Filing Chapter 13 need answers

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    We are having to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy we are to see the lawyer on April 10th. We are in the state of ohio. If anyone knows anything about any of this please give me some information, I would like to know how long we get to stay in our house and how long the process takes and if and what we will be allowed to keep. Please answer if you have any information, the 10th seems very far away.
    Thank you Rain
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    the lawyer will have to give you that info,when he looks at your case he will be able to tell you everything for your spcifict case,how long you stay in your house and if you get to keep it depends on how far along in the foreclouser process you are,agin the lawyer is the best to help you try and save your home if that is possible,so please try and relax until then ill send prayers your way
    ps ,get all your bills together any collectors that call get there info so you can make sure that you list them when you file,i forgot some small ones and that was a big mistake i made,
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    Rain, go to and you will find lots of information.

    A chapter 13 bankruptcy is a debt reorganization. You file a plan to pay part or all of your debt from current income. If this is what you are filing, then you are not planning on surrendering your home.

    A chapter 7 is often called a liquidation or straight bankruptcy. That is when your property that is not exempt can be sold or liquidated to pay your creditors.

    The attorney is your best source of information, but you can become familiar with the laws by reading on that website.

    We filed a chapter 7 several years ago. It was such a relief to have a fresh start. We kept our house but lost our car, along with losing pride. We are very humble people now with no comsumer debt but our finances remain a challenge.

    Best wishes to you.
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    which one it is that we are filing but we WANT to get rid of our home, it is too large for just the 2 of us and I had to stop doing fostercare after 9 years, so we went from a houseful of 10-12 ppl to just us and we do not want it, we are wanting to move in with my parents who have an apartment upstairs in their home. Plus we have a first and a second mortgage on our home and we can no longer afford it.