Filed for disability...and was rejected before my application was even done

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DemonFairy, Aug 19, 2009.

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    Has anyone else had this happen to them? In early July, I filled out the initial couple pages of SSA "paperwork" online, and they gave me a deadline of August 23rd to finish the rest of the application - the hard stuff that took hours to do, detailing everything I could/couldn't do, everywhere I'd worked, all of my doctors and diagnoses, etc. I finished the tedious application part of the forms on August 1st, but about a week or so before that, received a letter from the SSA saying that my application was rejected. Yeah, rejected BEFORE they even GOT it. Fortunately, I hired a lawyer who is dealing with the SSA stupidity on my behalf. The SSA, even though they have the original couple of pages of paperwork, wanted me to file again to re-open my claim.

    Even though my claim was completed August 1, with a deadline of the 23rd...they wanted to stick to their guns about me filing the paperwork again. Again, when they have the original pages, and even by the incorrect deadline date they gave my attorney's office of August 6th, I had STILL filed before then. However, I have the printed out pages from their website with the deadline of August 23rd in black & white.

    So, when they say they don't automatically reject everybody's first application, they're mostly lying because they've obviously rejected some of us before we even finish filing. It's ridiculous. Maybe someone will be so embarrassed that they'll approve me faster. A girl can hope. I faxed a copy of my doctor's filled out form to my lawyer's office and his paralegal said that this may be the first time that they've gotten their evidence before the file was even open.

    SSA accidental aberrational error or evidence of insidious incompetence within the whole system?
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    I actually got my attorney before I even filed. I read about him (Scott Davis) here and elsewhere and decided that filing with FM and chronic back pain, I might need an attorney's help. Their office has been really great. I don't relish having to share any back pay, but I figured it was better to improve my chances of getting approved than worry about losing back pay that I might not even get if I filed by myself.

    SSA told my atty's office that I needed to file again, even though they already had the information. So, what happens when I go to file again? The website won't take the information because THEY ALREADY HAVE A FILE FOR ME! Arrrgggh.

    Apparently the woman who is "working" on my file is on vacation, so perhaps it'll get straightened out when she gets back. I hope it's on Monday. It *is* really nice having the attorney's office deal with the people at the SSA. I'm not sure I would've been able to hold back from telling them off, and that probably wouldn't help my case any.

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