Filed for Disability..but I need to work, no $$$

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    I recently filed for disability..I have 2 scheduled appointments with SSA doctors in the next week. My problem is after I filed, I relized the reality of my life is...even tho I am in chronic pain...I have to pay bills. My lights get turned off on the 12th, I can't get food stamps,my car has dead tag/insurance, my child support is minimal($150.00) so I know I have to work..I don't know why I thought I could wait out a disability claim. My question is: do I call SSA and let them know I am looking for work? I can draw unemployment, but not with a disability claim I don't think . I know they will be pissed off at me for filing,then renegging, but at this point, unless money falls outta the sky..I am F&^%d if I don't go back to work,and I dread it.What is anyones take on if I should inform them or not.
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    Wow, someone who is actually worried about how SSI will take it! You worry about yourself--they certainly don't--and you are the one responsible for all your bills. I feel for you, seriously. I am waiting on a hearing and have already been rejected twice. I live at home with my parents--I am 33. Because I have been in a graduate program for so long, I have hardly paid anything in to SSI. So I am only entitled to less than 200 dollars a month. There is no way that will ever work--not in any state in any neighborhood. Who would go to all the trouble of filing just to get that smal amount of money! So, as to your issue, I don't think you are legally required to notify SS that you are looking for a job, only if you take one. Even then, it may not affect your benefits--at least that's what THEY tell you. Also, you can reneg whenever you want. Again, it's your life and who cares if they get mad. My rep used to get angry at me every time I called, even if it was to tell him that nobody showed up for my medical exam that HE scheduled! Ok, maybe I am sounding to angry:) but I guess I really just want to support you because it sounds like you have a lot on your plate. My parents constantly ask me , "How do other people survive with this disease?!" (meaning financially). Honestly, I have no idea. That is why I am stuck at home.

    Let me know how it all works out and good luck!
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    Thanks for answering...I am 37..have had this since I was 26, diagnosed(finally) at 35...I am a shell of what I once was. I remember being able to do anything:carpentry on my house, I built all the decks and steps, electrician of my house, plumber..etc.. My best friend commented yesterday that she missed the old me. I do too. I have gained so much weight it is unreal..I look horrible. Thats why I tried for disability. Then Hubby lost job and everything is going to hell. I have no family to help me,and I thought maybe hubby could find work during my claim process,but he hasn't had luck yet. It's a mess. They told me I could draw $694.00 + $219.00 my kids can get off of me. That was the lure of applying..I can make it on that amount a month.But...I have a job imterview tomorrow...I am hoping I get the is in a pet store. Something I love is animals...they are my sanctuary here at home when everything else is in shambles~~~~LOL
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    I just went through this issue, and I will share with you what I was told. I am applying for SSI through an advocay my rep is a paralegal. She told me, if you can even work part time, they (SSI) will say that you can work full time.
    When I went to my first appt. with SSI I asked about working part time. The woman told me that if I took a job I would have to notify them, but if I could work, I didn't need SSI. I found out I wasn't up to working anyway and so that ended that. I hope you get the job,and that it is something you enjoy doing.
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    If you work they will find out.

    If you don't you might not get disability anyway.

    This is the awful dilemma people on this board face each and every day and SSI does not care at all.

    I just don't know what to tell you. I tried working for 18 months part time at home during and while I was trying for disability benefits. I have been turned down twice. We didn't have any money, either, and I read all the stuff on the SSA site over and over and truly thought that since they put a dollar amount on what you can't make over and above - $780 a month or something like that - that it was okay to work. I crawled out of bed every day and did my typing to try to keep food in the house and when I got turned down twice for SSDI and went to an attorney he said you can't collect benefits back to when your illness started no matter what if you worked any at all.

    But no one will really tell you the truth - that is, you'd better not work if you want to be eligible for any benefit and if you get turned down you'd better get an attorney ASAP, one who is sympathetic to what you have. But you need all the backup paperwork from medical professionals that you can get. Keep a journal of your pain and fatigue levels, also. Many on this board have suggested that and that is what I am doing now all the time. I had only done it sporadically before.

    I don't know what to tell you about needing money - it's just an awful situation to be in. People here will give you all sorts of advice but sometimes there ARE no words when you're up against the wall with reality hitting you.

    I love this board, though, because someone always comes thru with what seems to help just at the right time.

    I certainly wish you all the best in how you handle this. We are all behind you. Wish we could do more for each other.

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    I have no idea how much SSA will look into any of your daily activities but if its possible beg and plead some employer to pay you cash; tell him your circumstance maybe?
    My job is ideal for someone with FMS/CFIDS if they can handle it so I thought I'd share it here. I cashier at a gas station in the evening and I sit down and its like sitting at home only a little more energy is required as long as it isnt busy. I'm away from the gas fumes inside a little shop. Another similar job would be working at a small motel as the clerk. Also let SSA know your situation they have ways to speed up the process I think especially if you are in dire circumstances and have kids too. I cant htink of much else; maybe call your government representative and tell them the situation and I heard these public officials can help in the process by putting pressure on SSA to help you out. Good luck to you sorry I cant be of more help.
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    I went down and got the Pet Store job...they gave me part-time 17-20 hours a week. I took it because I am destitute. Anyway, Monday I will call and cancell out my disability claim. To the people who offered advise, thanks. Everyone has a different situation, but I will say I cannot get food stamps because my house and land are paid for( a 1983 singlewide*wow*) and because I have a 1997 vehicle and it is paid for..I cannot get medicaid because I do not have $3000.00 in unpaid medical bills. My last job was with Salvation Army(the &^%*&*s) and I got fired from there a month ago because I dug a ratty old blanket out of the dumpster(for my dogs to sleep on) and they said that was "stealing" *WHATEVER*--I can't get AFDC or WAFFA or what ever its called (social services monitary help) because I don't qualify. I am going to get some help paying my light bill from a local mission.I live in North Carolina,and have noticed alot of people I know lie to social services to get help,but I just don't want to go thru all that. Anyway...I hope this part-time situation in this new job will be ok for me:eek:)