is it greiving? work is such an important part of our lives and (whether it should or not) gives us part of our identity. when we are no longer able to do it, we greive the loss. many of us have been thru it, and it takes a while to find new ways to find identity and find that we have value in ourselves whether we are able to work or not. that is my experience.

    i wouldn't take steroids unless there is something else going on than FMS. They aren't indicated for fms and they dampen our immune systems. Can you find a doctor who treats fms and helps you to recover from it or go into remission? You may wish to look at Jacob Teitelbaum's website and see what doctors have been trained by him in your area and visit them as they may have a different approach. Blessings to you. Jen102
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    I can not say much about SSRIs for depression as I am not a big fan of them (based on my personal experience).
    Yet: I do take a low dose of one that I would like to get rid of.
    It is good a lawyer is paving the way for disability. I had a lawyer and things went very well. It is in someone else's hands and it is their headache. Money well spent.

    Yes, you could be depressed. Who would not with such a life change and being so sick. I take Percocet for pain and some Ultram with it. It makes things more manageable, but I still have my bad days.

    I have accepted I have this disorder, which is why I am not as depressed as I used to be. I live a pretty reclusive life, as old 'friends' disappeared the sicker I got.
    Fairweather friends. So, I occupy my time and have gotten used to this way of life.

    Yes, it is a complete change for us hard workers who were out there making a good living. Come to think of it: who would not get depressed.