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    Hi all, haven't been on the board for a long time. I was laid off my second job in Oct. Went to an attorney and am prosessing the disability route. The problem is since I stopped working, I 've become worse. Changed docs 2x. One only wanted my on steroids and would not write reports for disability.Now I going to a new rheumy..he rx aquatic therapy.....then he said he probably change prozac to cymbalta next time. I'm really getting so depressed not working being in pain and no real help. Anyone have suggestions???? Ive been rx vicodan which I take sometimes, but mostly aspirin.
    This new Dr lectured me on the fact that my pain thermastate is messes up.
    Does any of this make sense or do a need a phsychatist to give me mor meds.
    I knoe thr disability will take long but in the mean time i need hrlp feeling better. I'm in s.Florida any suggestions please??? Sorry I'm very mixed up.
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    First you might want to delete your duplicate post. You must have hit your enter button to many times.

    I can relate, I lost my job due to my disability. It's a long haul to get it finished as I am still waiting.(fms,depression)

    I'm glad your doc wants you off the prozac. I was on that before and it almost killed me. It is a nasty drug to some people, increasing suicidal thoughts. Luckily I was on top of it and knew the side effects. My mother took the prozac with no problems, so everybody is different. Just keep you eyes open for signs or let loved ones know to watch out for them.

    I am on the cymbalta now and I feel it is helping. The best one that has helped the most for me has been Amitriptylene. Talk to your doc about trying it.

    My body got better after being off work for a while but now it's taking a while to get use to my new job.

    Hang in there.

    Hugs, Halo