filing for social security without support of your doctor

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    i find myself unable to work based on fibromyalgia, migraines, cfs, depression and anxiety attacks. my doctor thinks if i take all kinds of medications which just make me much more tired than i already am and take very little pain away i should be ok to go back to work. at least right now there is no way this is possible. any help would be appreciated. thank you, im new here.
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    jaymelynn - I am also new to computer world and this site. I also have FM, migraines, depression and a list of other crapola. I finally got SS Disability after being turned down twice with my dr. on my side.. Number 1 get a lawyer who specializes in disability cases and chances are he will know a dr. for you. He may not be the dr. of your choice but one who will help you. Also, I receive only $555. a month. Can you believe that I'm supposed to survive on that? The only thing good iDisabilitys the Medicare. My husband is also on Disability but he is 11 yrs. older and has other things wrong. He collects $969. / mo. Anyway make sure that you can live on disability first. I wish you lots of luck and goo health. Debness XXX