Filing Disability Appeal-Need some help

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    Hi all.

    Well, I am filling out my disability appeal papers. Here are my questions.

    1. Do I need a lawyer before I submit my papers or afterwards if I am turned down? The man at SS said afterwards if I am turned down.

    2. On the Request for Consideration Form it asks, there are 3 ways to appeal Case Review, Informal Conference, Formal Conference. Which one do I select? Is one better or different from the rest.

    Well, I guess that is all. I don't know what I would do without all of your advice. What a great help and support you have been.

    I have to get this done and turn it in. Tell me anything else I may or should need to do at this point. Thanks in advance.


    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Are you filling out papers for Reconsideration? Have you been denied once only?

    The only thing you should have to do is write on the appeal papers is you do not agree with there decision, that your not diabled and want to appeal for(reconsideration). Due to the severity and combinations of your medical conditions you are not able to maintain any type of employment.

    The rest will be put into the computer when you take them and turn them in. You will have to sign another release form for your medical records.

    As far as a lawyer, thats really up to you. If you are wanting to get a lawyer you need to do so before turning in your appeal papers as long as you dont go over 60 days. Just make sure you turn your appeal in before 60 days are up.

    I won my SSD on Reconsideration without a lawyer. My peronal opinion would be turn in your appeal for reconderation and then if your turned down again and have to go before a ALJ...then get a lawyer ASAP.

    I had several lawyers tell me at the reconsideration stage there was not a lot they could do other then turning in any of my new evidence...which I could do myself.....I felt these lawyers were very honest with me.

    But if I would have been turned down again, I would have gotten a lawyer to go before a ALJ.

    Good Luck

    P.S. See my post "For those of us Applying/Fighting for Disability" look over each topic heading...some very good information!!

    ** Also if you have any new records (evidence) etc...I would turn it in along with your appeal. Be sure to make copy's of everything you turn in to keep for yourself.

    I dont know what state your in or all your medical conditions...But some things you can do to help your case....**If you are taking any medications go to the pharmacy you use and get a print of all the medications you have purchased for the last 2 or 3 years.

    ** Have your closet family and friends write letters on your behalf, on what they see you go through.

    ** If you doctor is willing to back your case, ask him/her if she will write a letter on your behalf.

    Turn all these things in with your appeal, if you dont have time to get all these things together before turning in your appeal, write on the appeal form or in a letter to SSD that you will be sending in more eveindence as soon as it becomes avaiable to you.

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