Fill in Doc for my Doc doesn't like to fill....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Janalynn, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Well my Dr. is off for a couple of weeks and I had to request my refill. Never thought I would run into such a hassle!
    It was filled last month on the 21st. I need to pick it up tomorrow to fill over the weekend.
    I called and spoke with him personally because I got a response from the office that it was too early.

    This month Monday is the 21st. He said I shouldn't need it til Monday the 21st. I tried to tell him that there are 31 days in the month. If you count the days on the calendar Sat. the 19th is the 30th day. He kept saying that is a moot point. "We don't care how many days there are in the month, we give you a 30 day supply." ......(and what do we do about that 31st?)

    Well it sure shouldn't be a moot point, if you're going to go by the same date month to month.

    Just like in Feb. you'd have a couple of extra days worth.

    I told him I'm not sure it would be good for me to go without anything on Sunday. He said he would reluctantly fill.

    This is not about him watching his behind either because they are pain meds. My Dr. fills all the time, sometimes early etc. I am 100% honest with my Dr. about my pain, my needs etc.
    The worst part is that he said he talked to my Dr. and I shouldn't need it early. HUH? That hurt.
    My whole point to this was - what the heck, you don't account for 31 days in a month? he said he had his calendar out and was counting. Well so was I (but didn't want to argue) Anyway, with that philosophy, that would leave everyone a day without?
    Ever run into this?

    Just blowing off steam..............
    thanks for listening!

  2. luckyman

    luckyman New Member

    I haven't talked with the doctor about it, but I have talked with the pharmacy about getting pain meds. The 31 day months, holidays, leap years, too early, or you shouldn't have waited so long to call.... And yes this leaves you short at times, especially when the fill date falls on a weekend or holiday. They seem to have their hands tied. I've been on pain meds for years, and the doctor has never questioned me, however I have to do this little dance, cross my fingers and toes, and just maybe...

    Funny thing happened last month. They had problems faxing my dr. and I ended up calling several times. The knew the story, and were having problem after problem. I finally got my meds 3 days late. The next day my wife came home and said, "Here's your prescription!" Low and behold I ended up with 2 bottles! A few days later I took the duplicate back to the pharmacy. They were so confused they didn't want it back, at least until I told them of their mistake and figured somebody might be in trouble at their next inventory. He thanked my for my honesty, and I'm sure glad I have saved some extra's for when I really need them.
  3. jaynesez

    jaynesez New Member

    the following for prescription refill requests: they must be called in mon-thursday, 8:30 - 4:30 and take 72-96 BUSINESS hours to process. Now, I think that is just a bit much, but I too follow the rules and now call in 10 days ahead of time. The wonderful nurse who assisted my pm doc has left, the new girl seems nice but once in awhile I would forget and the old nurse would get them done for me anyway. FYI-I tried to fill mine two days early this month, and insurance denied it, saying too early. I've filled them two days early before, and to be honest, I didn't even think about 31 days vs. 30! Anyways, I don't know why we have to jump through hoops when we can barely walk, and GOD help us when our dr. goes on vacation, or medical leave, because who knows what type of treatment you'll get. Personally, I blame the drug addicts. If they want to abuse drugs, can't they leave medications alone at least! :)
    Hoping everyone has a pain free day,
  4. loto

    loto Member

    I have had exactly the same problem with the fill in doc for my Doctor! It's so frustrating! They don't know our whole case and story, and then they try to make us look like we're wrong, or some drug addict that's lying to get more med!!! At least that's how it made me feel. The time it happened to me I was so miserable from the pain I could do nothing but cry all day long. My husband saw how bad I was and HE called the doctor's office and they said something to the effect that if I ran out already then I'm taking more than I should and that's not good! So then I had my husband questioning me and for the next month I had to prove to him that I was NOT taking too much.
    AHHHHH! It just really upset me. Thankfully it hasn't happened again, and I hope it never does!
    I'm so sorry you had to go through this also.

  5. andreake

    andreake New Member

    what I can do is request a refill anytime from my dr. The pharmacy is the one who controls when it is filled and I think I can have it filled up to 3 days before it is due.

    I'm sorry about your situation.
  6. Straightarrow

    Straightarrow New Member

    Janalynn, my sympathies for having to deal with something so simple (ya think?). Have you ever talked to your regular physician about what to do in case of an emergency regarding your meds? I have to see my doctor once a month for two of my prescriptions and in addition to those scripts, I have a ten day supply at least with all meds. I also have one med that is written "take three times a day" so I get 90 a month but usually take it less often, with his consent. I have a surplus at the end of the month but refill it anyway.

    I hope your Sunday was uneventful and you can get this straightened out in the future.

  7. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Thanks to all of you who responded!

    It's funny because I have to call every month, cause I have to pick up my scripts at the office. I always call in early and tell them I need by "x" date. Well sometimes the message goes up to the dr. that I just "need them" (then). Man I don't know how many times I've had to straighten that one out. I always say "I"m giving you plenty of notice". That's because when I've called 5 days ahead I"ve found out that my Dr is out for the week.

    The Dr. did fill because he didn't want to going through withdrawals, but I'm going to have to "explain" myself to my regular Dr. when she gets back.

    Like we're not under enough stress with all of this crap anyway. I wish I didn't have to take anything. EVER. I hate it all. Right now I hate this damn thing that is causing me pain. My legs are BURNING with pain, my bones feel like they are being crushed.
  8. DemonFairy

    DemonFairy New Member

    My pain management doctor's office schedules me every 28 days, so that leaves me a couple of days to get my prescription filled, just in case the pharmacy is out of the meds. I'm lucky now, my pharmacist holds back an amount for me, so if they go short, a regular like me will still be able to fill their prescription over someone who comes in once.

    Anyway, ugh, it's awful how dumb your doctors are. We're dependent on a medication where going cold turkey is possibly harmful and at the very least painful/uncomfortable, and there's NO reason they can't make it easier for you to fill your prescriptions on time. What, they're worried you might end up with a three day "stockpile" at the end of a year or something? They're treating you like a child and it's ridiculous.

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