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    This is sponsored by CALDA, the Calif. Lyme Disease Assoc., apparently anyone can fill it out even if you don't live in California :)

    "Many patients feel distressed because their cases don't meet the
    narrow CDC case definition and are not counted. Advocates are
    continually fighting for recognition of the many symptoms experienced
    by patients but discounted by "experts".

    You can help by filling out this survey.

    The more people participate, the more compelling the information
    becomes. CALDA will compile the data and use it when contacting
    legislators and public policy leaders. We will share the data with
    other Lyme advocates and report results in the Lyme Times. We will not
    use your name and personal information.

    This survey is for people who have been diagnosed with Lyme disease or
    another tickborne infection. You may fill out separate surveys for
    yourself and loved ones. Please supervise any children under age 18 if
    they want to fill out the survey themselves."

    Survey is here: