Filling out SSD form online. Best way to answer ??.Need input .

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by keke466, Aug 11, 2006.

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    Was told I can fill forms out on the website and print them and mail them in. Figured this would be easier than answering questions on the phone. Has anyone done this? Representative told me to get my records and send them in with the forms. So how exactly do I answer the ?? to make them easy to understand and get my point across. Do I tell them every little thing I used to do and can't do anymore? Do I tell them I need help with housework,cooking,etc. Do I tell them about not bathing everyday and so on?

    Just tell me what you have said and was it useful. Should I make sure that every single thing I tell them is also in my medical files? Anything you can tell me will help.

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    Dearheart, could you do a search here and look for Disability or Social Security Disability or SSDI, first?

    You will have a lot of questions answered, billions of suggestions, LOL, and we won't have to type it all again!

    If you do that first, you might then have some very specific questions we could help you with, ok?

    I'll go find my replies to others and let you know how to find them, alright?

    Thanks for understanding....
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    Don't leave a single detail out no matter how embarasing. Answer the questions as if you were having your worst day ever!
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    Search "applying for SSDI" and look at all the threads! You'll get lots of infor doing it that way.

    Good luck...just do your best and make sure you have medical records that show whatever illnesses you have.

    Start telling the dr to write down everything you say to him/her. Let them know you have to have documentation to back you up for SSDI. They can help you a lot.

    Beat them to the punch and get a therapist, psych. for meds, etc., as they will refer you to one for evaluation and you can tell them you have your own and you want to use that one.

    Again, good luck!!
    Be patient!!

    Theres' always hope!
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    I strongly suggest that you just downlaod the appropriate
    form from SSA, print two or three copies using one as a
    "rough Draft" until you have what you want on it. The other two can be used for a final copy for SSA and one for
    your own file at home. Always have an identical copy of
    everything you send them as a means of documention if ya
    need it. OK??

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    but check out

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    Anyone used them? My friend did and loved them, that's who I just started working with. They get 25% of your back pay, which i don't care if it takes the stress away from me to have to deal with. They get nothing if you aren't awarded anything, but they do your appeals rather than refiling, as it's supposed to go faster that way.