FIL passed away last night:(

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sorekitty, Feb 26, 2009.

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    I usually share with everyone on the "TO DO" thread but it keeps getting taken down this week.

    My FIL had a devastating stroke 2 years ago and was in a nursing home nearby his wife's home (They have been married for 55 yrs). We are pretty close by too and so we all have been visiting him. He had been going downhill and we think he was having a lot of smaller strokes. He was in a lot of pain and the strokes caused Althiemers.

    He was 84 and had had CFIDS for 17 years. He was the one to first tell me about Pro Health and gave me a catalog and that is how I found the message board.

    I'm sad. We will tell our 6 yo son when he gets home from school today. Then we will most likely go over to MIL house and be together.

    My FIL was awesome. He wrote math text books for Houghtlin-Mifflin and got his Ph.D and was an administer for the San Diego City Schools. I went to San Diego City Schools my whole life. He was a backpacker and did the John Muir Trail with his sons when they were teens (my husband was 16 at the time). My FIL was also inducted into his College's Hall of Fame for being a great basketball point gaurd and team captain.

    We are sad but also relieved that he is no longer in pain and truly in a much better place.

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    Oh, what a loss for you that he isn't suffering like you mentioned, but he sure sounds like he was an admirable man. And he brought you to prohealth! I hope you will find the right words to tell your son-- I can't imagine that task for a boy so young. We just found out my children's great uncle passed away yesterday (long battle with cancer) and it's always sad to tell a child (I have three). So it's a heavy house here, too.

    May you find comfort in your family and friends, in his memory and remember him for all he was.

    Take Care,
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    I'm so sorry for your loss and you have my sympathies. Cindy, I'm sorry to learn about your loss too. Sounds like a tough day for both of you. Take care and hugs.

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