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    I'm writing because I seem to have a lot of unrelated symtoms and when I'm seeing them together it's usually on a fibro/cfs site, but I don't exactly fit that either. Wanted to see if anyone had any ideas on where I should look.

    Anyways here's how it all started. I've always tended towards being overweight, for most of my teen life I hovered around the 180-200 range. (I'm 5 8") When I was around 22 I started a full blown exercise/diet etc program and was seeing some progress. In November I came down with a sinus infection. From that point on my life became hell.

    It started with nausea. I would wake up and throw up. The rest of the day would have some nausea but it was the worst in early morning. By nighttime I didn't have any symptoms at all. I went to the doctor about that problem, and they went through the basic tests (pregnancy then upper gi etc) When there was no physical etiology found, I was told I was depressed.

    Well I didn't think I was depressed, I've never had feelings of worthlessness or dispair, I tend if anything to have a fairly flighty personality. So I started trying various things on my own, and found that taking antihistamines seemed to help with it. Not entirely, but to the point where I wasn't vomiting every morning. I went to a sinus specialist, but I don't really seem to have any extreme sinus problems. Every now and then I'll rarely get sinus infections, but for most of the day I'm clear. I do get stuffy at night however and when I wake up I have to clear out a lot of phlegm. I'm taking claritin D right now for that, and while it helps, it doesn't totally get rid of the problem.

    I also at this time started putting on more weight, primarily I believe because of the fact that with the nausea I wasn't getting very much exercise. Finding the solution to help manage the nausea was over a 4 year problem, during which I was vomiting nearly every morning and being nauseus throughout the day.

    The nausea by itself is quite annoying, but not the only problem I have. And this is where I'm seeing a lot of similarity on CMS sites.

    I have RLS and take mirapex for that. I also take wellbutrin for ADD (I tend to have concentration problems and am very inattentive, not hyper tho) I also have short term memory problems, and will transpose words and phrases. *g* extends to body awareness, I can't usually tell left from right unless I do the L. I have poor coordination, and get sometimes dizziness which doesn't seem sinus related (doesn't get worse by bending my head forward) I tend to get fevers at odd unexplained points as well as chills. The lymph nodes in my armpits are swollen most of the time and tender to the touch. I tend to have sleep problems, they are a lot better since I started taking mirapex, but though my legs aren't going crazy anymore, I often still wake up tired, even when I've had a ton of sleep on a great bed (temper-pedic bed mmmmm). I will also sleep walk, and sometimes have hypnogogic hallucinations. I do get migraines, but not often enough to be a real issue. I also have problems with adominal cramping with diarrhea which will suddenly spring up on me, last about half an hour with me feeling like I want to die, and then stop. I have similar problems with menstral. I have also seemed to develop TMJ like symptoms recently. I'll wake up and my jaw will click when I try to open it. It does this sometimes throughout the day.

    Now I don't seem to have the pain that Fibro people complain about, and while I am tired, it's not the overwhelming flu like exhaustion I've heard described by the CMS people. I do exercise and that makes me hyper if anything not overwhelmingly tired. So I don't think I fit into the definitions of CMS or Fibro. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I should look? Are these just a bunch of unrelated issues or is there a tie somewhere?
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    You sound like you have food allergies. What are your top 5 favorite foods? Are there similar ingredients in them? For instance, wheat? Corn is also a common food allergen that the medical community still does not recognize. Is there a food you crave? Ironically, we sometimes crave the foods we are allergic to. Food allergies can cause RLS, nausea, IBS, sinus problems, ADD and migraines. Seems like the most accurate test to find out which food is causing the problem is either muscle testing or an elimination diet. Food allergies also slow your metabolism and make losing weight difficult. Many people with fibro have food allergies.

    Your first step is to identify what food your are reacting to and eliminate it from your diet. Many people develop food allergies from a condition called leaky gut syndrome. So that would be the next thing to address. There are many people that live with unrecognized food allergies. Just might be worth some research.

    BTW, welcome to the site. Hope you get lots of info to help. -Karen
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    is to search the web for "Devin's Diagnostics" There is a list of about 100 FMS symptoms as well as links to other info.